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Henry Marley Contributed by Wylodene “Dene” Nall Morgan
Attached is a photo of my uncle, Henry Marley “H.M.” Nall.  He fought in WWI with the 129th Field Artillery.  He was born 9 Jun 1895 and died 22 May 1935 in Crosbyton, Donley Co., TX.

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Emma (Sinn) Humbert Contributed by Hartwig Humbert
This is the photo of my grandmother Emma (Sinn) Humbert working on the fields. She was born in 1904 and died in 1978.

3 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. I am interested in having Hartwig Humbert contact me concerning the photo that was submitted.

    In my family tree there is an Anne Humbert who married a Joseph Martin in 1786 in France.
    Trying to see if there is a connection.


  2. I was curious as to why/how Mr.Nall died so young. My grandfather,born 1893 also served in WW I, I have his military ID bracelet. He was gassed twice in the trenches and as a result of weakened lungs contracted tuberculosis and died in the Veterans Hospital in Tucson in 1937. Most of my grandmother’s friends were widows whose husbands moved to AZ for their health after the war and died there much too young.

  3. Henry Marley Nall was gassed overseas during WW I. He died of a ruptured bowel. I don’t suppose there was a connection.

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