Gaylord Cooper

Gaylord Cooper is the author of "STORIES TOLD IN STONE: Cemetery Iconology" is subtitled 'A Manual for Genealogy Research' for many reasons. From graveyard to cemetery, author and certified genealogist Gaylord Cooper explains definitions, symbols and sources beneficial in the study of genealogy, culture and history. Readers of many backgrounds will find this both a useful tool for research and a fascinating read for simple curiosity. Sometimes artfully ornate, sometimes tastefully spare, the meanings of icons used on grave markers are explained in detail. Do's and Don'ts for cleaning and preserving gravestones are presented. Worksheets, source lists, field guides and other helpful materials are included. This is a book for people searching for ancestors and recording genealogy, as well as for readers who find beauty in the visual symbolism of architectural and memorial monuments.

Stories Told in Stone

Posted by Gaylord Cooper on October 23, 2017 in Guest Bloggers

This article originally appeared in Ancestry Magazine, Sept-Oct 2009. Tombstones are another great source of posthumous information. The carvings on gravestones, called icons, were and still are used as a type of shorthand for stone carvers. Each icon conveys a greater idea, thereby saving time and expense (and space). Tombstone icons can give information about Read More