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Hosted by Daisy Fuentes, “A New Leaf” Highlights the Value of Understanding One’s Family History


Set your DVRs and mark your calendars — we have a new television show debuting on NBC!

We heard your feedback: You love “Who Do You Think You Are?”but also want to see everyday people embark on journeys of personal discovery too. So, we bring you – A New Leaf”!

Each week “A New Leaf” will follow people on the cusp of key life inflection points, who using family history, genealogy, and sometimes AncestryDNA® analysis will go on a journey of self-discovery and learn from the past while looking to the future. In partnership with Ancestry, Fuentes will join families as they learn the importance of appreciating and understanding their family history and ancestors in order to make important life decisions. 

 We sat down with Jennifer Utley, director of research at Ancestry to learn what it takes to make “A New Leaf” episode come to life.

 “A New Leaf” will be included in the Saturday NBC morning programming block, The More You Know, beginning October 5, 2019.  Please check your local listings.


How does Ancestry power A New Leaf and other similar shows (i.e. “Who Do You Think You Are?”)?

Jennifer Utley: Ancestry’s role goes far beyond being a sponsor for numerous television shows. Our professional researchers and genealogists invest thousands upon thousands of hours expertly researching certain individuals for all our programs, including A New Leaf. Ancestry has over 100 professional genealogists on staff, and these genealogists build quality family trees and they examine those family trees to source authentic stories that can be shared with both our television subject and our viewers.


What does the research process look like to create just a single episode of “A New Leaf”?

Utley: We begin researching every new family tree the same way and we start with what the cast member, the subject of the episode, already knows about their family. We ask all cast members to fill out a family tree, to the best of their ability, and their details help us get started quickly. Then, our team kicks off our intensive research portion, doing the best we can to build a 5-generation family tree. It’s at this point that our Ancestry team begins to notice potential family stories that could be included in a future episode. Our strategy is typically to find a single character — or perhaps focus on one side of the family — and really dig in to uncover their records and learn the historical context surrounding their lives, to tell a more layered and emotional story.


Aside from detailed research, what else happens behind the scenes to make an episode of “A New Leaf” come to life?

Utley: The family history research is only one component to creating a great television series. We consult well-known historians and local experts, we scope out interesting places to shoot, and we do our best to pull relevant historical images that we can show our audience. Television is a highly visual medium, so we want to provide our audience with visuals of compelling records and historical images, while also filming in a great setting.


Family history research is the cornerstone of “A New Leaf.” Do you believe family history research and genealogy are becoming more popular? Why or why not? 

Utley: I’ve worked at Ancestry for over 22 years and I’ve seen firsthand how increasingly popular family history has become for people of all ages. The advent of the Internet has been the real game-changer and Ancestry was the first company to add historical records online, making previously hard to find documents searchable at the click of a button. For over three decades, Ancestry has been a pioneer in family history research, developing innovative research tools and adding new content to our historical record collections that enable people everywhere to uncover their unique family story. In our fast-paced world, I personally believe there is still room to reflect on those who came before us and examine how their decisions and sacrifices led to who we are today. 


What powerful lessons do you believe someone can learn by understanding their family’s individual journey?

Utley: Over the years, I’ve watched family history positively impact so many lives and there are countless stories to learn from in everyone’s family tree. Researchers at Emory University discovered that teenagers and children who understand stories about their own family histories, and the trials and adversity their own ancestors faced, are more resilient and less anxious in their lives today. The theory is that these teenagers and children make a connection with those ancestors and think if someone in their family overcame or faced an obstacle, then so can they. Knowing your family history can be a powerful influence.


What are you most excited for viewers to learn as they watch “A New Leaf” this October?

Utley: We invest endless hours into bringing these meaningful stories to life and I’m always thrilled when a new show premieres, because we have the opportunity to share these stories on a global level. For years, fans of our shows have been asking to feature more everyday people, and my hope is that our dedicated viewers will love this show and that A New Leaf will also inspire a new generation of future family historians.


  1. Jane Killeen

    A NEW LEAF sounds like an interesting & exciting new show! Am a bit confused, however ~ is it only ONE show on October 5th or is it an on-going series? Am not familiar w/ THE MORE YOU KNOW ~ is that a separate series on NBC? How are you selecting families for this new production? I’ve 2 family members who might be of interest: my paternal Grandfather, who helped in the Irish Rebellion….and I’ve been searching for years for my father’s maternal Grandfather who ‘left the family after the war’. His father (my 2nd Grt-Grandfather) would have served in the Civil War (Union) and is my one & only link to the Civil War, but the name is common “Coyle”, so have had no luck in identifying him. Thank you!

  2. Linda George Brown

    If you are looking for interesting places to shoot, check out my family tree. The route my family took was Madeira to Bermuda ending up in Newark, NJ. I live in Napa Valley. Talk about picturesque places. Well, then there is Newark.

  3. Nancy Pakkala

    I’m looking forward to the new program! I’ve said many times, I wish they would also do a search for every day people, not just “stars”. I have two very difficult family members that I am “stuck” on and others that are also searching for the same people are stuck too! How do we sign up or is that not the way you will be doing it.

  4. Margaret Barno

    Saturday morning isn’t the best time for most people. Why change from TLC to NBC? I’ve gone back to the 1700s on both sides of my heritage thanks to linking with three second cousins and two other maternal relatives who had done most of the work. I still don’t know how to add pictures and commentary on my parents and my generation, and need to know how to print out the entire tree. One of my paternal second cousins has gone back to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and put everything on My Canvas so I can gave a hard copy. Is a hard copy available through

  5. Tonya Edwards

    Hello please pick my family. Mt great grandma is 111 yrs old and is still living. We live in Atlanta. I’ve done research on ancestry. Some of our information is incorrect. We’re dependents of Ben and Nancy Durham. Ben was born 1841 in Talbot county Junction City Ga. Were planning a family reunion in June of 2020

  6. Vicki Robinson

    I love this. I have watched everything that has been shown about researching ancestors. I am so glad it will be every day people. It will be interesting to see how it turns out for these folks.

  7. LA

    Would love to see this, will it be available on the web, as in my area it says it is on a channel we do not receive, NBCeHD. Hope to see it!

