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For the 9th consecutive year, we are thrilled to be participating in RootsTech 2019 in Salt Lake City.  It’s such a special event that unites tens of thousands of people who are curious, excited and passionate about family history. For more than 30 years, we too have shared your passion and are proud to introduce never-before digitized content collections and cutting-edge research tools to continue to empower your journey of personal discovery.   

Historical records are the foundation of family history research, and Ancestry® is continuing to prioritize building the largest, most distinguished collection of Birth, Marriage, Death and Census records – one of our most valued and unrivaled offerings. We currently provide access to more than 5 billion BMD and Census records, and that number is quickly growing globally. In fact, we just released over 5 million Mexico Catholic records and 1 million new France Census and Birth, Marriage, Death records and have several U.S. statewide projects underway, from New York to Hawaii.

We’re also focused on providing exclusive access to military records to enable more discoveries than ever before. Today, we released US WWII Draft Cards from seven states and our scanning work at the National Archives in St. Louis is almost complete. This means that by early next year, the full set of WWII Draft Cards – all 33 million — will be exclusively available on Ancestry and Fold3.

Another cornerstone to advancing family history is innovation. We’re excited to have the opportunity at RootsTech 2019 to launch three of our most game-changing tools that help solve research challenges and give you the best possible family history research experience:

MyTreeTags™: You asked. We listened. MyTreeTags™ now allows you to add tags to people in your family tree to indicate whether your research on them is confirmed or verified, or to record personal details, like “never married.” You can also create your own custom tags to note that a person immigrated from Denmark or worked as a blacksmith. You can even use filters as you search your tree to see everyone with the same tag.  MyTreeTags™ is one way we can help you save time and enrich your ancestor profile.

New & Improved DNA Matches: We have redesigned the DNA Matches experience to help you make more discoveries, faster. Now you can easily sort, group and view your DNA Matches any way you’d like.  New features include color coding and custom labeling offering you more control over how you group and view the matches, quicker identification of your newest matches and new ways to filter your matches.

ThruLines™: We know you’ve spent valuable time trying to determine how you are related to your DNA Matches, and we want to help make this effort more efficient.  ThruLines™ shows you the common ancestors who likely connect you to your DNA Matches—and gives you a clear and simple view of how you’re all related.  When you link your public or private searchable family tree to your AncestryDNA results, new chapters of your family story may be revealed.

These innovative tools coupled with our continued investment in content are unlocking new possibilities in family history research. And there’s so much more to come.

As always, we welcome your feedback.


  1. Theresa

    I wish there were a way to provide feedback on the new features, beyond the one-time only. I submitted feedback because I was unable to pan when displaying relationships in thrulines. And then I got caught up in a whole multi-screen feedback session for ALL of thrulines. So, I mostly just answered neutrally as I’d not had much chance to really explore.

    One thing that would be helpful is to have smaller boxes for potential DNA matches, or else enable a list function. As it is, I can only display one row of boxes and have to do a lot of scrolling.

    I think thrulines has a lot of potential, but some simple fixes will improve user experience.

    • Bert

      Experience tells me that Thrulines are grossly inaccurate and the filters do not work.
      I, and 5 male cousins, have done Y-DNA testing, we know our paternal line. Thrulines omits my 3rd great grandfather and reports a 1st cousin 5x removed as my 5th great grandfather. Using a filter intended to mirror what is in my tree does not change the result.
      On accuracy is less than an afterthought and conformity rules, copy what everyone else has into your tree and all is well. In pandering to the lowest common denominator is doing great harm to genealogy, we are all hostages to the tyranny of an ill informed majority.

        • Liz

          I agree. I am sick and tired of Ancestry. I looked at this new Beta test and was horrified at the errors. People have been attached to me and when I email them with the correct information – confirmed with birth, marriage and death certificates plus all the censuses…I hear nothing from them. They leave the errors so people are just copying these errors. It is so frustrating. We can’t contact Ancestry to get them to correct the info.

    • Greg Weaver

      I don’t know about these updates but they need to fix the cancel subscription page, it won’t finish loading so that I can cancel. Now I’ve been charged for a month and I still can’t cancel. Installed the app thinking I could cancel from it and it gives me absolutely nothing but a “Plus” button on a blank page that says create a new new tree, nothing else. Completely disappointed in the entire site, big rip off. I gave them all of the information they would need to find my children’s birth records (not that I needed them, I just wanted to test the site), they came up with no information on them at all. I got many hits in totally different states, none in the actual state that they were born in and I even gave that info to them and their social security numbers. The hits from different states was definitely not them, wrong age, wrong state, wrong middle name or first name or last name, wrong year born, wrong month. They sure do expect a lot of money for a subscription to a site that is highly overrated!

      • Terri

        You are so right about this being a rip-off!! I canceled and they still took my money saying i had only canceled subscription but not renewal. That i had to call them to cancel renewal. What?!?! I stated cancel means stop! They still took it upon themselves to take my money. I’m on disability. I thought when I canceled i had done it correctly. I don’t have money to spare. Public please be on guard! This company will take your money and rip you off and then try to make it your fault

      • Karen

        A reminder anything on a living person will not be listed in Ancestry unless its a public record from what I have been told. This is a good thing. You cans see public info such as address and phone numbers on some people. After leaving for about 6 months I came back to Ancestry. Although I’m not happy singind up for everything then being told its a additional charge for more newspaper articals after using it for a week. Bad information is everywhere, not just on Ancestry make sure you look at all members of the family to make sure you have it right.

  2. Thomas

    I provided feedback via the “Give feedback on MyTreeTags” but wanted to make a comment about what is occurring… Example: I am viewing a profile record for an individual who has a “DNA Connection” Tag affiliated with him. He has 10 children and both parents are listed: How does one trace the “path of DNA” either to the appropriate parent or the appropriate children (as more than one can also be a DNA connection)?

    Here is what I suggest: If either parent (or both) have a “DNA Connection” then append an asterisk to that record and the same with any of the children. This will permit going directly to the DNA match person by following the path of Asterisks. If the person is a “DNA Match” then append “DNA” to the record… it is possible to have both appended when a child of that person also matches DNA.

    One should be able to step back in time by clicking on the appropriate parent until the “direct ancestor” is encounter which would also be the “common DNA ancestor” and a path for this needs to be provided. Also moving forward in time to the current “DNA match” utilizing the same technique.

    A profile record for parents and children might look like this: John Smith * or Joe Smith DNA or Joyce Smith *DNA
    Incidentally, I agree with Theresa (post above me) on having a feedback path for the new features.

    • The problem with adding */DNA/*DNA or some other type of text/symbol to the name field, is that when someone else saves that person to their tree, they now have to remove all of your customizations. I prefer to add a photo to my tree’s main media gallery, and then just tag every ancestor in it as I identify them. My DNA matches have the “DNA Match” image and the ancestors between me and my matches have “DNA Verified”. As I go through my matches, I only “verify” ancestors once I have matches to at least one sibling of theirs or a sibling of their ancestors.

      One note about the new MyTreeTags – if the DNA tags showed up on the tree view (IE a DNA symbol for those with the DNA match tag or a link symbol for those who are DNA connections) then we would no longer have to fuss with adding these photos or text workarounds… I really wish that had been added. I understand not adding other tags to the view as there’s not that much space, but 2-3 tags shouldn’t be too much, so adding the DNA tags and the leaf shouldn’t be too much.

    • Barbara

      Whenever I connect someone through a DNA match, I use a DNA graphic with an explanation of how this person is connected to me and my immediate family. Then I attach each person down the line.

      It probably drives people crazy to see the same thing pop up again and again in their hints but they can always “ignore” it.

  3. I like the new features BUT I think Thrulines should have a way to say if the lines it’s following are correct or not. Unfortunately in my case it’s completely useless for my father’s side, because it’s only showing his ADOPTED ancestors (who admittedly appear to have been related biologically, possibly cousins) and not the ones I’ve already verified through DNA. And there’s no way to remove them or switch them out 🙁 Circles, however, showed the DNA-verified biological ancestors. On Thrulines, even going to the “Ancestors from Your Linked Tree” option doesn’t show me my paternal ancestors – instead, it shows ONLY my father and mother and then my mother’s ancestors 🙁

    • Cyndi McGarry

      I’ve discovered a similar problem. After taking the DNA test, a friend found out that she is not biologically related to the man she thought to be her father. Despite the fact that I have removed the relationship, he still appears as her Father on the ThruLines. Even if I connect her to the person that other DNA matches indicate to be her biological father, ThruLines continues to show her non-biological father and his ancestors. Her biological paternal side does not appear at all.

      • Andrew Scott

        Same issue here. I discovered that my great grandmother was pregnant with another man’s child when she married the man I had believed to be my great grandfather. My tree accurately reflects the true biological father, but ThruLines nonetheless shows the wrong man, rendering 1/8 of the icons completely worthless. I can’t even find a way to provide feedback, so I just hope they eventually fix this.

      • Andrew Scott

        Likewise, it takes other liberties with “Ancestors from Your Linked Tree.” Now I see Nathaniel Muncie Scott as my 3rd great grandfather simply because he is in my tree and someone else has apparently wrongly made him the father of my 2nd great grandfather, John D Scott?? Even though, in fact, Nathaniel was John’s uncle, this is not a subject of dispute, and it is correctly represented as such in my tree. So, basically, Ancestry is re-writing my tree based on others’ horribly false trees?

        • Alton

          I’ve noticed the new matches adds links based on incorrect tree data, and imposes it as a correct “match”. This overlap was easy to spot because of family records vs relations who “find” lost ancestors through public trees.

