My Messy Desk Means I’m Effective

I have long believed in the concept of organized chaos,  mainly as a rationalization for the piles that reappear in my office faster than I can file them. But it appears I may be on to something there. According to an article on CNN’s CareerBuilder site, my cluttered desk means I am effective.

This week, I’m REALLY effective. After a very full week last week that included a PTA Movie Night and a speaking engagement with my Mom at the Tinley Moraine Genealogists Conference 2007, I am returning to a very messy office this week.

I would really like to thank everyone who came out to hear Mom and I at the conference, and especially the conference organizers. Everyone I met at the Tinley Park Public Library (a beautiful facility, by the way), was very gracious and welcoming.


3 thoughts on “My Messy Desk Means I’m Effective

  1. Try as I might, my own desk insists upon piles which spill out to any surrounding surface. I can’t even count the hours I have spent labeling folders in an attempt to contain the “clutter”. NO MORE! Instead of beating myself up for not being “neat” and “organized”, I can confidently get on with my own personal creative process of solving family history mysteries. I’ve tacked a copy of the CNN piece “Is a messy desk a good thing?’ to my bulletin board for encouragement.

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