  8. D Lohr

    Another attempt at doing genealogy with non-celebrities? Possible this is the one that breaks through, but they’re certainly not making it easy in that time slot.

  9. Karen Ludwig

    Hi, I’m interested! I have several ancestors that i’ve Been looking for that we know little about. Who was my grandmother’s father, my father’s mother. She was born in Bavaria, Germany and there is no record of him. Also, my father’s great grandfather, who came over from Germany in 1850 leaving his wife & son in Germany and said to have died in 1852 in Bellsville, IL, can find no record of his death. On my mother’s side, an ancestor who disappeared during the Civil War. Plus, my mother’s side of the family goes back to several different families who came over on the Mayflower.

  10. Sandra K Herrera

    Through I have discovered that I am the descendant of Margaret Cornish who was one of the Africans who came to Virginia in 1619; I have learned through another line that I have connections to the Plantagenets of England; and I gave learned that some of my ancestoes were mulattoes who suffered through racial discrimination. If ever there was a family who represents the melting pot that is America, it is mine. Please consider my family for your new show.

  11. Luanne O'Connell Griffin

    I hope you will consider choosing a family from Canada for your new show. My two sisters and I have traced ancestors back to the 1600s in Quebec (on the first census of New France) and in Ireland back to the 1700s – all on our mother’s side. We have a famous abolitionist, a murderer and his victims, towns have been named and postage stamps issued, a Hessian soldier who fought in the American Revolutionary War, a Union soldier who died in a Confederate prison in Richmond, Virginia from wounds received in the Battle of the Wilderness, a great-great-grandmother who died in an avalanche in Quebec City and many other interesting stories. BUT we are stuck on our father’s ancestors! They came to Quebec, Canada, in 1820 (from County Cork in Ireland) and we cannot find them before that. HELP! Please consider us for your show! We have been waiting for you to research ordinary people! Thanks!

  12. Barbara

    Where and how do we apply to be considered for this? I sent a comment couple years back to WDYTYA as well as to Finding Your Roots asking for we ‘ordinary folk’ to be considered rather than just ‘famous’ persons. Many more of us to keep a show going. So, glad to see something going.
    But cannot yet find how to apply – how were the first ones chosen.

  13. I’m looking forward to the show very much. Would love to find out how to apply. My husband’s gr grandfather is a black hole. As well as HIS grandfather who came to the US as an infant. One of my ancestors was a Revolutionary Scout and even had his route named after him. How to we apply?


    I’m meeting my biological father for the first time today. I only found out about him through Ancestry. I mistakenly thought my Dad who raised me was. I’m now worried about how to cushion my dad’s fall while beginning a relationship with bio father.

  15. Deby Zimmerman

    You will be flooded with people all wanting to be chosen for this TV program. How you go about making your selection and what information should one have to be possibly considered as a potential candidate? It’s refreshing to see you’re finally going to help the general public and not those rich enough To be able to afford to pay someone to do their research. It would be nice to know one’s geneology, especially when the family members that had that information have passed on. I hope this becomes a program where it will last longer than one season and be able to help many of the general public find answers they seek.

  16. Barbara Meza Goree

    Have been a subscriber for many years. Have had great success in all areas, except my fathers maternal side in Mexico. I have had no clues in this area. Very frustrating!!


    I’m excited about another new program with every day people. I teach a non-credit class at our local community college for people who want to get started with The class is very popular and once people get a little taste of finding some information, they are hungry for so much more. Actually, it is one of the easiest classes that I teach….people don’t want to listen to me talk, they want to get started exploring and only want me to talk when they get stuck! 🙂 It will be good to give them another resource for information and entertainment.

  18. Joanne Farrell

    Ive had an extensive tree on ancestry. Ineresting stories. My fathers side has lived along upper delaware river and pocono mountains since mid 1700s. My rev war ancestor henry bush and father johan george busch enlisted in the pa militia july 1776 just after dec of indepence read in easton pa. Henry was a sharpshooter with capt john arndts flying camp and was captured in battle of long island. He was k inprisoned on british warships snow mentor and rochford in wallabout bay. Return the next year after escaping or prisoner exchange and reinlisted. Elias utt fought in battle of wyoming and escaped with a small band of soldiers who survived from the fort massacure. Many other stories of valor in all the wars and transcript of my great grandmothers deposition where she lost her civil war widows pension for befriending an african american man in1902 pennsylvania.

  19. Marie Sibenik

    To John Cameron: The man who raised you is indeed your Father. I would start by telling the Father who raised you how happy you are with your relationship. Be specific about all the things you learned from him about being a man, loving others and how to be a family and how to be a Dad. That you realize that he loves you and you will continue to return that love.
    Be sure to follow that promise with actions demonstrating your love ( phone calls, cards, time spent together- not necessarily money- love is independent of ability to aid or give gifts. Especially if personal hardship is involved) Explain that you wish to meet your biological Father because you want to know more about your biological Father’s families history on both sides. Also if there is any health concerns that run in your biological family (Heart disease Diabetes etc) Because you have been so loved you view this as opportunity to grow even more as a person. Best wishes.

  20. Marie Sibenik

    Th Joanne Farrell: Thank you for sharing your Bush Family story. I am descended from Jane Bush. You story will help me in my family research Jane is related to Jacob Stroud- The ancestor who qualified me for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution

  21. Nikki

    My family tree has many surprises. I’m considered African American, but I have deep, historical roots and major historical connections in our family tree. I would love for my family to be on the show!

  22. I have been doing genealogy since the late 1970s/early 80s and have been a member of Ancestry for many years. While I have over 7,000 people in my tree, I still have dead ends which are unresolved. My greatest struggle is finding the answers to my second great grandfather, who disappeared, and was supposedly related to President James Madison’s grandmother. Years of research has gotten me nowhere with this one. I have researched 21 additional trees on Ancestry, and they are all of my family and friends. My life goal is to solve the Madison mystery that has been passed by word of mouth through our family, but unfortunately, time is running out. I have exhausted every avenue I know, short of traveling to the area where he lived. Unfortunately, it’s not feasible for someone my age living on a fixed income. I still have 1,191 pages of leaves yet to explore on this tree alone and not one leaf for the Madison family. If this show could give me more insight into what I might be missing, it would be a welcome relief.

