Cook County (Illinois) Naturalization Index Online

The Cook County (Illinois) Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office has posted a new index to Naturalization records (primarily Declarations of Intention) that it holds from 1871 through 1929. There are currently 150,000 of the 500,000+ records held by the Circuit Court available in the database, but they’re continuing to add records. They’ve also included a form to request your ancestor’s entire naturalization file from the court, which may include more than the declaration of intention. 

2 thoughts on “Cook County (Illinois) Naturalization Index Online

  1. I’ve been searching for information about my grandfather and his naturalzation for a while now , My biggest issue is the spelling of his last name,on my birth certifioate Mothers maiden name was listed as Zyblowicz, as was my late uncle Edward, then I found in the 1930 census the whole family in Chicago, Cook, IL with the spelling Zabalowicz, Then I found my uncle John’s death certificate listed under another spelling when he returned from WWII he was killed in a robbery in LOS ANGELAS, California and flown back to Chicago right around Christmas and was buried in Reserrection cematery “BUT THE NAME WAS TOTALLY WRONG” Now my last living aunt says her birth certificate says Grzebulowicz ???? And on Grandfathers death certificate his name is Adam “Zylowicz” but spelled differently online in cook county’s files this is the spelling
    on the death certificate it’s self I know he served in WWI and arrived in the USA IN 1910 From Wilno, Poland,CAN’T FIND HIM ANYWHERE !!! He married my Grandmother Annie (Ana,Anna)Shimala
    in 1922 at Sacred Heart of Jesus 4800 south Wolcott Chicago,Cook,IL. AND HE DIED 07 APRIL 1940 FROM A MASIVE HEART ATTACK any Idea of how to find any information? on his or grandmothers NATURALZATION SHE ARRIVED WITH GREAT GRANDMOTHER IN 1904 FROM HUNGARY HER 98 YEAR OLD BABY BROTHER SAYS SLOVAKIA?? AND THE AUNT WITH THE DIFFERENT SPELLING NAME SAYS GRANDMA AND ALL HER FAMILY WAS BORN IN POLAND NO DISCUSTION I found them at Ellis Island gr grandmother was Verona married to Frank ?? any help any where?? thank you all, Claire

  2. My Heideman and Struckman people came from Lehert and Schaumberg around 1848 & 1850. I have their family histories
    a few generations back for each side and wonder if anyone else
    is researching these histories ? I know that my cousin Bruce
    Struckman has been into this for quite a while. We both were
    members of Kane Co. Gen. Soc.
    I’m interested in what happened in Prussia etc, about 1700-1800
    as far as my people were concerned. Would enjoy visiting===
    Thanks== Doug Dondson, Santa Rosa, CA. [email protected]

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