Photo Corner, 24 November 2008

Christian and Anna Christina (Sorensen) Sorensen Contributed by Lori Howard, Port Charlotte, Florida
This is a proof taken of my great-grandparents, Christian and Anna Christina (Sorensen) Sorensen. On the left is Christian’s sister, Maria (I believe). I believe the photo was taken in 1914, in front of the family home in Cranston, Rhode Island. These ancestors were born in Denmark and emigrated here in 1903. This print, believed to be a mourning photo, was taken from a glass negative found last summer (2007) in a relative’s basement, where it sat with hundreds of other photos for almost 100 years.

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Oma Elizabeth Roark York (1880-1938), Odus William York (1878-1950) with their infant daughter, Gladys Marie YorkContributed by Deborah Bonas Kearney
This is a picture of my mom’s parents and her oldest sibling in 1901 taken in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). Standing is my grandmother, Oma Elizabeth Roark York (1880-1938) and grandfather, Odus William York (1878-1950) with their infant daughter, Gladys Marie York on his lap. The family migrated from Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas, to Oklahoma shortly before this picture was taken in late 1901. Odus later ran for governor of Oklahoma Territory. Both Oma and Odus died in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. The second photo (with the violet overtone) can be easily restored in two steps with a good photo program – first convert to greyscale – that in itself produces a good image, but if you then convert to a sepia image, the image is perfectly restored – hope that helps

    Happy Hunting
    Pickard Trepess
    Nagykanizsa, Hungary

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