  23. KR Harrold

    Several of us Reagans have been searching Michael/ aka Mitchel Ragan/Reagan who came from Ireland though he told family Washington co, MD. He possibly worked in glass factory in Pittsburgh, Pa. He was in our family’s life 1863- 1870. Disappeared Jan 1870. He left a pregnant wife and 3 children under 10 y/o. Served 6th WV Volunteers. Where did he go? We have some theories but cannot prove. Thank you

  24. Vito

    People WAKE UP !!!
    Nick just unbelievable how they managed to brainwash majority of people !!!
    I don’t know how much useful information that you getting, but I know for sure that you are playing your own money to them to collect your DNA information at Central DNA Data Bank. AND YOU HAVE NO ANY IDEA HOW THIS INFORMATION WILL BE USED AND IF YOU ASK THEM THEY WILL NEVER TELL YOU THE TRUTH !!!
    People, wake up !!!
    Recollect yourself !!! Find your way back to your natural real common senses . I don’t want to give you any particular ideas, I’m just asking You people, think it over again , and then again , and then one more time…. choose the only one right only for You path back to your real self.

  25. Vic

    People WAKE UP !!!
    Nick just unbelievable how they managed to brainwash majority of people !!!
    I don’t know how much useful information that you getting, but I know for sure that you are playing your own money to them to collect your DNA information at Central DNA Data Bank. AND YOU HAVE NO ANY IDEA HOW THIS INFORMATION WILL BE USED AND IF YOU ASK THEM THEY WILL NEVER TELL YOU THE TRUTH !!!
    People, wake up !!!
    Recollect yourself !!! Find your way back to your natural real common senses . I don’t want to give you any particular ideas, I’m just asking You people, think it over again , and then again , and then one more time…. choose the only one right only for You path back to your real self.

  26. Louisa Crowley

    How about researching freedmen of Five Civilized Tribes??? I have extensive family tree of slaves of Creek and Cherokee Slave owners who all ended up in Indian Territory Oklahoma. Would love for others to hear about their different journey!

  27. Tricia

    Sound like great show been doing my family tree on ancentry and parts family im very stuck !! I would love have you guys help me and show it on your program .. Thanks can’t wait see the program ..

  28. cj herring

    If you like a real dna mystery, pick my ancestry. Trying to find my bio-father and relatives. My dna doesn’t lie, so why am I not related to any italians in the us. I am 73 years old and time is running out. Maybe a trip to Italy has the answers, I don’t know. The dna results have been done 2 years ago!! Still no matches for me????

  29. Patricia Claire Brown

    Information on how to add photos to my genealogy. I have 14 years of research and have gone as far on 3 out of 4 grand parents as I can go. I am delighted about your new show.

  30. Dawn Andrews Green

    I have been doing genealogy since about 1992. On my maternal line I can go back to John Alden and Priscilla Mullins from the Mayflower. But my dad’s line is really tough. They came from Levoca area of Slovakia. We have several stories but no proof. My grandmother was supposedly related to Royalty but we can’t find anything to prove or disprove this. She had 6 boys and 6 girls. My father was the only one of the boys that did not have hemophilia. I also have several 1st cousins that are working on this too. It would be nice to finally get to the truth. Thanks

  31. Debbie Cohen

    I had information that totally changed my nationality, paternity and found out I am related to the founding father of modern day Israel. This happened within the last 7 months. What a journey it has been. It’s an amazing story, it it was someone else’s I would be super fascinating.

  32. Joyce Edmiston

    I was adopted just short of my 1st year birthday, and just recently (at age 59) I learned I had a rare genetic disorder that runs through families. Missouri Vital Statistics would not send my my medical records nor my adoption records. I did manage to get a non- certified pre adoption birth certificate, for a fee of course. However, the middle name of the father was incorrect.. and… he turned out not to be my birth father. We can spend hours, months and years going over charts and trees, however, until you take a DNA test, you will never know! I had to find my birth family because I was diagnosed by the Center of Genetic and Rare Diseases (GARD) with a medical issue.. and passed this onto my children.. Then it occurred to me.. If I passed this down to them, that means anyone I share DNA with has it, too! Then I had to find out which side of the family it came through. My closest DNA match – passed away the day before I found the person that would have connected me to him. Imagine your family all gathered at a loved ones funeral preparations receiving a message they had a close relative they never knew of… and with a rare genetic medical issue that runs through the family. I just returned from meeting my birth mother and the family of my birth father earlier this month. Flew to Texas, Kentucky and from Kentucky to St. Louis, Missouri area. Because Vital Statistics would not give me the medical history or any other information regarding my birth family, I took the task into my own hands. It turned out to be a wonderful and life changing event for me.

  33. Paul Barber

    Wow I have always wanted to share my family with the world. A simple Irish family, that came to Canada, almost 200 years ago. Once on Canadian soil I feel as if I knew them well, from all that is History in Grey Co Ontario, but when exactly, and how did they get here, I really want to know them better. I have a Family FB page, but after all my requests for more post immigration years, I still come up empty. Just one of my major brick walls that appears to be here for eternity, but is on my bucket list to solve. Looking forward to the show though, all the best!

  34. L Anderson

    I think Saturday mornings is great for getting kids interested in their family stories. And while alot of us older folks have caught the bug, I hope the program will focus on historical background we can all relate to, and not just how many generations your family has been here and how “important” the ancestors were. What did a typical person do in that situation or time period? I think yhat will hold the kids’ interest, as well as adults.

