Weekly Planner: Share a Family History Find

Have you located a record that might interest another family member? Why not take a couple of minutes to share it? You can share images you’ve found on Ancestry by clicking on the share icon on the right-hand side of the image viewer. Even if the person you are sharing it with is not a member of Ancestry, they can view the image through a link in the generated e-mail for thirty days. By keeping the lines of communication open, you are staying connected with family members who may be able to help you out with your research down the road. And who knows, they may respond with an important memory that the record prompted. Try it!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Share a Family History Find

  1. I sent for and received a trial record from the Fort Smith Criminal Cases via National Archives and Records Admin. The case is a murder trial in 1870 of an ancestor, the killing having occurred on a cattle run in Chickasaw Nation Western Arkansas.
    I have transcribed the documents as the handwriting was difficult to read. Details also show the way life on a cattle run, clothing etc for the tie period. It is very interesting reading.
    I would like to add the transcript (not the original) to my Ancestry tree on my ancestor’s record. Do you know if it is legal for me to do so, with this being a national record that was paid for?

  2. I’ve tried this, but the link doesn’t open when clicked.
    Any suggestions would be welcome,thanks.

  3. I just fround out that i am related to John rolfe and Matoaka. Matoaka is my 12 great grandmother by Col Robert bolling then his son John and his son John jr. and his son Bejamin and his daughter Hannah and her son Ruel Osborn and his son Jackson and his daughter Martilia and her son Noah Keen, and his daughter my grandmother Ninia Mae Mitchell.

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