      • Tracy

        My Thrulines is showing the incorrect mother and instead showing the wife of her ex-husband he married after her. There has to be a way to correct these. As an adopted person, I was making so much headway and now there’s a bunch of potentials I CANNOT POSSIBLY be related to. Please make some adjustments. I kinda miss the old graphic that showed both sides.

        • Member Services Social Support Team

          Hi Tracy, we’re very sorry to hear that. The ThruLines feature is still in the very early stages of Beta testing, and as such some technical & stability issues will be experienced on occasion. We will highlight this with our web operations team so that it can be investigated. Apologies for any upset that has been caused.

    • Barbara

      Perhaps, Ancestry could allow us to add a comment to the person in our through lines.
      E.g., Add a note: this is related to an error in other family trees and what the error is. I have a lot of suggested ancestors due to errors in other people’s trees who are also my DNA matches. I find the matches valuable because I know what the error is and I am able to connect the match regardless of their error.

      • Andrew Scott

        I think that would be good. But my problem is not that it’s showing me suggested ancestors. It’s showing me people who are not my ancestors instead of people who are.

      • Will

        Yes I definitely think we should be allowed to comment and possibly give a rating to these Thrulines suggestions. So many of mine I know are just wrong, and it’s going to cause chaos if people start thinking these are reliable and copy them willy-nilly. I think a rating system as well as a comment system might be the way to go.

      • Shirley

        I find most of my time is spent, not discovering new facts, but correcting facts in my tree that show up mysteriously. Like my grandfather is listed as a sibling to me. Maybe keeping things more accurate should be considered. I don’t enjoy spending my time in “edit” exclusively.

    • Vicki Roberts

      I made a treetag that says thruline wrong and in the notes for the affected person. I explain how it is wrong.

    • Barbara

      Keep in mind that thru-lines are suggestions. The wrong parent lines may be in there, but it will show your DNA matches to that person.

      • jrland

        One of my thru lines is showing a gg-grandfather who does not even exist as a real person. Someone used the erroneous name from a D/C of my g-gm and entered him into a family tree so now I am seeing him listed as my gg-gf. The name was given by the daughter of my g-gm to hide an unknown paternal event. This error is obvious to researchers who look them up in the census records. Wish I could delete this name from my thru-line.

      • Daniel McGrath

        In my case, TruLine identifies my wife’s GGM as the second wife of her GGF, when the actual mother was the first wife. There’s no historical debate on this; the actual parentage is well documented. And there are no DNA matches that involve the second wife or her ancestors — None! I’ve posted explicit corrections in entries for all related parties in my own family tree, but any correction process that involves other tree owners is slow and uncertain. Because those erroneous trees are still out there, TruLine recommends replication of the error. I can’t even change out the erroneous GGM in my own TruLine assemblage. Make sense? I don’t think so.

  4. Karen Gordon

    Id like to know more on the royalty side of my family. Please help on the thurberand reed family tree.

    • Char

      Karen, I do not work for Ancestry. Just another of their customers. I highly doubt that anyone is going to see your post that is on a page completely unrelated to your request.

      There are many sites online that discuss this topic and you can learn a lot from them. You need to research for the sites, just as you need to be able to research for your tree. They go hand in hand.

      There are also some Facebook pages that focus on the topic. You should consider searching for them too.

      I wish you luck.

  5. Sue Merizon

    Thru Lines looks good but I wonder how I will periodically look for anyone new without spending a full day checking each ancestor.
    If, on the first page, each of the ancestors could show the number of current matches, I could create a list and only look at those who now have a higher number of matches.

  6. Joyce

    Can you hear me shouting from the rooftops Ancestry? I have been asking for years about a way to sort DNA.

    I am reserving comment about how the tools work as I have not tried them yet-BUT am concerned about your disclaimer these may not always be available and also concerned about being a BETA tester…

    There was a time when companies BETA tested BEFORE a roll out…but it seems everyone uses us for guinea pigs lately-that seems to be the new trend with changes from many sources these days.

    I’d really rather see them beta tested before a roll out.

  7. Joyce

    OK my 1st complaint. When you click on various “hints” (all of mine so far from worthless undocumented trees who have copied info from my tree and give no sources as to the “supposed parents” those clicks should open in a new tab. You have to keep going back to your DNA link and start your review all over again.

  8. Joyce

    I just went through every one of my hints. Not ONE was useful although I can see the usefulness for the DNA matches–problem is every one you identified are closely related and already in my tree…so there were no “aha” moments.

    I got a bunch of matches based on name only that were not even in the same location…and hints for a 5th GGF and GGM when I don’t even have the 4th, in a totally different location than mine are at. If that fellow also happened to be a DNA match then it would be looking at further, but he’s not. Do you have any idea how many Stephenson’s are in this country LOL? You cannot base this on name only…

    I saw the same thing with my Italian ancestors…just because someone has the same name does not mean they are “my” person. I run into the same names over and over just in my lines…I sure don’t need to know about every Rosalia Martino in Italy LOL

    I like the premise but you have some bugs to work out. If an Italian is born and married in Sicily, their parents were not born and died on mainland Italy-and that is what my Rosalia Martino “hint” was.

    I have also noticed issues before this with Swedish naming patterns and I sure don’t know how you will work around that. I already have one person listed as a common ancestor match just because the name is the same.

    You cannot JUST go by names ancestry…you need to take the entire picture into account.

    I feel sorry for anyone with a Smith surname with this program LOL. Granted my tree is further back than most…I have many lines back to 1600-1700 and some even back to 1400’s-1500’s. Every one well documented.

    But the few hints I had were obviously not related to me. I can see this being useful for a beginner, someone who cannot ID their 2nd and 3rd cousins…My research is far beyond that. I’m not seeing much usefulness here for the advanced researcher like me, who has some brick walls to work through and was hoping this new program for “thru-lines” might help. It sure didn’t.

    • Barbara

      Hints are just hints. They are not facts. With billions of records available globally, it’s unrealistic to think that Ancestry will individually examine each hint for the hundreds of millions of people.

  9. Justin L. Smith

    I cannot even LOGIN to Ancestry now, not on Chrome nor Firefox. What is going on? I finally got it working properly after the last updates, now it’s even worse! It keeps saying SECURE CONNECTION FAILED on Firefox. I’ve already done every single troubleshooting step – clearing cache, deleting cookies, etc… no dice!

    • Barbara

      I’m working in Chrome with no problems. It’s possible that the problem is with your ISP

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      Hi, Justin! Are you still having trouble accessing the website? There were some temporary connection issues last week but those were quickly resolved so everything should be functioning properly now. If you’re still having the same problem, could you please go through the troubleshooting steps again and, if it’s still not working on either browser, please reach out to us via phone or email so we can investigate why this could be happening: Thanks for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience!

  10. Joyce

    PS I’m not seeing the different colored stars and sorting. When is that roll out. THAT is the tool I really need. I have made notes on the first 7 or so pages of DNA…I know what lines most of my 4th + matches go to…I need a way to sort them.

    • Barbara

      You need to first click on “all matches.” When the list comes up, on the far right margin there is a link to “add or edit groups.” At this time, when you look at a specific DNA profile, the group info doesn’t appear. It only appears in the main list.

  11. Joyce

    I also don’t see a way to to eliminate hints I have already determined as “not my guys” or a worthless undocumented tree…I don’t want to see all the bad hints every time I open the program. MOST of what I saw was from my tree-IN my tree…I know who is in my tree. I don’t need you to remind me.

    Which brings me to another issue. I am constantly getting hints in my tree for documents or census data I have already attached. I look at someone in my tree, see 10 hints and get excited only to find out it is something I added as a document (so why is the hint showing up?) It is pretty clear that if I added the document to that person I sure don’t need hint for it making me think someone has added something new…and the Census data i have already added to my tree should not be showing up in hints either. But it does, over and over. That is a waste of my time to review things that are already in my tree.

  12. Janice

    What happen to my DNA Circles? I been researching connections and now they are all gone. Can you put them back on site so I can continue my research? This an important part of my DNA research because everything has to be explored. ThruLines is a good tool but it misses big time on this. ThruLines needs to have the ability to help the researcher connect with their DNA Circles plus have the capability to show how much DNA is shared between individuals when comparing possible connections and viewing potential trees.

    • Barbara

      When you go to your main Ancestry DNA Insights page, the column on the right now shows your thru lines. If you look just above “Explore Thru Lines” you will see a link that asks “Still Want to Use DNA Circles?” Click that an you are there

  13. Christy L Woodward

    And still no chromosomal browser! I would gladly give all these new features- which are useless to me personally—(in fact, I would like to switch back to the old view and use my extensions from third parties…) to have a chromosomal browser. Gedmatch does it, FTDNA does it, 23 and Me does it…. why can’t the biggest genealogical/dna site not have one yet? GEEZ! Please listen to us already and make this happen!

    • Ann L

      Just upload your data file to (free) and your Chromosome browser tools are there for you to use.

    • Patricia Peoples

      Absolutely, Christy! A chromosome browser is the one thing we’ve been asking for and Ancestry just refuses. Claiming it’s a privacy issue. It’s not. It’s a money issue. They want us dependent on their analysis of our dna results. It is soooo frustrating to have to ask relatives to upload their Ancestry dna results to other sites. Just not right that Ancestry makes us do this.