  35. Charlotte

    My satellite provider doesn’t receive Nbc is there a way to possibly stream the show a new leaf. I will continue to search but right now I’m feeling hopeless

  36. Dyanna Varner

    Here is a challenge that would make an excellent episode. I recently learned of the real-life tragic story of the enslaved Margaret Garner, 1834-1858 ……and it has occurred to me that YOU…yes you…. at Ancestry, have the power to CHANGE how her story ends!
    For those unfamiliar with the name, Margaret Garner was an enslaved mother, that in 1856 after making a daring escape with her family one cold January night, was tracked down and recaptured. She was so desperate for a life of freedom, that while being recaptured, she decided death was a more merciful choice for her and her children…… and attempted to make it a reality. Sadly, one child did die that day…. and another in a ferry accident, a month or so later….as she had been “sold down the river” to another plantation where she sadly died in 1858.
    But YOU at Ancestry…… have the ability to show her story didn’t end with her early death! If there are living descendant’s…..then her story lives on!!!
    It is known that her two sons, Tom and Sam lived to adulthood…. but no one has been able to find records on them past 1870.
    Margaret Garner’s famous story has been the subject of several books, famous paintings, a movie and museum exhibits. Surely you, the amazing researchers at Ancestry, can find out if this historic story continues on!!

  37. Suzan

    I just searched and found this show in my cable menu . It is listed New Leaf tv show title. the episode is listed as Last Dance and info about the show says Kids Reality. There is nothing in that info that leads me to think this has anything to do with genealogy. I did set the DVR to record it but that information will not draw many viewers.

  38. Stuart Morrison

    I am so glad that they are going to look at us common people! So tired of hearing about the rich and famous!

  39. Arlene Miles

    Will you be helping people with other than United States findings? I have most of my first 31 direct ancestors, their spouses, children and their spouses. Would really like to find more information on my Irish ancestors.

  40. Elizabeth

    I to would love to see more information on how to find how my ancestors traveled from Ireland to the USA in the 1860’s. I have never been able to find them on any ship.

  41. Debbie Ingalls

    I am so glad to see you are using regular people to do for the ancestry. I have thought it would be a great show for years and have said as much. Looking into ancestors can be very difficult, especially if you have a common name like I do, Jones. I am finding it almost impossible to get past a certain point in my ancestry. I don’t think I will every know the rest of my story on the Jones line. My grandma didn’t want anyone searching that side of the family any way, so I think there was a dark history on that side. It sure would be interesting to know for sure or at least why she got so mad when ever we started looking into that part of our families history.

  42. Malcolm Sargent

    Do you have any idea why our local NBC station (WAND, Decatur, IL, channel 17) that covers Eastern & Central Illinois with several million potential listeners is not broadcasting this program?

  43. PSB

    Ordinary people! I challenge you! Even a professional cannot find records on my grandparents from Brazil, and there are a lot of others out here with similar dilemmas. “The Thrill of the Hunt” Hmmmm. New show thought?

  44. Karen Foster

    Just watched the first episode. It was great. Looking forward to watching on Saturday mornings.

  45. Nora Eklund

    My new novel, The Secret Strand, (coming in December) tells a story inspired by a miraculous find…can’t wait to hear the stories of others discovering the past.

  46. Marie Heard

    So looking forward to this show but here it is Sat. Oct 5th and can’t find it anywhere. Help ! ! !

  47. Mary Mitchell

    One side of my family has so much information but I’ve hit roadblocks reaching back to the British Isles on my other side prior to 1900. The names are common. I’d love to hear stories on how others have broken the impasse. There must be so many others with similar stumbling blocks.

  48. Kelli Shimabukuro

    My cousin and I are interested in researching our family. We discovered each other while simultaneously using It is a story that has uncovered a divided family, passing, and a repeated refrain that we are related to Theodore Roosevelt. Any assistance we could have to solve some of our unanswered questions would be welcomed.

  49. Kelli Shimabukuro

    My cousin and I are interested in researching our family. We discovered each other while simultaneously using It is a story
    that has uncovered a family divided by identity, Reconstruction, complexion and passing. There has also been a repeated refrain that we are related to Theodore Roosevelt. Although we identify as different races, we are anxious to fill in the gaps that a hundred plus years has created. Any assistance we could have to solve some of our unanswered questions would be welcomed.

  50. I’m sure that you have already picked this seasons lucky folks ..
    Many missed the only other Genealogy show when it quit ..
    A new one would easily last several seasons .. So with that said ..
    For Next Year I’d like to nominate .. My Mom ..
    She has an amazing history, that good episodes are made of ..
    At 85 she can take you through the old family estates located in
    The Most Notable sight in all the Catskills .. The home of the legends of Sleepy Hallow, more UFO sightings than anywhere in the US, and several haunted homes; she would also love to know their histories as well. Family homes over 400 yrs old ..
    She can take you to the hidden Dewitt family cemetery ..
    She is also the Great Granddaughter of the infamous
    Judge John T Brown of Cottonwood AL ..
    There is a small show case in the town that house some of his artifacts etc..
    That has been her brick-wall for yrs ..
    Anyway she can take you through beautiful Mysterious Catskills, to the height of the Antebellum south .. To somewhere in old Austria ..
    And, lastly she knows nothing about her Bio father who came from Austro-Bohemia in 1909 .. She never knew she’d been adopted by her step-father Harvey C Locke, until DNA testing ..
    .. I do think it would make a great show.
    But, this woman would be in heaven to have some unanswered questions,
    finally brought to light .. This lady has spent her life involved in genealogy, finding Bio parents for adoptees and just doing as much as she could helping others with their trees. It would be amazing to see her finally get answers.. Kathleen Locke Hozza is up for grabs
    Kat Winters

  51. Linda Nowlin

    I would love it if you could help me. I know I have Indian blood for which I am very proud to have but I can not verify from what tribe! My 2 times great grandmother, Nancy Almira GREEN REDD, is either Sioux, Blackfeet or Pawnee. In the Census she was always listed as white. I have pictures of her, her daughter and my grandfather, and you can tell there is definitely Indian blood! I would love to know more about my Indian heritage if only I could find out What Am I? Love love love all your shows! And they help me out a lot!

  52. Nancy L Jarosik

    I would love it if you would delve into the Jenny Wiley story. I am 5th generation from her. My DNA from tell me there is no Indian blood in me. Many relatives do not show Indian blood. But there are some that say there is. I would love to see that chapter closed.

