Weekly Planner: Search a Database–Again

Try re-searching databases where you have previously been unable to locate an ancestor. Ancestry is continually updating databases and correcting bugs that are found in databases. In addition, if you’ve found new information on that ancestor since your last search, you may be able to better refine your search or browse and get better results.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Search a Database–Again

  1. I keep watching the Passenger and Immagration database for Andrew Eichman my gggrandfather b 1841 Baden d Avilla, Ind abt 1909. All I see is the notation on the Index.
    Andrew Eichman
    yr 1862
    Place Philadelphia
    Call Sec II Alphabetical Index of Naturalization Records, 1794-1880 Maritime Records, Port of Philadelphia

    then on the same page
    source bibliography: US Works Projecs Administration Index to Records of Aliens Declaration of Intentions and/or Oaths of Allegience 1789-1880 in US Circuit Court, US District Ct., Supreme Coutrt of PA, Quarter Sessions Ct, Court of Common Pleas, PA Compiled by WPA Project #20837 (Harrisburg) PA Historical Comm (1940) 25 vols in 11 Vol 3le 75p pg 25

    I guess the question is are you going to get access to these records and not just the indexes? I wrote for the Naturalization records from the court and it said Andrew had to have been in the states 10 yrs-3 in Pa-before naturalization was granted. His petition was signed by Charles G. Schenkle. Thanks for your help

    L VanGorder

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