    • Dnasleuth

      MyHeritage provides a chromosome browser, automatic triangulation data, and a “theories” feature, all of which work and actually respect the genealogical process. Uploading your Ancestry DNA test there is absolutely free. Ancestry has been left behind in genetic genealogy, and they seem quite content with that–as well as with recycling “hints” from trees that are founded on “collecting” ancestors rather than researching them.

  14. Brenda

    I accidently put a tag on one of my DNA matches that should not be on this match. I would like to remove that one tag that says died young. She is still alive. how do I remove the tag.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      Hi Brenda! If we understood right you’ve added this as a MyTreeTags tag and in that case you should be able to remove it from the person’s profile page in your tree. Viewing their profile you should see any tags under their name at the top, and next to the tag or tags is a pen icon that you can click to edit the person’s tags. After clicking the pen you should see a sidebar on the right-hand side where you can see the tags; there should be an X next to each tag that you can click to remove the tag from the person in question. More information on MyTreeTags functionality can be found here:

      You also mentioned DNA Matches so if we misunderstood and you were actually referring to grouping within your DNA Matches we wanted to mention that you can also remove those by viewing your list of DNA Matches and selecting “Add/edit groups” on the right-hand side of the list. We hope that helps!

  15. Dawn

    On the ThruLines, I have 2 DNA matches showing up, and 2 more sets further down, but how can I attatch them to my tree?? There are no instructions for that.

    • David Hanes

      Dawn: I’ve been able to click on the new entries and it should open up the tree that contains information on this person. Then you can hit “Tools” in the upper right corner and then “Save to Tree” and it will allow you to save that info to your tree. If that person isn’t already in your tree, you’ll need to make sure that you find an ancestor who is in your tree or the new addition won’t be connected to anyone in your tree. Hope this helps. Dave

  16. Mark

    Thrulines is a major advancement and will be my primary interface to Ancestry’s DNA database. After only an hour I can already see potential connections that would have been VERY difficult to sleuth out from the existing Ancestry DNA interface/tool. Being able to potentially connect asymmetric trees via DNA is a real game changer!

    It would be very useful/important to have all flags/notes which appear for an Ancestry DNA Match Detail also to appear as expandable icons on both the “Relationships” and “List” view on Thrulines.

    In addition to the presently available Thruline Filters [All Ancestors, Potential Ancestors, Ancestors from Your Linked Tree], please consider filtering on the newly available DNA Color Coding ‘markers’… to include a filter which will find Thruline DNA candidates that do NOT have a ‘marker’ assigned!!!

    It is unclear how ‘new’ Thruline DNA candidates will be presented as they are developed over time. Whatever it is, it needs to be easy for an Ancestry member to find, rather that a ‘hunt-peck’ thru all the Thruline individuals. When you’ve got a large number of individuals in a Thruline this is would be very important.

    • Mark

      Now that I’ve spent a day and a half with Thrulines I’m even more impressed… Not only will Thruline help make the connection between DNA-related individuals in asymmetric trees [both you and the DNA-related individual have same person in your respective trees, but not a ‘most-recent’ common DNA ancestor], it will in some instances use a third tree to ‘bridge’ between your tree and the DNA-related individual in the other tree of interest. Pretty cool…

      I am also seeing that something will be sorely needed to keep track of what individuals/trees you’ve ‘touched’ in Thrulines and those that you have yet to review.

      • Mark

        Another ‘suggestion’ to offer that I think will help… It would be helpful to include an additional filter to the present ‘Hints’, ‘New’, ‘Starred’ for those DNA connections that appear in ‘Thrulines’.

        • Member Services Social Support Team

          Hi Mark, thanks for your feedback! We will make sure to note that and pass it onto our web operations team for consideration. We hope your research is going well on the website?

        • Mark

          I can only speak to my experience so far, but Thrulines is showing itself to be very robust and reliable in ferreting out existing and new DNA lines. Many take some additional work to get the records to substantiate, but no Thruline ‘errors’ as of yet and I’ve been thru several generations. At least a dozen or so new DNA connections made…

  17. Joyce

    Why can’t we assign different colored stars, groups from our regular match list? I have made copious notes on my matches saying what lines they are from…the way it is set up now, I’ll have to bounce back and forth from one program to the other just to assign different colored stars…as I need my notes on the regular match list to assign them to groups. This could have been so simple ancestry…but you have made it difficult for no reason.

    • Joyce

      I see partial notes showing, but that is not enough ANC–I need to see entire notes I have added to DNA matches–in many cases I have filled entire note box with various crucial info and I need to be able to see the entire note to assign to groups.

      • Joyce

        Woops I did not see the TINY image of a page that allows me to see entire notes I made–but this still is more difficult than it needs to be…we should be able to assign various colors stars/groups from our regular DNA match page. There we can see at least a small part of their trees. I can see I am going to have to have several pages open to be able use this-or open pages in 2 browsers so I can go from one view to the other…I’m not sure why you had to make this so difficult ANC when it could be so simple.

      • Barbara

        Just click on the little note icon. The entire comment is there without having to open the profile.

  18. Barbara

    I am having the same problem — particularly when trees are inaccurate. We must treat them like clues because their descendants (our DNA matches) are related to us. I have been carefully researching my tree based solely on DNA matches for about 2 years (with a couple of exceptions). Even though its now over 54,000 people, about 80% was done through matches.

    I think that “thru” lines are a great idea but they are NOT specifically accurate because many of our DNA matches have inaccuracies in their trees. And the thru lines are also based on trees. So, it’s good to be cautious and not accept as fact but as CLUES.

    Specific Cases:
    1. 2nd GGF – William Newton Blanchard. Some tree owners have “guessed” this g-grandfather was either a Reuben Blanchard or William Blanchard. Turns out that it is a Thomas L. Blanchard and I have a gazillion DNA matches to Thomas & his descendants and only a few to the other men who are related. However, the thru lines doesn’t even mention Thomas L Blanchard — nor is there a DNA circle for him — both point me to the other people. Hopefully this will correct itself once I let my Blanchard cousins know that we have hundreds of 3rd and 4th cousin matches to Thomas and convince them to change their trees.

    2. 3rd GGM – Nancy Thompson, wife of Conrad Baker. Her maiden name was unknown for many years. Some of my DNA matches guessed it was Nancy Anna Salter but that person was married to Conrad Baker’s brother. Others put it down as Nancy Melton (who was the MIL of Conrad’s son.) So now, a slew of DNA matches are pointing me to Salter’s and Melton’s ancestors but they are not a blood relatives. I do have many Thompson matches.

    On the positive side, I do believe I have identified some great-grandparents of two family lines that were brick walls and I am very excited about that. I was immediately able to connect myself to their descendants. I always knew certain people were related to me in the DNA matches, but did not know how to connect them.

  19. Fred

    If I’m not mistaken it’s necessary to join face book for the new stream, this is unfortunate as I have never joined face book and no intention of doing so. Have withdrawn from other information when face book is involved. Am I correct or is the only method to visit the new stream program.

  20. Joyce

    I am making progress sorting but we MUST be able to add different colored circles to people in both DNA views-and we also need a search by name function. Some of my matches I have ID’d the lines, but I can only find those matches by surname search. It is crazy to have to search through pages one person at a time to find them. When we click on link to see common matches we should be able to add the color circle that corresponds to those lines. It is ridiculous that I can see common matches but not add the color when I view them that way.

    I, like more than 20 million Americans descend from Pilgrims and many old New England families. We have TONS of DNA matches. Add to that the gazillion matches from other lines and it becomes a nightmare to go through matches one person at a time. We MUST be able to color code them when we find then as common matches.

    • Joyce

      We also need to be able to search by surname and location as we did in the old view, as sometimes we can pick up trees of descendants who have not gotten as far back as we have. I often have to do mirror trees and complete a matches tree lines to make the connections. If I can’t search for surnames I can’t even find those distant matches. I have ID’d all of my 2, 3rd cousins and many 4th. I am currently working on matches that are as small as 30-40 cM’s…a daunting task.

      I too would like to not only see a chromosome browser but specific info about what chromosomes we match on (specific location)…

      I’d also like to have or CSV download back. We had that before “new” ancestry came out and it really helps to be able to see everyone in one excel spreadsheet.

      What you have done is a good first step, but there are lots of things that need improvement. I am having to open 2 or 3 pages for each DNA match just to be able to see shared matches and people’s trees. I am accustomed to working in several pages at a time, but not everyone is.

  21. Gregory

    Thrulines needs a lot of work. While the concept is great, they should have not released with so many problems. My major issue is that my father and his extensive family tree are clearly linked to me on the family tree. Instead, thrulines took the information from my stepfather (with no link to me other than being married to my mother), and used his family tree to suggest ancestors. To make things worse, it ignored the large detailed family tree from my actual father.
    Went through and removed my step-father from the tree, and this did not fix the issue. So, I unlinked and re-linked my DNA to the tree. Hopefully with my stepfather removed, and my DNA relinked, in a few days it will show correctly.
    I can understand finding wrong ancestors from some bogus trees, but not linking to my actual father seems like a really big problems with the tool. Come on ancestry, you messed it up going back only 1 generation. Sheesh.

    • AnneR

      Yes, there are several problems with the Thru-Lines, which if corrected might allow it to prove interesting and enlightening.

      1. As a few others have mentioned, I have listed among my “ancestors” those who are not because (mainly women in my family’s case) of second marriages after my particular direct line ancestor was born, or in at least one case, where one of my 2x great-grandmothers married some three years after giving birth to an out-of-wedlock child who became one of my great-grandmothers and was not the child of the man her mother eventually wed. One should be able to eliminate these people from the Thru-Lines listings, but cannot.
      2. Obviously the only DNA connections visible on the Thru-Lines are those who a) have trees on Ancestry and have connected their trees to their DNA results; and b) those who have trees where they and oneself have been able to take their direct lines back far enough to produce the ancestor(s) who were the familial connection.

