New Content: Indexes for Oregon and Swedish Church Records

Posted by Paul Rawlins on January 28, 2014 in Website

Last week featured some welcome additions to existing databases. Ancestry World Archives Project volunteers provided indexes for two collections that had been image only up until now: Marion County, Oregon, Marriage Records, 1849-1900, and Marion County, Oregon, Census, 1895.   We also added another 99,094 records to Sweden, Church Records, 1500-1941, which isn’t an insignificant number. It Read More

New Content That’s Not (All) New York

Posted by Paul Rawlins on January 22, 2014 in Collections

We did launch a few collections over the past week that weren’t all about New York…   The U.S., Dutch Church Records from Selected States, 1660–1926, database includes some records from Pennsylvania and New Jersey…as well as New York.   New Mexico and Texas, Select United Methodist Church Records, 1870–1970, are a long way from Read More

Now Available on New York City Vital Records

Posted by Paul Rawlins on January 16, 2014 in Collections

Did you hear the news out of New York? We have teamed up with the New York City Department of Records/Municipal Archives to bring indexes to more than 10 million New York City birth, marriage, and death records for the years 1866–1948. You can search the indexes free from a new landing page at, Read More

New Content: Pennsylvania Card Indexes, U.S. Dutch Reformed Church Records and Warsaw Jews

Posted by Paul Rawlins on January 15, 2014 in Collections

Founded in 1824, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania is one of the oldest historical societies in the U.S. It’s home to an extensive collection of genealogical scrapbooks, research folders, and other related materials, and the new Pennsylvania, Card Indexes to Genealogical Scrapbooks and Research Folders database is your guide to that collection.     Germany, Read More

New Content: New York, Georgia, London

Posted by Paul Rawlins on January 7, 2014 in Website

Did you ever dream of visiting New York ? If you can’t make it there in person, maybe these seven New York collections will help you get a feel for the city:   New York, Sales of Loyalist Land, 1762-1830 New York, Alien Depositions of Intent to Become U.S. Citizens, 1825-1871   New York, Naturalization Read More

New Content: Vets, Criminals, Immigrants, and Engineers

Posted by Paul Rawlins on November 27, 2013 in Website

It’s been a good week for new content, a little something to be thankful for as you get ready for the holiday. Pennsylvania offered veterans bonus compensation claimed by men in the Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Applications, WWII, 1950, database. You’ll find more than 1,100 sketches of immigrants or immigrant families in New England, The Great Migration and Read More

New Content: British Quakers, Hawaiian Passengers, and AP Stories

Posted by Paul Rawlins on November 26, 2013 in Collections, Website

The Non-Parochial Register Act of 1840 required Quaker registers of births, marriages, and burials prior to 30 June 1837 be turned over to the Registrar General in London. You’ll find 500,000 names from those records in England & Wales, Quaker Birth, Marriage, and Death Registers, 1578-1837. We’ve added almost 1.5 million new records to the Honolulu, Read More

New Content: Census of Canada Index, TX Weddings, NC Cherokee, Pension Records and more

Posted by Paul Rawlins on November 15, 2013 in Collections, Website

For those of you counting down the days until the 1921 Census of Canada was indexed, the wait is over and the index is live!   The census books in the North Carolina, Native American Census Selected Tribes, 1894–1913, database enumerate communities and counties on the Cherokee or Qualla Reservations in western North Carolina. These Read More

New Content: Military Records, Virgin Islands Vaccination Journals, and the 1921 Census of Canada to Name a Few

Posted by Paul Rawlins on November 1, 2013 in Website

New records are piling up like the leaves on my front lawn. The Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) is home to an extensive collection of compiled family histories and Bible records. The U.S., Select Family History and Bible Records Index gives you an online guide to HSP’s treasure trove. Veterans Day has its roots in WWI, Read More

Three Cs: New Content from Connecticut, Canada, and Czechoslovakia

Posted by Paul Rawlins on October 22, 2013 in Collections, Website

If you haven’t heard of the World Memory Project, it’s our joint effort with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to create the largest free online resource for information about individual victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution. So far, almost 3,000 volunteers have added more than 2,000,000 records. The latest are USHMM: Czechoslovakia, Selected Jewish Read More