  53. Shane Jennings

    Knowing where you come from is huge! My surname Jennings came from my 2nd Great Grandfather Jasper Jennings. Unfortunately, he died in the Civil War 3 years 9 months before my Great Grandfather Jeptha Allen Jennings was born. This all started a journey to find out who I am. Thanks to AncestryDNA , I now know who my Great Grandfather’s father was! Finding out where you come from is the biggest, most impacting, emotional journey one can take. I am now hoping to one day trace my new family roots back to Ireland an finish my journey. If the show is interested in helping me do this , that would mean the world to me. Just knowing where you come from is everything!

  54. Carolynn

    Supposedly my great grandmother ran a whore house and had kids by a man who was married to someone else and had kids by his wife. We have a statement of bastardly on him for at least one child. We cannot find out where the grandmother came from. Also on the other side we know our great grandfather came from but no records in him either.

  55. Rhonda

    You want the website I use for genealogy? Just want to make sure.? Since I wasn’t aware of the new show, I missed the first episode, but have set up my recorder to start recording episodes. However, the first episode is not listed in DirecTV search, no way to record that one. ALSO, I’ve noticed many people asking how you select the “everyday” people to use on your show. You must have know this would be one of the very first questions people would ask. You may want to consider adding a paragraph or 2 to the rest of you information at the top of this page. We all are interested in knowing. Maybe the answer is elsewhere on Ancestry, if so where is it?

  56. Terri R

    I love this show!! As an untrained genealogist, I love the way people respond to finding their families. Please keep this show around. There aren’t too many positive shows on TV these days.

  57. Vincent Fort

    Large group of family members left family hometown in 1868 and went to liberia west Africa. Descendants have been identified in Liberia recently. Would love to have dna and other research done. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  58. Ruth martin

    I would like to talk with Anthony Davis. He was shown Oct. 12. He is related to the Dennys in Wilkes County NC

  59. Rhonda Sizemore

    My GGG grandfather is Elijah Denney. I would live to have a contact email for Anthony Davis. My mother was born on the farm that Elijah owned.

  60. toneytich Groeup

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  61. Kimberly Doyle

    I used ancestry dna kit to find my biological father. His brother has accepted me for who I am to them. My new found uncle and I are friends on Facebook now and have been communicating. But my husband and I are planning a trip from NC to Washington State to visit my family for first time this April or May. Interesting part is I have a letter that my bio dad wrote me in 1991 deny that he could be my father. Ancestry Dna proved him wrong years later. So I would like to get clarity as to why he took time to write me and deny me. I hope to make this trip while my 95 year old grandma is alive. And meet brothers and a sister that was born 4 months after me. My mother and father were both married and engaged to other people. Unfortunately for my mother her husband was away at school so he new right away I was not his. And they divorced because of it. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing stepdad that adopted me and my older brother. And when my mother failed to make that marriage work and after 2 more kids. She had another divorce. And my new adopted father was serving in Air Force that he retired from so 4 kids was impossible for him at that time. And being a mother was not in my mother’s plans either. She did decide to keep one of us and the other 3 of us were adopted by our maternal grandparents. Best thing that happened to us. So if there’s a way your show helps with whats ahead I look forward to watching.

  62. Jack Philipus

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  63. Tammy Gamble

    I am requesting help to connect my mom with her bio family. It is a very sad, emotional story that I won’t post on here but my mom does not have much time on this earth left and I would love to help her put these pieces of her life together before she passes away.

  64. Consuelo

    I have been trying for years to research my father’s line. His grandfather was adopted or taken in by the Garza family in Ciudad Victoria Tamaulipas Mexico. We are told his father’s last name was Urquiza a military man from Spain. Something happened and Urquiza was killed. His wife left Mexico but left the child with a merchant Garza. The child was juan jose Garza. He married Hermelinda Davila from. San Fernando. Garza eventually joined the revolution under Pancho Villa. Garza was badly injured and eventually made it home to his family. At some point the revolution art army arrived and he rejoined them. His wife told him if he left not to return. Years went by and he fell ill in Mexico City he sent one of his men for one of his sons. Again his wife told the kids not to leave. They didn’t and no one knows what happened. I would like to learn more about my father’s line.

  65. Linda L Bailiff Reid

    I was so happy to see a non movie star population has been gifted help with their family research. I have been doing reseach for 40 years and have added over 30,000 BAILIFF descentents to Ancestry. Com. Can this TV search group help me find my immigrant?

  66. Andrew Castell

    I have always been curious if I was related to
    Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell (1941-2016).

    Famous for pens, pencils and more

  67. Cindy Nowlin Thurston

    My ancestor James Edmond Nowlin wrote a book, “The Nowlin-Stone Genealogy A Record of the Descendants of James Nowlin, Who Came to Pittsylvania County Virginia, From Ireland About 1700; of Bryan Ward Nowlin, Grandson of James Nowlin, Who Was Born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, About 1740;” which has been a good resource of information for me. With the book and I have been able to go back as far as 1480 on my paternal side. But this is where I have reached a dead end. It would be very help full if a qualified researcher could verify the information I have collected and possibly locate further data on my family.

  68. Lisa Flannery

    My father never met his dad and we want to find his family. My dad is Robert Edward Flannery Jr. and his parents were Robert Edward Flannery and Ione Gladys Elliot. They married and he went back in the service. We know my grandmother’s brother Clyde had three children Diane, Robert and Richard. We have no connection to them or their children. My dad knows only of me as his living relative and would love a family connection somewhere! Any help would be appreciated! I have been an ancestry member for years and am not sure which paths to follow. We believe my grandparents parents were Jack/John and Catherine Kelly and when I did DNA there were some matches. Just not sure how to connect the dots. This is my dad’s dream.

  69. Clareen Muir

    I have tried to trace my husbands family back to see how they are related to the famous John Muir with little luck! This would be a great way to celebrate my husbands 50th birthday the 1st of May 2021! If I could figure this out someday soon!

  70. Elizabeth Cavlan

    I like many others would like to find out where my father’s family stared but I have never been able to find anything.