      What is interesting is that the Thru-Lines demonstrate clearly that the number of centimorgans that one shares with another relative is not necessarily indicative of the actual relationship level (first, second third, fourth etc cousins). You can absolutely share very few centimorgans and still be a well-documented third or fourth cousin.

  22. Joyce

    PLEASE break this down into pages as the old DNA was…nobody can possibly look at all their DNA matches in a day…In the old system I knew I had gotten up to page 7 in matches so knew right were to pick up again…here the list goes on and on and on…yes I can scroll through a gazillion names (I think I have sorted 200 matches so far) and hope I can find where I stopped, but pages would be a lot nicer.

  23. Joyce

    Please make it possible to add to 2 groups–I have a few people related on 2 different lines–and I’m sure others do as well.

    I’m almost out of colors too even though I am being judicious about grouping…I can think of lots of colors you could add like hot pink, brown, black…I know there are only so many colors possible, esp ones that don’t look like each other BUT this sorting is not just by color but by name (or in some cases category-I put all my matches going to 1620-and about that time period in New England in 1 group I call “Oldy Moldy’s” ).

    In order to isolate specific lines-brick wall lines and groups of people who are related on SM’s but you have not figured out the connection, you really need to group those folks together.

    If you have gotten back in your lines to any degree, you certainly need more than to be able to get back to your 2nd great grandparents lines.

  24. Lorne Harrold Cochrane

    1. We require a better way of contacting Ancestry to make comments about issues we have found.

    2. In the new Bata Realationship to………screen I note that at the bottom the box contains information from my tree but as it goes up the page/back in years another persons family tree is noted and replces mine trees name.

    • Joyce

      I agree but I found yesterday w/ the FB link provided once I had made one comment, the link brought you to “thank you for filling out this survey”. I am sure ANC is watching this thread to see the issues that are brought up

    • AnneR

      Years ago there used to be direct ways of making valid complaints about problems encountered on Ancestry’s website, one’s own tree and so on. Slowly but surely, Ancestry removed them, one by one, till all that remains are phone calls and this blog.

      • Joyce

        for a while their FB page was doing some support functions but they pretty much have stopped. Back when they had email system (they probably still do I don’t know) I found the responses via email so useless I just stopped emailing them. I stopped calling too, although on occasion you would get a good rep I just don’t want to be on hold for 30 minutes or so, esp when a lot of the times you did not get adequate assistance.

        It seems to me a FB page would be an ideal place to post about known issues and also customer support. Unfortunately their FB page is used mostly for advertising and promotion.

        I’d rather see them come up with a FB page for customer support.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Lorne, @Joyce and @AnneR We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback here and wanted to address your concerns with our support and feedback functions. Due to the amount of posts and comments on our Facebook pages it’s unfortunately impossible for us to respond to everyone but we try to answer as quickly and as often as we can – but even when we aren’t able to respond we keep an eye on suggestions and feedback, both positive and negative, to help guide how we can best develop the website and its functions. Thanks again for taking the time to leave your thoughts and opinions here, they’ve been forwarded on to our product team. We hope you have a great day!

  25. David

    I like it.. the only thing is that it has matched me to the wrong father. If I switch back to the old DNA match it is fine, then switch back it is wrong. It is matching me to another of my mother’s husbands. I have all the relationships right.. and my half-sisters match their dads. This is a bug.

  26. Dee

    Initial impressions are that it could be very useful. However, I have not changed my linked tree, but the only lines now showing are on my paternal side. I had quite a few ‘DNA Circles’ links and relatives on my maternal side before (under the old system), but these all appear to have disappeared. Not sure of the reason for this?

  27. Kathy

    Conceptually, the changes sound pretty good.

    Would like to be able to download all matches in a csv file.
    We need pages of matches, not one long scrolling mess.
    We need a chromosome browser, utilized on an opt-in basis.
    We need to be able to ignore some thru lines, just as we can with shaky leaf clues to our trees.
    I don’t like that those with private trees can freely view our DNA data and trees without a reciprocal sharing of information. Not sure how, but that should be addressed.

  28. Joyce

    Please make lists of DNA matches searchable via CTRL + F function. And also to be able to add to a group when you are looking at their DNA match. I have one person I want to add to a different group, and the only way for me to find her in my list is to go to DNA match, ID cM’s and scroll through a gazillion people to find them. This entire system sure is cumbersome.

    On a positive note, being able to group folks has enabled me to spot a common surname I am finding that goes back to the same place where my brick wall John Johnson was born.

    If I can break through that wall finally, that is a biggy to me 🙂

    • Joyce

      I could not even find her that way…she is not on my list where she should be in DNA matches based on cM’s, so I had to go find her in group I had assigned her to (good thing I had added her there-I wasn’t sure if I had) and add her to a different group that way. This is not good if people you have already put in a group suddenly don’t show up in your DNA list. I can’t go back and check every single person but this seems to be a glitch for this 1 match only–we can’t have folks disappearing. This is another reason we should be able to add to a group from the DNA match rather than just the long, long list of matches. We definitely need pages on this program. It can be a nightmare to go back and find someone. List needs to be searchable by names and also locations.

  29. WF

    When I signed on to the Beta for the Tree Tags and “New & Improved DNA Matches”, I lost all 108 of my Shared Ancestor Hints (all but a few already verified) and the tree diagrams showing how we are connected. Is this being replaced by your new ThruLines? Based on the comments I am reading, I don’t get a good feeling about losing them.
    Also, your article states “Now you can easily sort, group and view your DNA Matches any way you’d like.” I have not yet found your new method to sort my matches. I can group them and filter them, but not sort them, and certainly not any way I’d like. For instance, I would like to be able to sort by tree size. Although some of my best matches have come from tiny or even no trees, I would still prefer to start with matches that have a larger tree.

    I like some of what I am seeing, but more effort should still be focused on ways for you to better match search results to the people we are searching for and putting the most likely results first. I don’t want to see documents for people who don’t even begin to match the name for which I am searching. If I am searching for documents about John Doe, born 1860, I should not have to scroll thru a list of documents for John Doe born 1995, or Jane Murphy or Mark Labodoodle. All your fancy graphics, story telling, and other exciting new technologies may be prettier, but they don’t seem to be fixing the basic genealogy research issues that most of us pay for to use on this site.

  30. Jojo

    I don’t see any of this functionality!??

    Anyway, the Ancestry DNA match display is awful. Much more functional on 23andme. One data item I want to see ON THE MAIN SCREEN is the last login date for a match. Most of my matches seem to get their DNA done and then disappear. If I see a last login date more than 6 months old, then the probability of them answering a message send seems to be next to zero. Be nice if Ancestry could reach out to long inactive people and make sure their email address is still valid.

  31. Wow, I find this big update to be fantastic! My only problem right now is deciding how I should proceed in organizing my matches. I’m like a kid in a candy store.

    • Barbara

      My tree is already pretty well documented. What I am using it for is to determine how my DNA cousins match me. I have been able to break thru TWO brick walls and confirm my hypotheses on a couple of 3rd great grandparents. Since I’m very cautious on the logic of my tree build, it’s turning out to be a great tool. If one of the suggested through lines is incorrect, I ignore the incorrect parent/grandparent and hook the person in to my tree the right way. People think that the thru-lines are absolutes. When Ancestry combines the DNA database to incorrect trees, crazy things happen. I have a great grandmother whose maiden name was unknown. I finally found her maiden name on a death record of one of her children. I then researched that family through an inventory of the family cemetery. I added the correct name and my shared ancestors showed up in my matches. Pretty soon, a 3rd cousin sent me copies of the family bible births and deaths and she was in there. The cousin had been looking for her for years.

      Meanwhile, before my discovery, a few people made a guess that her name was Melton or Salter and added that to their trees. All the hundreds of others then researched the heck out of the incorrect ancestors. So a whole slew of suggestions are incorrect.

      BUT … the good news is that I was able to research my DNA cousins who thought they were a Melton or Salter.

  32. Wade

    It is great to be able to see hints for Thrulines matches, but is there a way to isolate the DNA matches that cannot be connected to specific named individuals in order to zero in on missing ancestors? In particular, we are trying to identify the father of a child denoted illegitimate at birth. By definition, that ancestor will be among the DNA matches that don’t link to anyone on Thrulines, right?

    • Barbara

      I did this for a family who showed up as 2nd cousins. The father was “adopted” (ended up not being true). With just a few clues, I was able to trace back to the birth mother. Then, based on the fact they were among my highest matches, I realized that the father was my own grandfather.

  33. Cynthia

    My Thrulines Beta option under Ancestry Labs has disappeared. I had set aside a couple days this week to build my tree up to and beyond the level required to activate. (as of today, I have no tree, although I manage 4 kits). The option was there yesterday. I am greatly enjoying New And Improved DNA Matches in BETA which I have activated. What does the disappearance of Thrulines as a Beta option under Ancestry Labs indicate? thank you

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      Hi Cynthia! ThruLines has been made available to all our users for a limited time so, unlike MyTreeTags and the New & Improved DNA Matches, there is no need to switch it on; ThruLines should simply be available from your DNA start page. Note that it can take some days for ThruLines to activate after the tree is built to the appropriate range, and since it’s still in BETA we unfortunately cannot guarantee that ThruLines will activate for everyone at this time but we appreciate you making an effort to fill out your tree for this purpose, and hope the new feature will prove to be a useful tool for you!

