Weekly Planner: Google a Person, Place, or Thing

Ever wondered what great-grandma’s hometown in Ireland looked like? Google the town. Need to know if a historical figure has ties to your family history? Google his or her biography. Is that disease great-grandmother and her sister died of hereditary? Google the disease. Where did grandma get that crazy teapot? Google the manufacturer’s name that is on the bottom and add some descriptive keywords. In many cases, the answers to questions like these are just a few clicks away.

1 thought on “Weekly Planner: Google a Person, Place, or Thing

  1. This really works. Some time ago, I Googled the name of one of my great-grandmothers. Her name was mildly uncommon (Lavinia). This pulled up a website of a lady in Tasmania, Australia, who was a descendant of my ancestor’s sister. The sister had been transported in the 1840s. As a convict, her full physical description was given, valuable to me as I have no photo of my ancestor. As well, I was able to connect the lady in Australia to her ancestoral trail in England.

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