Weekly Planner: Honor Those Who Served

Military records can contain details that may help you move your research forward. Browse your family tree for males who would have been of an age to serve during military conflicts, including siblings and other collateral relatives. Use age as a guideline, but bear in mind that many men fudged a little to get accepted into the service of their country–some older and some younger. Most family history programs include the option to sort your family database index by date of birth, making this task an easy one. What better way to honor your family members who served in the military than to keep their story alive for generations to come?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Honor Those Who Served

  1. Honor Those Who Served

    Let us not forget the women. My ancestry contains a number of women who served in the armed forces during several armed conflicts. In recent history, my mom is a WWII veteran, I’m a veteran of the Viet Nam era and my niece is a veteran of the first Gulf War.

  2. My uncle Emmerson Edward Smith was killed in WW1 in France but his remains were never returned to the family. I would like to know if they since have been located. Please I need the Dept & add where to contact for information. Thank you Kindly M Ayo 30 5 08

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