Weekly Planner: File a Pile

Most of us have them at one point or another–those evil piles that seem to spring up, seemingly from nowhere. Take a few minutes to grab a small stack and put them in the right place. If you have a really large stack (guilty here!), do a pre-sort by surname into folders, doing a little bit each day. Once sorted, they’ll be easier to file into the appropriate binders or folders.

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: File a Pile

  1. I seem to collect another pile every few days but a lot of it is on towns, wars, ect. If I put those in a file with the names it gets too thick. Any suggestions?

  2. Try thinking of “components” rather than one inclusive set of folders. Then, you can have one component for family and another that I call “Background Materials”.
    You can have as many “Family” folders as you want and also as many “Background” ones. They needn’t be physi8cally next to each other.
    Another coomponent in my collection is “Not Ours; Maybe Not; Hang Onto Anyway”.
    I have lots more components, but you get the idea.

  3. I invested in a dest top file stand. I place separate folders for each surname I am researching as well as a misc. one. at the very back I slipped in a pack of archival safe sheet portectors. As I do research it is easy to just slip the copies in the handy folders. The photos or very preciouses ones I go ahead and slip into a sheet protector. This helps keep it organized until I organize them by date and type and place them in each family’s binders.

  4. hi, my question. I have a disk of things i had on ftw. I am ready to download all to the anecsty program, can I do that and how do i go about doing that?
    it is all i have with the old family tree program. it there a way to consolidate all of it to one place? than you for your reply.

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