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Maggie (Mae) Hinton and her brother Tollie George Hinton Contributed by Alice Miceli, Tabernacle, New Jersey
Attached is a picture of my great-grandmother Maggie (Mae) Hinton and her brother Tollie George Hinton in Lake County, California.

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Sofia Staniszewska, and Marianna Staniszewski.Contributed by Gladys LaRochelle
On the left is my aunt, Sofia Staniszewska, and on the right is my mother, Marianna Staniszewski.  The photo was taken in 1905 when they were both newly arrived in America from Poland.

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  1. I like all pictures that you put on, but none can help me because none are related to me, but maybe there well be some one day.

  2. Submitted pictures are wonderful! Do wish that they would be submitted with an approximate date if an exact one is not available.

  3. This is the same year that my own Polish grandmother came to America, but she came alone. My grandfather came here around 1900 and later sent for her.
    I noticed that the endings of the names are different. The ‘ska’ ending being the feminine and the ‘ski’ the masculine. Could they be sister’s-in-law? That would explain the difference in spellings, perhaps. Also, they don’t really look like sisters. (but then again, neither do my sister and I)

  4. My mother and aunt were sisters-in law. The picture was taken in Chicopee, Mass.

    Gladys LaRochelle

  5. The name Stanisyewska caught my eye. Just this week I received a copy of a marriage application for my great grandmother and she listed that name as her mother’s maiden name. This is a new lead for me as I’m not sure exactly when her family arrived from Poland, especially since she hid her Polish ancestry from the family by Americanizing her mother’s maiden name to Stanley. I’m looking for information on Hattie or Harriet Stanisyewska most likely arriving here between 1898 and 1910. I wonder if my Hattie is related to your mother? How fun, another direction to go searching!

  6. Comnt to Gary from Gladys LaRochelle.

    I have been able to do extensive research on my Staniszewski line thru Mormon Church Polish Catholic Church records and have not run across a Hattie or Harriet. Sorry. I have been to Poland and visited my ancestral villages. Have you tried th Ellis Island website?

  7. I enjoy seeing the pictures that are put up here. Today I see a Hinton, I am a Hinton from IL. How do I get in contact with Alice Miceli?

  8. This comment is for Gladys LaRochelle. My grandmother’s maiden name was Staniszewska. Her sons came to the US and settled in Chicago. She never made it to the US. I, too, have been to Poland and to her village, Nick, near Dlutowo. She had one sister who came to the States.

  9. I have some Hinton’s in my family who lived in California, but don’t find these first names. I came from Indiana before California. Can you tell me who the parents and grandparents of these two people are? Thanks, Carol Peterson

  10. My great grand father Jan Staniszewski came in Brazil (South America)around 1890 from Poland. He lives and died at São Mateus do sul city (Brazil).

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