Who Am I?

Kathy Strine-family group_edited-1.bmpThe following collection of photos was submitted by Kathy Strine. She writes:

From all I can discern (as they wrote in old German) the cards were from Maria and that she spoke of John, Jacob and Lorek, apparantly the father, plus a new baby that she mentions as Hermine. Photo of the baby was sent along.  My ancestors were from Germany but the only ones I knew about that spoke German was the Miller family…One photo must have been taken overseas as the label of the photographer is not an English one. It has WfNeustradt on the photo with the name M. Weistxlz  the last letter is not shown clearly so it could just be the way they “designed” or decorated their signature on the photo. It took me several days with stronger magnifiers to finally pick up the letters off this picture postcard. The photo is of a little girl with blonde hair..she has photos  laying before her on a white table. The table is not one we normally see in U. S. but a very designed pattern in the sides of the table.  Only one of the photos before her appear to be her standing in front of someone elderly. Even that is not very clear.

Kathy Strine-grandparents_edited-1.bmpSome of the cards are dated 1920 and the ones I have are addressed to Mrs Rudolf Bleidl.  And the cards say from Maria and mother and the rest of us.  They tell on one card to pick up the boys who will be coming in to Chicago Friday. Eggs are shipped to them and asks them to return the crates. I have a family photo of this family and mention is of one son taking photos and will Kathy Strine-blonde_edited-1.bmpsend a photo of the grandparents soon..the one photo is of elderly folks which I assume is the grandparents. Even one says that “our burial location is on the right” and the photo is of a cemetery in Chesaning, Michigan. It’s a Catholic cemetery.
I have not been able to figure out who in my ancestral line these cards were sent to. I have not found anyone with this last name in any of my researches that connected that Bleidl name to my ancestors, but these things were in the possession of my father at his death in 1979.

Appreciate any advice or allowing them to be posted and shared.

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2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hi, Kathy Strine,
    I imagine that the Wf in the address stands for Westfalen, a state of Germany (now combined with Nordrhein as Nordrhein Westfalen–in English, North Rhine Westphalia).

    I wonder if the city is Neustadt and not Neustradt.

    Also, Weistaxlz would not be a German spelling. I very much doubt that the name would contain an ‘x,’ although the beginning ‘Weis’ and the ‘ta’ and the final ‘lz’ are somewhat likely.

    Can you send me the image?
    [email protected]

  2. I am interested in talking with you. My maiden name is Bleidl and the information you have shared is from my dad’s family. My father is Rudolph Bleidl and was born in Chicago. I am glad to help you anyway that I can. Please email me if you need anything additional. Thanks for posting.

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