Tips from the Pros: “Treasured Assignments, by Jana Sloan Broglin, CG

All too often when digging through the attic or basement for items of genealogical value, we overlook the papers, composition notebooks, and drawings our parents and grandparents kept for themselves and their children. A composition book used by my mother, Joanne Beard Sloan, was found in an attic along with clippings from the Swanton (Ohio) high school newspaper. The notebooks contained many assignments done in various English classes from 1940-46. The writings made for great reading including a poem with her thoughts about Adolph Hitler and one entitled “Crossroad” about what she wanted to do with her life.

The clippings from the school paper had information regarding writing contests, the Senior class school play, and who had dates after the play. It was fun to learn when my parents went on a date.

So don’t overlook school/homework papers when researching your ancestors.

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2 thoughts on “Tips from the Pros: “Treasured Assignments, by Jana Sloan Broglin, CG

  1. These items can help you put things in historical context: my mother wrote a paper “Alaska: The 49th State?”

  2. I have 5 generations of stuff with me as the middle generation. Everyone gives everything to me because they know I’ll never throw anything away. I have transcribed many of the stories, copied hundreds of letters of my grandparents from 1910 to 1955, and hundreds of pictures – now what do I do with it all? The originals and the copies? Help!

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