Lei Wu

Lei Wu has worked as a Principal Data Scientist and Data Science Manager at Ancestry since Jun 2015. His passion for data is rooted in his dream of generating machine intelligence from data to serve the people and he specializes in projects involving Machine Learning and Data Mininig. Lei has served as a technical editor for Machine Learning Journal, session chair at multiple artificial intelligence conferences and program committee member at various machine learning international conferences and organizations. Besides working or studying, Lei enjoys reading, hiking and cooking. One of his ancestors was the Ministor of Education in Guangxi Province, who used to be the top scholar in China during Qing Dynasty.

Data Science Thought Series: How to Embrace Technology Evolution

Posted by Lei Wu on October 27, 2015 in Data Science, Operations

  Technology evolution is a very common and natural process throughout human history.  Some people like it while some people are hesitant.  Despite attitudes towards technology evolution, new technology will eventually come.  That is how technology trends advance, that is how quality of life advances and that is how human civilization advances. As a technology Read More