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RootsTelevision has announced the “In Search of Our Roots” Contest. Entering is super-easy. Just leave a comment on the Og Blog post here. The winner will receive an autographed copy of the just released, In Search of Our Roots, by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The book retraces the steps taken in researching the family histories of Oprah Winfrey and Quincy Jones, as they were featured in the PBS Series African American Lives.

4 thoughts on “RootsTelevision Contest

  1. There is nothing to make you realize all the influences that have converged to make each of us “us” like researching our ancesstry. There is nothing to make us appreciate the strength of character that it took for our ancestors eke out livings to support their families so that one day we could issue forth as proud evidence of their successes like researching our ancestry.

  2. We all know the struggles African-Americans experienced throughout history. As an African-american, researching your family tree makes those experiences that much more real to you. You get to find out exactly what your particular family went through in the struggle for freedom, equal rights. Researching your family tree is such an amazing journey through history. Its like your own personal “Roots” movie.

  3. Been searching for my roots for over a year. Hit some deadends, had some surprises. All of my efforts have been rewarded with pride and aspiration for those that came before me. I hope one day to close the gap between my American and African ancestors.

  4. As an African American, I have constantly been conscious of the void and vacant hole in my soul from not knowing my roots. Having to recuperate this mystery for my family has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in my 50 years of life. At this time there is only one way to convert what has been lost; and, that is through the probing for answers and the grasping the inkling of nuggets of information to my history.
    Each clue leading to a fact; each fact leading me to ancestor; and each ancestor giving my soul comfort—like a lantern that shine brightly toward a bridge to my past.

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