Weekly Planner: Preserve Those School Memories

yearbook.bmpWith another school year over, children are coming home with backpacks full of papers and artwork. While we can’t save everything, it’s a good time to go back and reflect on the past year. If you have young ones, get them a notebook and some archival plastic sleeves and set them to work creating a scrapbook with school year memories. Smaller yearbooks, autographs from fellow students and teachers, special art projects and handwritten memories can be compiled into a memory book that they’ll enjoy for years to come.

If you don’t have little ones around with memories to preserve, take some steps to preserve your own memories. Pull out an old yearbook and take a trip down memory lane. Who was your best friend? What was your favorite subject? Was there a teacher who made a big impact in your life? Were there other family members at your school? Do you remember any of the school projects you worked on? (My favorite was an Aztec pyramid made of sugar cubes!) Record these memories and save them for future family historians. They will be thrilled at this personal look at your school years!

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  1. If your child has too many projects for the scrapbook think about photographing the different projects, or papers with your digital camera. Large art projects are very hard to store!

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