      • Liz

        I am sick of this new site. There are people who are put as connected to me. Yes, the name is right BUT he goes on to say this person is from Middlesex. He is NOT. He was born in Birmingham and moved to Sheffield. I have all the records. This person will NOT reply to my emails and I can’t correct the information. As a result, people are just copying his work and this is a big worry.

  34. Donovan

    Ancestry Thruline is too insufficiently researched to be of value. One prime example of their lack of research of my tree. It is private (for many reasons), but I will disclose the error so that everyone who attempts to use this feature is aware of it’s shortcomings. My great grandfather is Charles Henry Stewart. He died young, in an auto/train accident, so there are few records of his life. I have all of those records, however, they did not connect me to his biological family. Therefore, to further my search, I turned to DNA…specifically Y DNA, the DNA passed from father to son. My Y DNA is haplogroup G, which is rare, and I have tested downstream to a very rare SNP found primarily in the British Isles. My grandmother remarried, after my grandfather died, to a man named Solomon T. Schoen (SCHOEN is not a surname associated with the British Isles, and yet Thruline identifies him as my paternal grandfather. If an error so obviously evident as this has occurred, just think how much erroneous information Thruline can deliver and perpetuate!

    • Donovan

      Just reread my post: Charles Henry Stewart was my grandfather, not my great grandfather…sorry for error!

  35. Joyce

    The DNA shown on the list does not match the DNA shown when you go into that person’s file. Since we have no way to find common matches other than tio go down the very long list and try to find them based on shared cM’s it is important that the cM’s shown in the list match the actual data-NOT a rounded off number. I have a “Jane Doe” DNA match that shows in the master list as 22cM’s but her file shows she is 21.6 cM match. I had a devil of a time finding her in the tedious long list because the cM in the long list did not match her exact cM’s shared.

    It sure would be nice if when you get around to enabling us to add people to a group via their actual DNA match page, that you also put an option to add the shared matches at the same time.

    You would want to have a drop down so you can select the shared matches you want to add to the group, just in case there are some that you don’t want to add.

  36. Joyce

    After working in the new DNA page for 2 days, I have to wonder why you folks made this so difficult? It seems to me it would have been a lot easier to use if you had simply placed a link on DNA matches where you could put folks in a group while you are looking at the match. There certainly seems to be enough room to put a drop down link for that on the match page.

    I just keep thinking to myself “this could have been so simple”.

    Being able to group is GREAT and I don’t want that feature to go away, but the current way it is being done is very cumbersome and difficult to work in.

  37. David Hanes

    I really like the new functionality of ThruLines and Tags BUT I wish the Ancestry team would focus on some core and much needed functionality:
    – Merging multiple trees – I’ve tracked multiple branches and set up different trees to manage security when I share access. Ultimately, I’ll need to merge these into a single tree and Ancestry does not support any form of merging. Similarly, when new tree branches are shared with me, I would love to be able to merge them completely rather than person-by-person.
    – Error checking – It would be nice to be able to filter files that have improbable dates or relationships, or duplicate records etc.
    – Reporting – MyCanvas is a poor excuse for a reporting function. It is very limited and cumbersome. Generally, for simple reporting, I have to export a file and import it into an old Family Tree Maker product I still have. There is no reason that reporting shouldn’t be part of the built-in Ancestry experience.

    I’m a fan and I’ve recommended Ancestry whenever the chance arises, but come on people. These things should be table stakes for a basic genealogy program.
    Dave Hanes

    • Jojo

      Tree merging – Rootsmagic can merge trees. I brought that software for this purpose but have not tried it yet.

      Error checking – MyHeritage has been doing this for some time.

      There is a huge amount of functionality and ease-of-use that Ancestry COULD have been working on over the years but has not. Perhaps their code base is so poor that enhancements are very difficult to do? That’s what I think.

  38. Heather

    Thru lines is nice for speed but it’s still taking erroneous info from other people trees. It’s suggesting a grandfather that doesn’t exist and has been proven to not exist via ydna.

  39. Joyce

    You cannot search for 2 letter names in the new tree search. You need to be able to. There are quite a few Asian names that are only 2 letters. WU, YU, WI, ZE, XI etc

  40. Member Services Social Support Team

    Hi everyone! We wanted to let you know that we’ve compiled the feedback we’ve seen in response to this post so far and sent it along to the product team who are working on the continued development of these features. Thank you for taking the time to leave detailed feedback and suggestions; we really appreciate your help in honing these functions. Our goal is to make them as useful as possible in your exploration of your past and listening to your feedback is, of course, the best way to perfect them. Thanks again, and keep it coming!

    • Sue

      So happy to hear that you’re gathering the feedback! I’m wondering if there is a way to edit Potential Ancestors in ThruLines? I have at least 3 suggestions that are incorrect. For example, my 2nd great-grandfather is missing from my filtered “Ancestors from Your Linked Tree” but has been replaced by a Potential Ancestor. The owner of the tree is not a DNA match and the information is incorrect. I have, however, DNA matches who include my 2nd great-grandfather in their trees and provide documentation to support the information. Are you working on an edit option? Thank you!

    • Barbara

      A few things which might make this more useable. And PLEASE don’t take it away. It’s fantastic! It’s a great tool.
      Make it clear (in BIG letters):
      1. That these suggested ancestors are HINTS, not facts. People seem to be having meltdowns because of bad trees. But when I click them, I can see cousins that belong in my tree. I just put them in the correct place.
      2. DNA matches are really your cousins. It’s up to you to research them and place them properly in your tree.
      3. Add a functionality to leave public and private notes. Public notes on a suggested ancestor: I’d like to be able to let people know that I believe the correct ancestor is a certain person and why. Then they can decide if they want to change it or not.

      Thru lines helped me break through two brick walls and see how my DNA matches are related to me. As for the bad ancestor hints, I can ignore the incorrect grandparent and just place them in my tree in their proper place.

  41. Robert LaRock

    My paternal grandmother (and her ancestors) do not appear in ThruLines. I have checked and rechecked the appropriate relationships and they are correct. Also, there is a DNA Circle which shows many relationships to her mother. Any help would be appreciated.

  42. Joyce

    Since the changeover I have seen 2 DNA kits ID’d as a shared ancestor hint and when I looked at the DNA and also the tree there was no shared ancestor. One of them I know the line and we indeed have a shared ancestor BUT there is nothing in her tree to reflect that. Her tree is pretty messed up and does not even have the surname we share.

    The other one I found was yesterday so I don’t recall specifics, but again no shared ancestor was found on their tree either.

    Neither of these DNA results had the familiar shared ancestor display showing the shared ancestor and descendants.

    • Joyce

      YIKES I just found more like that when pulling up only shard ancestor DNA matches–I also know where the last one fits in on my tree but there is nothing on her tree that should generate a SAH. There’s a glitch somewhere…or ANC is factoring in more than what is just on the trees

      • Joyce

        and yet another…these ppl are not flagged as SAH when you view their DNA-I know how this one related also but SHE doesn’t have the common ancestor on her tree–it is a few generations beyond what is on her tree.

        Why are people showing up as SAH’s when there clearly is not one on the matches tree. This is not making sense ANC. I sure did not flag these people as having SA’s…

        One person only had 7 people on tree, yet the common ancestor was born in 1800’s and not on tree.

        • Joyce

          And I just found another…in several the system may be alerting on surname RUBINO…whcih is in all our trees BUT none of these folks have traced their lines back far enough to create a SAH.

          YIKES Ancestry…in looking at a DNA match that DOES have SAH’s -the old notification of who SAH was is gone! We no longer see the SA nor descendants in either person’s tree. We NEED to be able to see that with SA’s.

        • Joyce

          aha I see what you have done…not SAH’s but POTENTIAL SAH’s shown in the compare screen…a nice hint but misleading

  43. Joyce

    Ancestry the more I see what you have done here, the more I like it. It would be nice if we could access groups via regular DNA page though. I’d like to be able to see what group (if any) someone has been added to, and be able to assign groups from the DNA page.

    Once you figure out who a group of common matches go to, it is too difficult to scroll through pages of matches to put everyone in the group they belong to.

    I DO like the “potential” shared ancestor hint as it just helped me figure out how someone from early New England and shared matches to him were probably related even though the match had a terrible tree with only 5 people on it. This will help me a lot with my “oldy moldy’s” from early New England ancestors.

    In one match that you predicted like this, you got the mother wrong though-you ID’d the 2nd wife of my 2nd GGF rather than the wife who actually should have been linked.

    It would be nice if there was a way to correct this when we see someone in the hint who is wrong. This looks like it might be part of the glitch w/ step-parents others mentioned earlier.

    You ID’d a 2nd wife that never had children–if I had a way to correct the hint to the correct mother then it would improve your hinting…

    Alas with all the hints generated by many trees as you seem to be doing, I see the potential for lots of folks who don’t research well to mess up their trees even more 🙁

  44. Joyce

    Can we have a filter for ungrouped matches please? It doesn’t make sense to put everyone you cannot ID for a specific group in 1 folder…

    That way we can quickly pull up folks not in a group and keep an eye on those trees and matches to see if anything has changed since the last time we looked at them.

