Weekly Planner: Overhaul a Family File

Do you have a family file or binder that’s bursting at the seams? Maybe it’s time to reorganize and break it down into several smaller files. Check and make sure all of the information in your files is up to date with your family history database and that your timelines are current. If you haven’t started a timeline for that family, do that too. Timelines are a great way to jumpstart your research. Learn more about creating timelines here.

1 thought on “Weekly Planner: Overhaul a Family File

  1. I am a senior interested in my family history
    that wasn’t talked about when I was growing up. I
    have enjoyed digging out information thanks to My
    Family Tree and Ancestry.Com I am also rather new
    with the computer. Thank you for all of the good
    information and tips from Ancestry Weekly.
    Lonnie Baker Georgia

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