  71. toneytich Groeup

    oe og også værd at bruge sko eller sko til lave omkostninger.For et år siden var der den Adidas EQT Support 91/18 billige særlige Brooks Cat 9 på denne post, men alligevel er det ofte brugt fra et par af Brooks Levitate. Fordi identifikationen indikerer, er denne slags bagage fokuseret på vitaliteten gå tilbage. Brooks ‘sportssko eller støvler, mange reaktive mellemsåle kommer med det særlige DNA AMP-tekniske, hvori hævdes at være i stand til at’ kontrollere, gribe ind og også returnere ‘din magt for at kunne variere.

  72. Gale Otten

    I would love to apply to be on A New Leaf, but am hitting a roadblock, I have a very interesting story, that I would love to hear how it got started.. the real story. Please can you help ??

  73. toneytich Groeup

    planując wyczuć buty edukacyjne lub buty, zdobądź buty lub buty dokładnie tak, jak po godzinie mniej więcej zajętej.W którym chcesz wykonać, jest bardzo ważna: ścieżka, trasa, a może asortyment jednakowo. Ogólnie rzecz biorąc, buty do baseballu na buty lub buty do biegania wymagają dużo więcej pomocy, a także ścieżka potrzebuje znacznie więcej, buty lub buty mogą wpływać na obronę, ale jeszcze raz tego rodzaju może być dotknięty metodą, którą pracujesz, a także wszystkim, Butów New Balance 997.5 męskie co znajdziesz bezpiecznie .Wewnątrz znajdziesz wiele tanich butów lub butów, w których możesz.

  74. Mary Ellen Hall

    Would like more information on the new program A New Leaf as I am in my later years with COPD and would like to leave my family with their ancestors that they have asked for

  75. maewotit

    Ensimmäinen on hinta. 150 dollarilla ostohinta on suuri ja voi myös olla melko vähäistä, jotta baseball-kengät tai -saappaat saavat erityisen tuloksen.Lisäksi vaikeudet, joita tarvitsin kaikissa rakkuloiden koulutuskengissä tai -saappaissa, saattavat lisäksi olla epäsuoria. Siitä huolimatta, että kumppanini ja minä pukeutimme virkistäviä sukkia, asia ei suinkaan ole syntynyt. kengät tai saappaat markkinoilla Fila Spaghetti Hightop Kengät kauppaParin viikon kuluttua tarjouspisteestäsi, voivatko kengät tai saappaat toimia, kumppanini ja minä kirjauduin kymmeneen pitkän matkan kengän tai saappaan verkkokauppaan ja myös kuudentoistaan ​​lauantain ja sunnuntain välisenä aikana.

  76. Alex Green

    I am a 100% disabled veteran in a search. The research on my family began almost thirty forty years back. Family Tree Maker Version 1 to Family Tree Maker 2019 my tree has grown more every year. As soon as you announced DNA tests I wasted no time to jump on the wagon and my tree grew more. I’ve been blessed with publishing my first family tree book last year. But the one dream I have yet to fulfill is becoming part of the Sons of the American Revolution. I must say is not for lacking an ancestor on the Revolution. I lack the paperwork trace. So I am here asking of your support. Can you make a dream come true for this disabled vet.

    Alex Green
    US Army Retired

  77. Cathy Digue

    A lot of my family has been doing research on my maiden name Underhill. And we all can’t get passed finding our great great grandfather. We are all wanting to find out who his parents are. Is there any way you can help us?

  78. Rebecca F GARZA

    I am writing today on behalf of a 2-3 cousin DNA match I recently recieved. I was trying to determine where we matched. I have found out some amazing things. My cousin is 88 years young, she is currently planning on retiring from her 3rd career at the end of this year. She has severe arthritis, and recently recieved some bad news from an MRI. She has only 1 sister still living, who is 95 years. Her main goal is to find her missing grandfather’s information on her mothers side. She has searched through city, state, mission, and some cousin matches, nothing has panned out for her. She is really frustrated at this point. Although I would like to know where we connect in our line. I firmly believe she needs this information more. If there is anything you can do to help bring some answers to my cousin, I would be most grateful.

    Thank you
    Rebecca Garza

  79. Gary Newman

    The shows sounds like a good way for adoptees to find their biological parents and extended families. I recently found out about my biological father thru AncestryDNA. I now need to locate my biological mother and sister. If this program were able to do that. I have searched off and on for the past 10-15 years trying to locate my biological mother, with no success.

  80. Alma Castillo-O'Keefe

    I read through many comments with interest in learning about ancestry, but no answers. Is anyone answering comments from this page? How can we contact someone to get answers??

  81. Nancy Jarosik

    Chief John Black Wiley. Who is he. Its online that he would be my g,g,g uncle. My grandmother Jenny Sellards Wiley was kidnapped in 1789 by several Indians. It has persisted that this man was her son by one of the Indians. My great the first child after she escaped was Mary Jane Wiley. There is 4 in my immediate family that have taken the DNA. Me Nancy L. Smith Jarosik, Francis Eugene Smith, Kenneth Smith and Edward Burnside. There is no Indian. I think it would settle the whole thing. My grand is famous. She has a State Park, play, instruments ect named after her in Kentucky. I would love it if you could consider her story.

  82. Debra Tolliver-Nash

    I have been researching my family for probably the last 5 maybe 6 years. And I have taken the DNA test. I have gotten as far at my third maybe 4th maternal grandfather. I am so such on my father’s side. He never said much about his family. Both he and his siblings are now deceased. I only know know of one family of cousins living on his mother’s side but no one on his father’s. Heeelp!!!

  83. Dianne Marks

    I am sorry, but have tried to watch this show, but the background music is so loud that I have to turn it off after a couple minutes.

  84. Kim H

    I would be interested in purchasing the tin type photo’s that each family receives at the end of the show. I am not finding any information on who is doing them or if they are available to be ordered. If anyone has info to share I would appreciate it.