  45. Arthur V Petty, Jr.

    When you say in your blog that “ThruLines™ will roll out gradually to all customers who qualify beginning today (2/28/2019),” what exactly do you mean? My wife and I share an account and her ThruLines appeared on the first possible day. Now we are on day five, and all I get is “Try adding more people to your family tree. The further back you go the more likely ThruLines can guide you to new possible discoveries.” I meet each of the three criteria with room to spare: 1) tree linked to DNA results; 2) public tree; and 3) back well beyond 5 generations. I have 30 Ancestry Circles including one with 82 members and yet I don’t have any access to ThruLines. I saw in a couple of locations on your site that if you met the criteria, you would have access within 48 hours and yet I don’t. Are we still phasing in? What gives?

  46. Tom Raskin

    The new DNA features are nice! Would like to see the following:
    (1) Predicted Relationship – allow the actual relationship to be specified for a DNA match, if known.
    (2) Shared Matches – right now it only shows my predicted relationship to matches I have in common with someone else. It would be very helpful to show the predicted relationships the other person has to our shared matches.

    Both these features are available on 23andMe.

    Thanks, Tom

    • Sue

      Jojo, from your post regarding ThruLines: “As with anything tree-related, be careful about the connections it makes” “So do your own research and confirm or deny the relationship” How do we deny a relationship when there is a Potential Ancestor error in ThruLines? Thank you!

  47. Sandy

    The new DNA match page – the first page you see. Is not user friendly, or provides the ability to select locations and others who you are related to. Now it automatically calls this up when you select a match.
    The first screen is a complete waste of space show only initials. When you scowl down you see share matches. I am not looking for shared matches – so now I have to scowl further down and no ability to select what actually I am looking for. I am now in the Ethnicity Estimates which is a complete waste of my time and screen.
    I can’t even find what I want to see. Ancestry is telling me what I need to see, and I cannot choose what I need to focus on. Please take this off my selected DNA matches. I want to go back to the previous version!!!

  48. I do really like the new Matching system, but it does have it’s flaws. It does need some way for a person to correct inaccurate information on their own tree. I’ve run into another where a daughter was attached to a tree (he only had 3 boys) and then when I go to their tree, they are attached to someone totally different. Also the person whose tree this belonged to did not show as a DNA relation of mine. Isn’t this based on actual DNA cousin matches? If there is one thing I’ve learned after over 20 years of online researching is that when incorrect info gets out there – it’s there to haunt forever.

  49. Joyce

    Since you added the tagging on individual tree pages, I cannot access the entire comments I had left on those pages. I have some I want to delete and can’t even get to the bottom of the comment to do that.

    Although tagging may be useful for some, it is not useful for me. I NEED to be able to delete comments I have made on my tree pages. I use comments rather than notes so others can see things that I am questioning or links to things that I wanted to keep in mind at the time I researched those folks.

    These comments were made before “new” ancestry and now when I look at people’s pages I go through comments I have made for myself and delete the comments that no longer apply.

    I can’t do that if I cannot even scroll down enough to get to the delete button.

    This has also been an issue with comments on photographs etc in the past and I don’t think that issue has been fixed yet, even though I reported it shortly after new ancestry came out.

    You can’t cram so much onto a page that people can get to delete/edit functions!

    • Joyce

      CORRECTION: You can’t cram so much onto a page that people cannot get to delete/edit functions!

      • Joyce

        Geez I have 3 comments on the page I am looking at but I cannot even get to 2 of them too see what they say!!! This MUST be fixed Ancestry! Doesn’t do any good to have comments you can’t even get to to read (or delete).

        • Joyce

          this seems to be a problem in firefox but not in chrome…I’m not sure why, but it should be compatible with all browsers. I should not have to scout around to find a browser where I can access the functions.

  50. Becky Johnson

    ThruLines is a great idea but it doesn’t work. I have a DNA match with a distant cousin on my dad’s side. ThruLines is showing this distant cousin as a half sister of mine through my mother! (No, this isn’t an undiscovered family secret as this distant cousin was born nearly 10 years after my mother had a hysterectomy so there is no medical way she could be her mother, and I would have noticed if my mother had another child during my teenage years haha. ) Anyway, I think what is happening, is that my mother and the real mother of the distant cousin share the same married name – first and last. ThruLines is ignoring the maiden names of the mothers and is assuming there is a family tie simply based upon the married names.

    Thinking I might “help” the algorithm properly differentiate the two women, I added my distant cousin’s direct ancestors to my tree all the way back to our shared great grandfather on each of our father’s lines. Well, when I did that, ThruLines completed removed my mother and added my distant cousin’s mother as MY MOTHER! It also removed all of my maternal ancestors even though they and my mother are clearly identified in my tree AND ThruLines added all of my distant cousin’s maternal ancestors as potential ancestors of mine, which none of them are. Our family tie is through each of our father’s lines. (shared great grandfather, our grandfathers were brothers, our fathers were first cousins).

    Trying to undo the mess that created, I removed from my tree all of my cousin’s direct ancestors that I had added. Thrulines, then removed her mother as my mother but didn’t add my mother or my real maternal ancestors back. It did leave all of my distant cousin’s ancestors as potential ancestors.

    WHAT A MESS! ThruLines is unstable and not ready to roll out to users. I am extremely disappointed as I can see the great potential this can add to assist is research but it needs to work and not throw up a lot of incorrect data, ignoring the correct data contained in my tree.

    • Barb

      100% agree. They don’t work. They try to over ride your known connections and you can’t dismiss them.

  51. I was loving the ThruLines for 1 day and then it went away. I’ve done everything I can on my end to make sure it’s not cookies, history, etc. I had an email stating my case had been assigned to someone then nothing since Saturday, 2 Mar 2019.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      Hi Denise, we’re very sorry to hear that ThruLines is not showing for you anymore. This new feature is still in the very early stages of Beta testing, as such, some issues will arise as we work to get it fully set up on the site for all of our members. Please remain patient, we fully expect that to show for you again in due course. Apologies for any upset that has been caused by this change.

      • Jerrie Grimsley

        I m starting to think that my dad stole me in the 60 I’ve been told all my life I was born march 25th 1964 ya have I was born in 1965 so confused

  52. onur ciritci

    very disappointed.
    This is my second DNA test because I wanted to match up with my family members.
    So I took to my family members in Turkey my and their result are good must be correct but there literally no detail!!
    Just the entire region is shown as the origin which if could tell everybody in that region the same thing without saliva analysis and would catch %90 accuracy..
    While my other DNA test with one of your famous competitor gave much more details and with the latest update it correctly gives the cities from each country!

    Why I pay same money and being asked additional money for every future and get less detail ?? Seriously to me it is like scam. I have to take raw data to other web sites now because again THERE IS NO DETAIL AT ALL.

  53. Barb

    Not liking, they don’t work and keep trying to over ride known ancesters on my tree. What happened to the relationship mapping where you can see when you could see multiple relationships with DNA matches. Those were good. Why did we have to give them up for Thru Lines. Lots of work to do on those. I want the mapping back.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      Hi Barbara, we’re very sorry for any delay you’ve experienced while waiting for your DNA results. We would suggest logging into your Ancestry account if you have not done so already, as any updates relating to your test will be shown within your DNA page. Please let us know if you do not see any updates on that page, we will assist you from there if need be.

  54. Roberta

    Is there any way to “officially” provide feedback on the TreeTags beta dealie?? (I just realized that with the new “workspace” side bar, I cannot scroll down to see the entire text of “long” comments that I created pre-TreeTags – I would hate to loose content that it took me time and energy to create!!!). Thanks.

    • Joyce

      Roberta I had the same problem when using firefox browser but was able to get to them via chrome. This is certainly an issue that needs to be addressed, but using chrome is a “quick fix” until they make sure the new changes are compatible with firefox

  55. John

    It is ridiculous for ancestry to call these changes Game Changing???? I’m done… just canceled my subscription. I will be back when we get a chromosome browser… aka… never.

  56. marypryde

    I agree we need a page counter for the DNA matches. With over 42,000 matches to scroll through even when I know I left off at 15.8 cM, for instance. Very difficult to return to where you left off on a list. Literally 10 minutes of tedious scrolling. Better if I could resume at page number xxx.

    And I keep losing my grip while studying a “match you haven’t viewed” before I am ready to “add to a group.” It can’t be retrieved by using “last viewed match.” Somewhere in the process of drilling down in a new match to study the tree or check for a match with other tests I administer, it loses its status as “match you haven’t viewed” and disappears before I can “add to a group.” I need the match to not disappear before I finish digging around and am ready to take the last step of adding to a group.

    • marypryde

      Too illustrate the problem with vaporizing new DNA matches, here is the work-around I’ve invented. I have assigned the color code pink as “match I’m currently working on.” When working from list of “All Matches” filtered with “matches I haven’t viewed,” the very FIRST action I take is to assign the pink tag. Then when (not if) it disappears during the course of my study (and before I am ready to categorize it), I can find it again in my pink filter and change it from pink to whatever color code I have decided on. Cumbersome, but it works.

      I’ve tried to retrieve these “greased pig” new matches by using “DNA/last viewed match” but that is not working.

  57. Yvonne Goodjohn

    The Goodjohn family did not originate in the USA .It originated centuries before in Europe .Goodjohn is an anglicised version of the true European and Mediterranean name .the uk family dates back over 3 centuries .your data is incorrect.

  58. Kevin

    Hi,there is fact that your algorithm have real problem to infinity German ancestry and almost always merge that ancestry with England ancestry.The only question is do you have any plan for updat to fix that problem?

