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  1. Antique or heirloom dolls should be dressed in styles and FIBERS authentic to the date of their creation. There are many books on this subject in any library. I do heirloom sewing, some of it for this purpose.

  2. This is a wonderful idea. My mother in law is 90 and she has heirlooms in current use–the basket she uses to bring pies to Thanksgiving was her mother’s. When the time comes to sort through her things, I would have sent it off to Goodwill assuming it was an ordinary basket. A digital camera and a voice recorder would make this identification task less onerous for her.

  3. In the field of genealogy a better quote would be ” Nothing is impossible to the willing wallet”

  4. In responce to Sally’s comment. You are correct but if you look close, the doll in the picture appears to me to be a “Madame Alexander” doll and from the 20th century. In that case she may already be in the correct fibers.

  5. Regarding John Heywood’s quote, who is/was John Heywood? I’d like to know who each of the “quoted” are – a simple word or two would suffice.

    And along those lines, I have to agree with Gary Smith’s observation about the “willing wallet.” It made me laugh because it is so true!

  6. I think your idea of recording family heirloom histories along with a photo for later generations is an excellent idea. I’ve taken photos of my heirlooms for insurance purposes but not for genealogy. Good thinking!!

  7. This is a really cute idea…I only wish that I had some memorabilia from my ancestors. I dod have a picture that my grandmother did when she was approx 9 years old and jewelry from my mother. My sister got a brooche from my mother that I never saw and won’t send me a picture of it…oh, well. This site is fantastic. Thank-you!

  8. John Heywood : Epigrammatist, playwright, and musician, born perhaps in London, UK. He was a favourite with Henry VIII and with Mary I, to whom he had been music teacher in her youth. He was a devout Catholic, and after the accession of Elizabeth I went to Belgium….

    more on this at Biography.com

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