Weekly Planner: Check Old Message Board Posts

Many of us have posted research queries to message boards over the years. As our research progresses, these queries may be out of date. In addition, new people may be monitoring posts to that board that have the answer to our questions. You can do an advanced search of the Ancestry.com/RootsWeb.com message boards by author through the advanced search page. Just enter your user name and you’ll see links to your message board posts. Post an update to let people know the status of the query. By posting an update, you may catch the attention of someone following that message board.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Check Old Message Board Posts

  1. Interesting that ancestry would post this message. I just tried using the advanced searched yesterday to search for some surnames using the “Posted Within” pull down menu to select a specific time period ie. 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, etc. For some reason it is not working. You get all the occurrences – not just those from the specified time frame. This feature used to work well. How do we report these problems to ancestry?

  2. You might want to add to this that it can be useful to go back periodically and check the comments on this newsletter. In reading these comments recently, I found a comment from a person that I thought just might be the contributor of a family tree of interest on WorldConnect. I had tried to contact her several years ago only to find non-working e-mail. I searched for her name on Google and found a working e-mail. We are now sharing family information on descendants of our common ancestor who imigrated from England to Tennessee in 1800.

  3. I, too, found that seeing someone who is researching the same names as myself, had old email addresses. On the other hand, I have emailed people and never got an answer back.

  4. Im not sure if this is the correct person but i found a post on ancestory.com from 2005 by jane troy herzner. you were looking for your cousin, Edwin Troy, son of Edwin Troy (formerly married to Doris LaStrange) who died at the battle of the bulge. I am Ed Troys son William, I like my father never met my grandfather (Edwin) who died in Europe during WWII. My grandmother is Doris (now Breuer). Please let me know if this finds you. My email is [email protected]. Im very interested to know if this is the correct person. ThankYou
    Billy Troy

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