Quaker Migration: Why Do You Want To Leave Me?

Posted by Lisa Arnold on June 16, 2014 in Research

Moving from place to place created entries in Quaker minutes which can help you find your ancestors. Learn how to use this great resource in a few easy steps. First the ‘Why’ When a family or individual wished to move to a locality that was within the boundaries of another meeting, regardless of the distance, Read More

Gonna Lay This Body Down: Quaker Funerals & Burials

Posted by Lisa Arnold on June 7, 2014 in Collections

Have you ever seen a Quaker Burying Ground?  They are the epitome of simplicity and serenity. The stones are all small (the reason for which is described below) and non-Quaker names appear here and there. Names of slaves and Indians – not your typical church cemetery you must admit! Knowing more about Quaker burials will Read More

Let Me Call Thee Sweetheart

Posted by Lisa Arnold on April 30, 2014 in Collections

Is he a “thee” or a “you”? Our early Quaker ancestors often used peculiar words when speaking to each other. In many languages, there is a familiar or informal form for the second-person pronoun “you” in English. For Quakers, this familiarity was expressed by using “thee” or “thou” in place of “you.” It came to Read More

More About Slave Records on Ancestry

Posted by Lisa Arnold on February 12, 2009 in Collections

I couldn’t resist poking around in the new collection of Slave Manifests on Ancestry.com which went up this week.  So what’s interesting about the new Slave Manifest records?  Plenty!  They are inbound and outbound records from the Port of New Orleans during the period of time when the Deep South was gearing up for the Read More