Book Club: Rett MacPherson Mysteries

Last week we asked for your favorite genealogy- or history-related books. Here are a few responses I received this week. Enjoy!

I have just finished reading all the mystery books by Rett Macpherson. I LOVED them! Plus after reading them I went to her website and found that she and I are distant cousins! She writes books about a genealogist that solves mysteries in her small town using her genealogical expertise. Very good books.

Kim Dourte

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9 thoughts on “Book Club: Rett MacPherson Mysteries

  1. I, too, have read all of Rett MacPherson’s books and highly recommend them. In one of her books, she had a character named Danette. I was thrilled as my name is unusual and I’ve never seen it in a fiction book before. Once you read the first book, you will have to read them all.

  2. I just finished reading Rett MacPherson’s latest book, Blood Ballad. Ended up staying up all night to finish it in one sitting. She cannot write books fast enough for me. If you start reading her Torie series, please read them in order. The characters grow in each book so there is a fluency carried throughout the series.

  3. When I first found Rhett’s books it was her tenth book. It was so good I went back and read them from the first book in order. I agree with Jackie. Haven’t read her latest but looking forward to it. Jean

  4. I have enjoyed the Torie books as well and have three more suggestions if you like series books:
    Sarah Stewart Taylor-Sweeney St. George is an art history professor who always manages to get entangled in genealogy problems.
    Fiona Mountain-Natasha Blake is looking for her own heritage and works on other families as she searches.
    Jeff Abbott-Jordan Poteet comes home to his native Texas and as he tries to fit in his family history changes his life.
    Have fun!

  5. I, too, have read several of Rett MacPherson’s books. The one that surprised me the most was MISTY MORNING, which mentions the VanBibber house. I descend from the Vanbibbers and to read about that surname was quite surprising. Rett had to be a descendant of the VanBibbers. When I checked her website, I found out that she, indeed, was a descendant of the VanBibbers. So, that makes her a a distant cousin!

  6. HELP…I am a senior at a retirement home for retired military officers and their spouces. We are the World War II, Korean and Vietnam vintage.I started a little theater group, but memorizing long lines is difficult for most, so I would like to do Readings.The MacPherson books sound wonderful. Which would you suggest for us? We like comedy, mystery, and we do have an active genealogy group, so perhaps that book on Genealogy might be a good start? Thanking you in a advance for any suggestions. Sincerely, Barbara

  7. Barbara, your group would probably enjoy the Jeff Abbott books with Jordan Poteet. The action is quick, the people are fun and quirky and there is great and funny conversation. For readings, this would be perfect, also you could easily edit and still have a good story. Hope this is helpful, Judy

  8. Many thanks, Judy, for your suggestion and help. The Jeff Abbott books with Jordan Poteet sound perfect for what I am looking for. I am very grateful, Barbara

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