  59. Vicki Roberts

    TreeTags are a nice.
    Their use is at the expense of being able to search your tree as fully as you could without them. Cannot search all folks by same last name or same first name. Very Limiting, The ThruLines are neat in concept.
    In looking for descendants, you are limited to only those you match. I have been working on a 4th GGF for decades with a 3rd cousin. We do not match so we cannot share information that way. ThruLines give you a very narrow look up one branch of a tree,
    The errors in ThruLines are myriad. Wrong matches, lost data, misinformation.
    **I manage my brother’s DNA. His DNA is attached to my tree. He has not ThruLines. He has numerous circles. It is so insulting when the message says to add more people to his tree to develop the ThruLines.
    **My MGF ThruLine is attached to a 3rd cousin on my mother’s side. She is related to my mother’s mother’s side. The only person in my MGF line that she has in her tree is my MGF.
    Therefore my multiple generations of ancestors on my MGF linne do not appear in my lines. **My 4th GGF Jesse Neal had someone with the same name and essentially same lifespan who is not directly related to us. We have spent decades building proof that we are not related to the other. It is such a slap in the face that I appear in a ThruLine to Benjamin Neal the father of the other Jesse Neal when I know by papertrail and autosomal matches and chromosome work that I am not related to him. My cousin and I have spent decades trying to right this copy and paste error. Now Ancestry has set us way back.
    **The number of matches that are stuck into ThruLines that are not really a part of the ThruLines is too numerous to count.

    Anything that is rolled out for General USE is not BETA!!! Especially with the caveat that the Circles are going away and your better get ready by printing them out.
    The ThruLines could be a nice tool if the time had been taken to work out the kinks before it was thrust upon us.

  60. Angea Stewart-Woods

    I purchased a D.M.A. kit. along with the traits. I feel that I was just screwed out of my money. I expected to find out what percentage of African American I am.
    Instead, I was given a report that did not make any sense at all. After contacting the customer service department, I was basically told that Since the test have already been completed, there is nothing that we can do.
    First of all, if. I had known that this was the way that the report was going to be done, I would not have paid my hard earned money.
    I am 150% totally dissatisfied.
    To all of you out there, I sincerely hope that you don’t waste Your hard earned money on the kit.

  61. Cousin Vinnie

    Is Ancestry turning into another Facebook? My impression was that I was opting out of MyTreeTags and the New and Improved DNA Matches Beta, and my profile shows both as disabled, yet I get e-mails congratulating me on joining both! Why is ancestry ignoring my selection? Are the Phishing? Are they turning into a spam generator? Are the also selling my information to others without my allowing it? Are they linked to the FBI and sharing people’s DNA?

  62. This weekend after seeing the new ThruLines I noticed I could no longer click on Tree Search, or DNA pie chart or click on my list of cousins. And, Thrulines had disappeare and I was left with the DNA circle, which I don’t like and never use much. I called. Was told it appeared to be a Google Chrome problem. I switched to Firefox and now in Firefox I can use the above ok but now my “comments” don’t show up. AND, when I try to edit the new DNA box under the person’s name on their fact page, nothing comes up. (My phone, which is an iphone, works ok with Ancestry – my laptop, where I do all my genealogy, is Windows.) Is this growing pins

    • Lee McQuillin

      I am having similar problems with all browsers. See my March 12 2019 at 8:13 am. These issues have made the main site useless. Without the ability to search a tree makes things very cumbersome.

  63. Judi Baumgarner

    I manage results for first cousins who are siblings. Both are connected to my tree. Common Ancestors and ThruLines works for only one of the siblings. Why?

  64. Lee McQuillin

    I have started using all three of the new BETA products. At first they were great. It has now become impossible to use the site at all. No matter what browser I use (Safari, Chrome, or Firefox) I can no longer search the tree for anyone. If the Thrulines Icon shows up ( Sometimes Circles shows up) the DNA page, clicking on it may of may not show results. If individuals are clicked on, it may of may not work. I constantly get the “Page No Longer Available” or “OOPs something did not load”.
    I tried to go back to the “Academy” to op-out of the Beta but that page will not show up either. The products have great potential, but if they make the main program useless this should be taken down until they are better tested. Paying customers should not be “Early Stage” testers. Do a better job of in house testing before messing with the main program.

  65. Mark Uebel

    Thru lines showed me potential mother and father. But they are private, so how do I find out if they are truly biological parents? As I am adopted I am very interested.

    • Joyce

      You should not be using thru lines to ID potential parents…that system is going by names. You should be using DNA to ID your genetic lines. You have to make mirror trees based on DNA matches, to try to ID Bio parents. If you don’t have close matches even doing that can be virtually impossible. Good luck in your search. I was able to ID my husband’s birth parents but I did have the benefit of having some clues as to birth mother’s name first. Even so I waited 10 years for someone to respond to a chat board post seeking info about her before I could even begin. Then I had the good fortune to have a 2nd cousin match, wherein I was able to ID the general family lines. The people I was trying to trace had been sent to live with relatives when a mother in the line died when they were children, and they were not found on Census data, but by getting obituaries for many of them I was able to ID children who were not even on census’ due to their birth date being after 1940. Eventually a 1/2 sibling turned up om DNA that enabled me to confirm that the person I thought was the father actually was. Tracking down birth parents can be very difficult and time consuming. If you can find an adoption angel who works with DNA they may be able to help. Some do this work for free, others charge. Good luck-it’s not easy.

    • Mark

      What Ancestry [Thrulines???; I’m surprised, as you more than likely don’t have a tree…] has identified is a possible DNA ‘connection’ to you and your biological parents, regardless of what names/identities are associated with that test, so the ‘match’ is clearly one you should pursue. If you haven’t already, contact the Ancestry member that manages the test that has identified. Explain your situation and I think you’d find most folks would be more than glad to help, but you have to reach out first… Do the same for any ‘Shared Matches’ to your test [if there are any…]. Joyce has offered up some other good ideas you should look into and pursue. Lots of individuals out there that are ready to help and several websites that focus on this very problem. Wish you luck!

  66. Nancy Miller

    I was excited to investigate, but apparently this was given to partner memberships and then quickly removed.

  67. Leann Dodd

    I have my link tree conntected. I think thrulines suck!!! I can’t connect to my biological tree in thrulines!!! It have me connected to my adoptive tree and I’m not linked to it!!!!

  68. Lynn

    why has ancestry replaced one line of my family tree… a confirmed by dna line… in ancestry thrulines with a line that has nothing what so ever to do with my family… the person you have replaced my grandfather with can not even physically have been able to be near my grandmother at time of conception….
    I am not able to access this family line now, because of this stuff up by ancestry…. very upset by this and actually angry my grandfathers line does not exist according to you… as I said this line is dna confirmed and yet you have eliminated it…

    not good Ancestry…

    • Becky Johnson

      I had similar problems. See my post on March 6th. I have a DNA match from my dad’s side showing up on my mom’s side. I tried to add more info to my tree to make things clearer for ThruLines but that just confused it even further. ThruLines dropped my entire DNA confirmed maternal grandfather’s line which was clearly noted in my tree and added in a whole series of unrelated people. I checked today and found that the unrelated people have now dropped from ThruLines, I have my maternal grandfather’s line back but there is a generic “mother” acting as a placeholder in ThruLines. The data looks a lot better now but still not completely accurate. Ancestry is obviously making changes to their programming as we speak. Hopefully it will get better soon.

  69. Vcki Roberts

    I am very thankful that one of the ThruLIne errors has been fixed.
    My MGF is now attached to my tree instead of a distant cousin’s tree who only researches my MGM’s line. Thank you.

  70. Sharon Steacy

    I recently received my DNA results and discovered that I was 46% Sicilian! Imagine my shock after being told I was Irish all my life! My biological father was someone else other than who I thought these 62 years. I started a family tree in 2015. So now Thruline has the wrong family information. How can that be corrected? I need that whole line of ancestors removed. Can someone help me please? Thank you.

    • Joyce

      If you have tons of them, it might be easier just to disconnect the father you have in tree and leave those others “floating” in your tree.

      Researching Italians, esp from Sicily can be rather daunting but it is doable. Contact me off this page and I’ll try to give you some tips. My ANC name is WRDSRUS. Look me up in directory and msg me…If there is one thing I have tons of experience in, it’s Italians from Sicily 🙂

  71. JMB

    What Ancestry DNA really needs most is somehow getting users to add some sort of tree, even if only minimal with a one or two generations and no detailed information. I am sure the majority of DNA matches have either no tree or it is private.

    Ancestry could stress to new users the importance of this.

    Then a large proportion of matches never reply when you try to contact them. I was watching a special edition of Long Lost Family USA last week (sponsored by Ancestry DNA) and one of the stories failed because they could not make contact with a close match to the person. I am sure that many new users never notice or understand the little number by the mail envelope symbol in the top corner of the screen. Many sites flash up a large box when there is a message.

    But of course that relies on people going to the Ancestry website and many don’t seem to do so after getting their DNA result, you could ensure that an EMail notification is always sent out. I suspect even then many might not reply but I am sure Ancestry DNA could do more to get people to check and answer. It is after all in their interest, if they did the DNA test to find out about their family history though many, particularly in the US, seem to be mainly interested in the ethnicity part of the test.


  72. Diana Todd

    I don’t care for the scrolling matches page as it is even slower than the “improved” Findagrave layout. I like paginated matches as they were.

    I liked a lot about the old Ancestry except no chromosome browser or triangulation tools. The groups and color coding weren’t available although I doubt I’ll use those, but lots will.

    We really need better search tools for our DNA matches just like used to search all databases but restricted to DNA matches and their trees. The basic requirements you failed to provide. I can’t even search the list of people in a tree by location!

