Weekly Planner: Print and Save Holiday Photos

digital camera.jpgO.K., a show of hands. Who took digital pictures this past holiday season? Where are those pictures? Still locked in your digital camera? This week, let’s take some time to print copies and save copies electronically (with a backup) so that they don’t get lost. Send copies to family members via e-mail or on CDs or DVDs and ask that they share some of their pictures with you. For those prints, don’t forget to label them and put them in an album. This is a project that can involve older children and keep them busy on these cold winter days.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Print and Save Holiday Photos

  1. I scan all of my pictures and then create white space below it to put names, dates and places in it. I also make sure that that information is in the file name and in the comments.

  2. I am looking for a better photo editing program – I want one compatable with VISTA (otherwise I had several I already liked) – and I want to to be able to caption, and offer masks (shapes for photos such as ovals) – anyone have any ideas?
    I already did save my holiday photos so we could use for additional pages to our recipe book on My Canvas!

  3. Yes, this is such a good idea! I made scrapbook pages for my granddaughter, and 2 sons – each one depicting all family members who were in attendance at this year’s gathering! It’s such fun to look back. This year we passed around the photos from our 2001 get together – the last one before our Dad passed away early in 2002! Of course, now those photos are so precious! Saving those photos digitally with the IMPORTANT backup is so important too!

  4. I use Roxio’s Photosuite to edit pictures. I haven’t tried oval pictures except if I crop a frame around them.

  5. I can’t empasize enough to back up your photos as you are uploading them to your computer. Last autumn, I transferred my current photos to my computer, intending to do the usual backup on two CDs, and therefore, deleting them from the camera. However, this time, due to pressures (new laptop, new Vista, new ISP, etc.), I neglected to do so. And then, before I could transfer my information from my old desktop, it crashed! I had my backed-up photos prior to last June and I was able to retrieve some of the newer ones that had been uploaded to Kodak Gallery for printing. But I lost some good ones of my Pomeranian, Toby, and who knows what else? And, yes, I had saved all my documents, including my family history, on a flash drive shortly before the crash so I was lucky there. Just remember — backup right away so you don’t forget, as I did!

  6. Nancy ..had that happen while I was saving some photos to disc last year…lost about thirty holiday photos but fortunately nothing else.

  7. I use online photo albums for the same purpose. Picasa allows me to share my pictures with everyone; I try to encourage other family members to do the same. Using online albums also creates the backup you need in case of hard drive failures! I can also share my online albums via Facebook, for those family members so inclined.

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