Photo Corner: Mabie and Halliday/Holliday

Marion Elizabeth Mabie with,her grandmother, Ella Sherman Mabie, October 1911, Chugwater, Laramie Co., WyomingContributed by Beverly Fuller Rosenquist
The attached photograph is of my mother Marion Elizabeth Mabie with her grandmother, Ella Sherman Mabie. The photo was taken in October of 1911 at her grandparents’ farm in Chugwater, Laramie Co., Wyoming. My grandparents and great-grandparents both homesteaded there in 1909.

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Halliday/Holliday familyContributed by Shane Dean Halliday, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Taken in 1910, my great-grandmother, Lucinda (Stubbs) Holliday, grand-aunt, Mary Ann (Halliday) Howell, grand-uncle, Orville John Halliday, grand-uncle, Basil Roy Halliday, and grand-aunt, Margaret Elizabeth (Halliday) Anderson. It was between these two generations that the spelling of my surname was changed from “Holliday” to “Halliday.”

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  1. I wish I could correspond with the woman whose mother lived in Chugwater. In 1917, when my mother was 12, she and her brother Paul were sent to live with an aunt’s family in Chugwater. They also homesteaded, and got it, but evidently did not stay. I have some pictures of the surrounding area. My mother was sent to live with a family in Denver and graduated from 8th grade there in 1920, so I am not clear how long she actually lived in Chugwater. My mother’s name was Jennie Fuehrer, and she and her brother were living with Clinton and Jennie Daniels, and their children, Miriam and Charles.

    Elizabeth Cunningham

  2. I sure would like to correspond with the person that put in the picture that had the Howell in it. I’m trying to do the Howell line and I have hit a brick wall.

  3. My g-g-grandfather and mother came from Nova Scotia to Boston in early 1830-40’s. Isaac Halliday and Susan Marsh Halliday. Isaac’s mother’s name was Catherine Jackson.

    Their son, William, went to Texas in late 1800s.
    Other members of Halliday family went to California.

    Do you have any of these names in your family groups from that time period? I’ve hit brick wall trying to find them in Nova Scotia.

    Please contact me if you have any info that might be related.

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