Add Audio to Your Family Tree at Ancestry!

Audio Story Person page_222222.jpgI just checked out a very cool new addition to the family trees at They have added a beta version of a new audio storytelling service that allows you to add your own words, and the words of other family members, to your family tree site.
This opens up a lot of possibilities. Inviting family members to view the names and dates on your family tree could be a tough sell for some, but inviting them to hear family stories and memories just might be a little more enticing. Invite everyone to share their memories and make it a collaborative effort that will enhance your family history for everyone.
It’s very simple to use. Just go to your family tree site (or create one if you haven’t already—it’s free) by clicking on the My Ancestry tab at  Open your tree and select the person to whom you wish to attach the story.
Just below that person’s profile at the top of the page, you’ll see five links: Photos; Add a story; Audio; Historical Records; and Add a comment. Select Audio. A pop-up box will appear with two choices: Begin My Story and Invite Family.  (Click on the image to enlarge it and see a sample page.)
Begin My Story
To record your story, click the Begin My Story Link. You will be prompted to enter your phone number and then click Call Me. The system will quickly call you. Then just follow the prompts. A status bar will appear to alert you when you are close to the time limit. (It allows you to record approximately twelve minutes.)  When you’re finished, click the Finish button, or simply hang up the phone. Your story will appear as a link almost immediately.
Invite Family.
To invite other members of your family to contribute memories, click on Invite Family. You will be taken to an email creation screen where you will be prompted to enter your name as the sender and the email address(es) of family members.  
You can use the default message, or customize the message for your family. Since the message will be attached to the person through whom you invited them, you may want to add this information so that the story they add corresponds with that person.
Click Send and you’ll get a confirmation message. Your family members will receive a message with a toll-free call in number and a PIN number. (The PIN tells the service who to attach the audio to on your family tree. It will also appear on the Audio tab, along with other audio clips you’ve attached.)
Try It!
The audio service is free, as are the Family Tree sites, so why not give it a try? For more information, click here. To get started now, go to My Ancestry.  

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