Weekly Planner: Shop Back-to-School Sales

It’s like Christmas for genealogists! The flyers are already in mailboxes announcing boxes of pens and pencils for 10 cents, binders and folders on sale at bargain prices. This is a great time to restock your family history office supplies. Take a few minutes to assess your needs and head for the nearest office supply or big box store with fliers in hand. Put the money you save back into the “genealogical piggy-bank” to use towards your other family history needs.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Shop Back-to-School Sales

  1. So glad others think like this…I love these sales to restock on my notebook paper I keep in individual family folders. When I head to the library, I am all set with plenty of paper for notes.

  2. I would rather give ten pens to the back-to-school campaigns being held by the local grocery stores.

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