Webinar to Teach Ancestry Search Techniques

Suzanne Adams, AGWatch a pro. Then search like one.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to better use Ancestry’s search technology to find your ancestors? Perhaps you’re totally new to the process. Now is your chance to learn from an Ancestry expert. You’ll learn valuable tips, tricks and techniques that will help you start getting the most out of Ancestry’s search capabilities. Take your genealogical skills to the next level and sign-up today.

This webinar will take place on August 29th at 6pm (MDT). Sign up now, space is limited. You will receive the information on how to take part in the Webinar when you register.

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Suzanne Adams — Accredited Genealogist
Suzanne Russo Adams, Accredited Genealogist specializes in Italian research. She is a Brigham Young University graduate with degrees in sociology and family history/genealogy. Suzanne currently works as the Professional Services Desk Manager for Ancestry.com, part of The Generations Network (formerly MyFamily.com, Inc.) and previously worked in both Electronic Production and Content Acquisition for more than eight years at Ancestry.com. She currently serves on the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and Utah Genealogical Association (UGA) Boards. Suzanne is also currently pursuing a Master’s degree in European History from BYU.


12 thoughts on “Webinar to Teach Ancestry Search Techniques

  1. I don’t have high speed internet. WIll my connection be fast enough? I would love to do this. I’m only a beginner.

  2. As a beginer, I would love to take part in a program like this, but would need to have the program in the daytime or on weekends. Would you consider a second class at a different time period?

  3. I’d love to take this, but I have a conflict. I hope you offer it again. And a weekend would be better.

  4. Maybe it is obvious to everyone else – but you did not list how to access this program! I registered and it looks like it will be 8pm EASTERN time – now what do I do, what website, etc to see this show -? I haven’t a clue, at least from what I read above.Thanks,
    Keith Murphy

  5. I usually don’t get home till after 6 p.m. EST and wondered if it would be rerun at a later time say around 8 p.m.

  6. I have been doing genealogy about a yr. & 1/2, but have been doing it pretty much on my own, with some guidance. However, I just don’t know what questions to ask. I really need guidance to make my limited time on the pooter more productive.
    I would appreciate any & all help including names of books that that will help fairly new beginners.

  7. I wold appreciate very much if I can learn ancestry techniques ! draw back I recide in australia and times very from yuors.If posible to have it threw my email adress I apreciate. thank yuo .

  8. Please “unregister” me. I would love to do this, but find I have a conflict. Will it be offered again, or is there a possibility of purchasing a CD or DVD of this program?

  9. I thought I registered but did not receive any information on how to take part in the Webinar. Did I miss something or did my registration not go through.


  10. Like many of the others responding, I too would like an alternate time or venu as I don’t get home from work until after 6 pm Pacific time.

  11. We are excited about the interst in our Webinar “Search Like The Pros”. If you are unsure that your system can support the web connection and audio streaming for this event please refer to the Event Help Gude which will list the hardware, media player and internet browser/connection requirements along with other frequently asked questions.

    The Event help guide can be found at http://webcast.on24.com/view/help/ehelp.html

    If you have registered for the event you should have received a confirmation email (check your junk filter if you have not seen it)and follow-up emails that will have the link to the event.

    As we move forward with future events we will take into consideration your requests for different dates and times.

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