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  • U.S. Passport Applications, 1787-1925
  • Historic U.S. & Canada Atlases, 1591-2000
  • Major U.S. & Canada Newspaper Update
  • North Dakota State Census, 1915 & 1925
  • Southern Claims Commission Records
  • Stars and Stripes, Pacific Theater, 1942-1964

16 thoughts on “New at Ancestry

  1. Quite a while ago you said that the New Jersey census records would be coming soon. Do you have an estimated time of availability yet?

  2. Back in early summer you had posted the New Jersey State census was coming soon. Other Items under “coming soon” since that have already been posted. So when shall we be getting the New Jersey state census. My year is up Nov. 3,and for $299.00 to get another year I would hope that New Jersey starts being a state that you post more items on. Thanks for listening!

  3. when will more Ark marriages and deaths be published also will the county level deaths and marriages be pub.will there be more Texas info such as Texas voting?
    Thanks for your time

  4. Where are Maryland marriages for the period 1800-1900 for Harford county ,Maryland. Records for Baltimore city for period 1800 to 1850 are very scarce. Census records do not help

  5. It gets very expensive for people on a limited income to pay for the information. It would be nice if we could pick the ones that help us the most and cut down expenses.

  6. I agree with the comments on “Coming Soon”. I have been waiting for the major newspaper update I keep seeing listed as “Coming Soon.” I hope to see some Philadelphia, PA newspapers put online.

  7. I’ve been patiently waiting for the NJ state census records which seem to have gotten lost somewhere along the line, its been months since your post as “coming soon”. I’d also like to see a lot more local NJ newspapers. I know several Monmouth County newspapers which were published in the late 1800’s to mid-1900’s that would be very beneficial to NJ researchers.

  8. My family is from Greece. I cannot find any information on them. My father married a woman from Turkey and lived there before his parents had his marriage annuled and shipped him to America. I can not find any papers on his naturalization, although I know he became a U.S. citizen. His papers were lost in a flood. Would it be possible for a very near future to post info on Greece and Turkey?

  9. When will you have a database for Orphan Train children that were moved from the Fast coast to the Midwest ?

  10. Is there any info on census in Indian Territory prior to 1900? I see that there is for Oklahoma Territory…just curious as most of my family lived in that area from 1886-1920

  11. When reading postings on the message board that are two years or older, how can you tell if that is from a person whose membership is still active.When clicking “contact” or “invite”, will Ancestry.Com let me know if the person is no longer a member?

  12. Can you tell me what newspaper updates you have? Have been awaiting the time when you can post the Manchester Union Leader or any old Manchester, NH newspapers. That is where all of my ancestors would be.


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