  85. Surae W

    Doing a family tree for my grandson I learned that my dad was born in Antwerp Belgium and not the USA but nothing more. So curious but at age 77 there is no
    Family who are alive

  86. Lori

    I am thrilled that you have a show for every day people.
    We have lots of stories but few facts on my mothers side of the family. With only one surviving sibling 94 yrs old. Who can’t see, hear or remember very well.
    We have stories that Grandma Payne-Shuey’s mother was an Irish Actress.
    Grandma’s brother was Norman Rockwell’s model. Billy Payne died tragically young. Both Grandparents are from Ireland but then there is rumor says the Shuey’s may have been French…
    Much much more…

  87. Carole Corio

    I have a fascinating family history and would love to learn more. Please contact me when you have a moment to discuss. Thank you

  88. Carol Rachal

    I have been researching my husband’s family in Louisiana for decades; and thanks to people like Dr. Elizabeth Shown Mills, I have been able to find out so much about the Rachal family in Louisiana, going all the way back to France, where it all began with the birth of Pierre Rachal. My biggest obstacle is finding information on the English connection, which originates with a woman named Angeline Knight, who was born in 1848 and died one year after giving birth to my husband’s great grandmother, Maria Hernandez. I can find plenty of info on Gustavus Hernandez, Angeline’s husband; however, I can find nothing on the Angeline herself, save for the fact that she had a sister Josephine, who married Eli Dubois. I cannot find Angeline’s birth nor death information. And I was wondering if anyone out there could possibly shed some light on this mystery woman.

  89. Mary

    I would love to surprise my Dad with his search of family leaves. He is 85 years old a navy vet grew up in the Bronx , NY. It would be awesome if I could submit his name. Thanks Mary

  90. Tonya Huskey

    I am at a stump can anyone tell me? How can I further get info on someone, got everything I can I could find on trying to help my 84 year old grandmother find info on her family history. Found tons of history on her grandmother’s , she really wanting to know about her grandfather’s but find very little. Any ideas???

  91. Neal

    It’s probably a pretty good program. But don’t know because the background music and other program embedded racket is so loud that it drowns out the vocal track. Watched 1 and 1/2 shows and just gave up.

    Going to go watch an old western that was produced in an era where the spoken word was more important than a background audio track.

  92. Kennedy

    This sounds like a very interesting show. I have been researching about our family since I was 17th years old. Family members are dying off and resources are limited which makes it increasingly difficult to find the information I am looking for. I am trying to find the missing link to our relation to Zachary Taylor, General and 12th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Not sure if this would be in the publics interest.

  93. Charles grantham

    Would like to find out how you can contact he show a new leaf dose anyone have any idea I do not have Facebook or instagram or anything like that all I have is my email thanks for any help

  94. Tina Williams

    How do you get on your show. My father’s father died when my daddy was only 9 years old so I don’t know much about the Nolen’s . So will you help me find out about my daddy’s people.

  95. Clara Prats Ledoux- Bowell

    I am very interested in being considered for ancestry history. I believe my history would be a challenge for your team. I have history in Cuba from my moms side and not sure about my dads. I have birth certificateS and Death certificates. That’s where It stops.
    Please consider me, so I can know.
    Thanks again,
    Clara Prats Ledoux-Bowell

  96. Linda Davis

    Hi Daisy!

    I am so thankful to see a positive show like “A New Leaf” on television. It’s so important for families to know their family history which I believe impacts their future.
    Unfortunately my Mom passed away and my family has been left in the dark about our history so I guess you could say our tree is pretty empty. We could really use help finding out the truth and collecting leaves.
    Now that I have my own children and grandchildren it would mean the world to me to be able to give them a complete family tree to pass on to their children one day.
    Thank you so much for changing lives with this amazing show.
    Daisy, I would love to go on this journey with you.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  97. Donna DeMarco

    After being told I was the result of a rape my whole life, it was Ancestry DNA test that revealed the truth! I was not! My mother had lied and hid me my whole life.
    I have learned who my birth father was and met his family. I turned out to be an ANGEL surname w/ a lot of family history!
    Thank you Ancestry! I look forward to seeing it!

  98. Greetings

    We would love for the show to contact us regarding my family history tree which includes strong roots of African countries, Europe, and Native American ancestry. Since my roots contain only a small amount of Native American DNA, we need help exploring this portion specifically because it involves adoption, mystery, rumors, and uncertainty. If your team could help, it would mean so much to me and my family. My husband (who is Swedish) has done a lot of the leg work on my background already. But is appears we have reached a brick wall and need the help of professionals to take it to the next level.

    Blessings & Gratitude

  99. Rhonda Byington

    I have an interesting case I am working on trying to find out my mother’s family history. Her birth certificate says that she was a triplet but her mother always told her it was a mistake on the birth certificate. I just sent off for original copy of birth certificate and it says triplet and she was third birth. Would love help in investigating the truth. Most of the family has passed and my mother has dementia so there isn’t anyone left that would oppose me finding out the truth.

  100. Deborah Ann Sirk

    My father who is 73 years young is researching our ancestry. He has come to many road blocks and is currently one of two people in my family searching daily for answers. I’m afraid my father will leave this world not knowing his genealogy as well as myself that he has worked so hard at. Could you please find it in your hearts to assist him and help him. I would appreciate it immensely. I don’t know how you select families for your new ancestry show on NBC, but maybe my father could be considered or again offer him assistance. Thank u so much for your consideration.

    Deborah Sirk

  101. Bob Gilardi

    The music / soundtrack for this program is way too loud. It is overwhelming the discussion. Entertaining content is disrupted by the music.

  102. Ann Newton

    Did a Ancestry DNA test no one knows anything about birthmom.Im 65 and recently widowed.Want to know who l am.

  103. David Tressler

    How do you become a person of intrest to become on the show or not to become on the show but to learn more into your family history. I got anDNA from Ancestry, and 23 and Me to help me .

  104. Sandy (McConnaughey) Richmond

    I, along with the other folks that have ask for your help, am searching for some long lost ancestors and relatives. My nephew and I are seeking help in finding out who fathered my grandmother. Also, on a side quest, we were just wondering if we might be related to Matthew McConaughey. Not that I want to bother him, but just to say we are kin. 🙂

  105. Edna

    I love your shows and learn from them
    But I have a question. My nease is from Vietnam she and my brother took the DNA thay are 99.9 percent so my question is can you help us find her mom or give us someone that can or tips on how to find her
    You Edna

  106. Sharon Robbins

    I have been an ancestry member for years and have been searching desparately for information on my father’s side of my family for all that time. I watched all the episodes of “who do you think you are” hoping to get research tips that might help me. When talking to ancestry for guidance I was told to hire a professional genealogist but I live on a fixed income and cannot afford it. I was very excited when I heard about “a new leaf” but I have searched everywhere and cannot find out how to apply with them to help me find my father’s side of the family. I’d really like to complete my research before I leave this world (I’m 77). Can you please tell me how to apply with “a new leaf” to be a cast member and discover the rest of my heritage for my children and grandchildren. Thank you.

    Sharon robbins

  107. Donna Sheats

    Turning 67 this year was a reminder to me that my father died when he was 67. Unfortunately, I did not know much about his family nor did I take the time to ask him about it. My father was born in a time when it was better to blend into the American scene and not outwardly demonstrate your heritage. He grew up during the depression and lost his mother when he was only about 13 years old. He immediately had to quit school and find a job to help the family. He had 4 brothers and 5 sisters. His father, Giovanni Capobianco, was born in May of 1893 and immigrated to America around 1910. That is information that I have since learned from my research on Ancestry. Up until that time, I only new that my grandfather’s name was John and that he settled in Bethlehem, PA, to work in the steel mills. I knew that he died when I was about 3 years old. My dad never talked about his family or his early life. The only thing I was ever able to get from him was that he thought my grandfather was from San Giorgio, Italy. I have tried and tried and tried to find his immigration or naturalization record but to no avail. This is something that I have been trying to find out for the past 10 years. I was able to trace my mother’s side of the family back many generations … but can’t get passed my grandfather’s presence on the 1920 census. I would really like some help with this.

  108. Shannon Starr

    How do I apply to be in “A New Leaf”. We live watching the show and I have been paid subscriber to for many years.

    Have 3 half siblings recently met and our biological father passed last year. He did not anything about his family history. Trying to fill in missing pieces.

    Working to get all 5 half siblings together in March and would love to be able to fill in blanks for all of us.

  109. Kathy watkins

    I would love to know where my mother came from. Who she thought was her mother wasn’t. I’ve done research as well as 23 and me, however I didnt put alot of faith in Nelson Mandela and Rammes sharing the same haplogroup as myself. Henry Clay plays a part in my ancestry and I would like to know.

  110. Debra Anderhub

    I received the “ Best” news today!!! I will be 60 years old 12.5.19, tomorrow. I have Never known who I was without a name or birth certificate. Going through your whole life not knowing who you are n not being able to get a legal license, passport n SS with your name on it is devastating. Thanks to God, Ancestry, My Daughter, The government people who worked so hard !!! A year after getting the gift of the Ancestry kit last Christmas I finally, know who I truly am !!! My birthday is tomorrow. It took 60 years to finally, realize n know that “ I Am SOMEBODY!!!!!! I AM DEBRA KAY BAILEY!!!!! Thank you , ANCESTRY for the very , BEST Birthday Present I HAVE EVER RECEIVED in 60 YEARS!!! I’m going to get my drivers license, SS , n I may never go out of the country but I’m getting a passport n I’m going to frame it!!!!!!God Bless You n Thank You!!! My prayers for 60 years have been answered. I’m a very, Blessed Woman!!! I can’t wait to go back to Ancestry n find out everything I can about who my parents n family are n the rest of My Story about Me !!!! Debra Anderhub

  111. Karen Hanson

    How do I go about becoming a cast member on A New Leaf?
    My husband (age 76) and his sister (age 89) are interested in finding out about their ancestors. Their dad was an only child, and using the information we have we haven’t been able to find any information about their grandparents or other family.
    I would really like to provide this information to both of them, especially my sister-in-law.

  112. Diane Nicholson

    Hi my name is Diane can you help me with finding my ancestors and the lives they lived. Your help is great appreciate.

  113. Sunywea Nicholson

    Hi my name is Diane can you help me with finding my ancestors and the lives they lived. Your help is great can i become a cast member.

  114. Barbara Quaid

    I did my dna in may but still have not found my biological dad. It is so confusing and I have talked to relatives very close in dna but we don’t know HOW we are related, like a piece of my puzzle is missing. Please help before there all gone.Thank-you.

  115. Katisha Jenkins

    Hi my name is Katisha Jenkins from the first day that i started watching this show it made me want to search even more harder to find out where i really come from and who i really am because me and my sister we were adopted we really don’t know much about our family history and now that we have kids of our own we would really like to know what our family history is and where we really come from and what we are mixed with so we could teach and share with our kids our family history and roots Ameen i would really love if A New Leaf could really help me and my sister Ameen

  116. jean

    there has always been a story that mygreat grandfather on my mother’s side was killed on the docks of new York. all because he was a lowly Irishman. my grandfather had to at a young age go to work to help support at a very young age his family(he was the oldest mail child) on my father’sside there are a lot of fill ins too. some family coming from Norway and Germany. also supposedly some native American lots of mysteries that we never pursued when elders could maybe have answered. a great grandmother supposedly had a letter from the king of Norway that applauded her for some reason. so many other stories that it is too much to put down at the moment. Love this show as it helps the average person to connect. keep it up and if you could consider me itwould be great. never the less keep doing what you are doing thanks

  117. Sylvia falcon

    I love, love, love this show! Looking forward to seeing more. I am from Oregon and my girl friend is in Washington and both love it!!!! Thank you….

  118. Barbara Bell -Taykan-Barlia-Reitkopf

    Gave up a boy child for adoption in 1972 New York City, the Le Roy Hospital
    Private adoption. Was wondering if he was looking for me?

  119. Rosanne Rodriguez

    How can I get on your show before my dad pass is way so I can get to know about the rest of the family please let me know asap.

  120. Diana Landry

    ❤️Hi, I am a descendant if a Spanish/Native American Grandmother that lived on the St Louis Arch grounds and not only survived but witnessed the Battle of St. Louis MO. Her info is on display at the New Arch Museum. Her Grandson was the first Historian of St Louis and first Creole Judge. Dr Levine, historian gave me a vip tour of the History Museum. I would like info on my other Grandmother that I understand was Spanish. Thank you for reading my information.

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