    I don’t like being told I can’t see shared matches all the way down to 6cM anymore because some of mine actually had good trees and good shared matches and you took them away.

    ThruLines are interesting half the time but the other half is going to create more problems in trees as they are flat out wrong. I’d rather have my circles as ThruLines is asking for trouble. Yes there is some good to them, but I think the damage will be irreparable to family trees on Ancestry in no time.

    I’d rather have a chromosome browser than any of these new tools. I’m not buying your “privacy” excuse. I don’t want you toying with my data. I want to see the unvarnished truth about how I match people, not changed numbers because they are too ‘matchy’ or whatever. Maybe that’s why you don’t want us to see our data. I just don’t know.

  73. Craig Chapman

    I sent my DNA test in before Christmas so I called Ancestry waited on hold for 22 minutes and they said it was straightened out. I still haven’t received the results. So I called again from my cell phone waited for 20 minutes and got disconnected so I’m giving up and going to try another DNA test company

  74. AllenFrische

    I am suggesting a change to ThruLines. Right now you click on the big square to experience it and you are shown big tiles for parents, then grandparents.. on down to 5th generation grandparents. I would be much more likely to use this more if the picture you present to me in ThruLines is a simple pedigree chart showing each of these people. Then I could quickly jump to the ancestor I wish to research. I feel this would make the experience much better.

    A comment though.. I am still finding people in my ThruLines group that are in my tree, but NOT in my pedigree. This is often caused by a common name.. for me it is John REED. I have 200 John REED guys in my tree and ThruLines has the wrong one. I have three others, but this is the best example. If all ThruLines is doing is matching names to other trees, then it is NOT a useful tool for DNA work. Thanks!

  75. Helen

    I like the ThruLines idea but it definitely needs work as it stands now. My daughter’s ThruLines does not show me as her mother or any of her maternal side of the family, only her father and his side. She is listed as my biological daughter and I as her biological mother. In the DNA Results section I come up as her parent but not in ThruLines. In “View Another Test” I have access to 8 others in my tree but in ThruLines the drop down box to view other ThruLines does not include my daughter, only the other 7 people. This is a problem.

    I think we need to be able to “Ignore” or “Remove” a ThruLine person if they are not an actual match.

  76. Patricia

    I have several people that have shared their DNA results with me. As I find a match, I see if anyone of those people also share a match with this person. On the new BETA homepage there is nowhere that I can check the to see if they match. On their profile page it only shows me if I match or not……This is not good! I will miss many matches between my relatives! So far, I like the old profile page and certainly like the Circles instead of the TruLines. I certainly do appreciate trying to improve and make things better, but I really
    don’t see an improvement….everything was working great. I LOVE WITHIN ANCESTRY.COM SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE OTHER SITES!

    • Vicki Roberts

      I totally agree. You also lose all the info like what surnames they are researching, board posts, where they live, experience levels. I wonder if it is another way Ancestry is trying to disconnect communication and collaboration between users.

  77. Vicki Roberts

    Technical Support needs to be available to users.
    Technical Support is not Customer Service.
    Maybe one day there will be enough respect for users to make this available.

  78. Shaune

    very disappointed do not order through if you’re going to order a DNA kit order off Amazon. I purchased one off their website then found that I could get free shipping through Amazon I then tried to return the original DNA kit that I ordered from the website because and they tell me I have to pay a $25 restocking fee and a $10 shipping fee which makes would only give me half my money back. $25 restocking fee is pretty excessive. If your going to order one of these kits order from Amazon not only is it cheaper but if you choose to return it through Amazon you only pay for return shipping .. Very disappointed will not continue with ancestry for that reason alone ..

  79. Michael Wilbanks

    Thru lines lists my Father as private although he is in my tree and deceased. None of my paternal line shows up on Thru lines. When I click on the private Father it takes me to someones tree that I am not even a dna match with. I know my Father is my real Dad through many paternal matches and Y dna testing. At least don’t link me to people that I am not related to.

  80. Michael Schreffler

    I think should have an algorithm that uses a ranking system on how accurate the the supporting documentation is on the Ancestor. For example, making sure dates and places link, and making sure that the sons/daughters are not older than parents, etc.

    I have found out the hard way that not everyone’s information is accurate and have had to delete information that I accepted.

  81. Michael Wilbanks

    How do I get this potential father off my Thru lines? I talked to the person it is linking me to and it is a distant female relative of my Mother. It is a little insulting when my deceased father is in my tree and public. Why can’t Ancestry see it? I have family talking about this feature but it is useless to me.

  82. Robert LaRock

    I don’t understand why ThruLines does NOT include my paternal grandmother or her ancestors while there is a DNA circle which includes 9 (reasonably good) DNA matches with her mother. I find that ThruLines helpful in providing avenues of investigation for those ancestors that it includes, but am concerned that I am missing out opportunities to identify matches on one quarter of my family tree.

  83. Theresa Meade

    Just wanted to thank you…. As a young teenager, I gave my baby up for adoption hoping that he would have a better life than I could give him. I searched for fifty years for my son to no avail and have been feeling that I would never find him. A niece of mine submitted DNA and a second cousin match came in. That second cousin is my son, I have not only connected with him and his family but my family has embraced him. I never thought this day would happen and I am amazed at the ease of the process. This has been life changing for all involved….. thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  84. Adam Komperda

    The ThruLines not working like I thought only show my mother side common ancestors. Nothing listed on father side even though it shows on DNA circle.

  85. Please allow for commenting on ThruLines suggestions. There are so many instances where totally wrong information is being suggested because less experienced genealogists have been adding oft-repeated bad information to their trees. I realize this comes with the territory when a site such as Ancestry has so many different levels of genealogists doing research here, but it would likely be helpful to everyone if you could comment on each suggested match and say, “No, this isn’t correct because…” and then allow everyone to see the comments so other predicted descendants can decide whether or not to add the information. (sort of like you allow when it comes to names, etc. on census records)

  86. Mari Zeleznik

    What would really help me? Wouldn’t it be nice if a pop-up would tell you that you have a duplicate person or even record for someone on your tree.

  87. Allen Frische

    When is Ancestry going to start a blog on the Beta of the personal user Profile page.
    It has been showing as Beta now for a couple weeks and nowhere can we add comments.
    Let me be the first to say it is horrible. It is crowded with pictures that are not helpful, and do not improve the experience. Put it back to the way it was/is.
    AND, it doesn’t include all the useful stuff from the current version of the user Profile.

      • Allen Frische

        And I just noticed it only shows 10 of my family trees. How come Ancestry you don’t show ALL 20 of my family trees. How are people supposed to find them?

  88. Vicki Roberts

    Profile pictures should not be vulgar. I have a match picture on my main screen that I have removed as a match, but still shows. I tried report it, but the support center site: is broken. You cannot enter any url. I tried to get help for this with a CSR but they had same problem. I get off that page as quickly as possible, but my DNA summary page is my launching pad. Please help since Customer Service cannot get this removed.

  89. Kent Fisher

    After a 44 minute hold, I was able to ask an operator whether you can print a list of your family tree members. Indeed, does NOT provide the ability to print a simple listing of your family tree members. This should be a simple option to print a line-item listing, either alphabetically or chronologically. I asked if they could push this request to their developers but didn’t get a definitive answer.

  90. Mark Freel

    I’ve been having fun with Thrru-Lines until finding a descendent matches for one of my 4th g-g-gf Christian Glade Miller son Solomon G Miller, his page won’t move right or left so I can see everything. Nowhere to report. Mafug1

  91. Anne Martin

    I just had an unbelievably bad experience with customer support. The agent kept contradicting herself. She apparently didn’t know what she was talking about. I asked twice to speak to someone else but she kept putting me on hold and then coming back and repeating the same gobbledygook all over again. This took about half an hour. Finally I got her to transfer me to a supervisor. He didn’t contradict himself, but it still took another 15-20 minutes to get him to understand and answer my questions. He kept interrupting and repeating himself, while never directly answering my questions. Finally I had to step-by-step guide him through a basic communication process by asking a series of simple yes-or-no-answer questions. He refused at first to give simple yes or no answers, choosing rather to repeat his earlier unhelpful statements. Finally I got him to shut up and listen to my simple questions and give me simple answers. In this way I was eventually able to get the help I wanted.

    I am astonished at the poor communication skills of these people. I tried calling corporate headquarters to report my experience, but the phone just kept ringing and ringing. The operator never answered! This was at about 11 am Pacific time on a Friday. I called both the Utah and San Francisco offices, but they both routed me to the same phone menu system which nobody ever answered.

    Then I got a rating questionnaire to which I answered completely unsatisfied to every question, even though I eventually managed to figure out what was going on.

    There is no way to send a written message or email to anyone to report this issue either.

    This has got to be some of the worst customer service ever. I hope somebody in the corporation reads this.

  92. Nancy Haynes

    Joshua David Negrete is actually my nephew and it states Extremely high that he is my 1st cousin.

  93. Mary T

    I found a Glitch!

    The Thrulines is reading 2 men with the same name and 12 years apart…as one person….Therefore, telling me a 1st cousin-5x removed is my 3rd great grandfather! No wonder the hints for me are screwy lewie. Can you fix that, please?


  94. Robert LaRock

    Why would some of my matches on the DNA Matches page have the “common ancestor” leaf, and yet, when I click on it and go to the DNA Matches Compare page for the individual, I get a message “According to Ancestry family trees, you and (match name) do not share any common ancestors. If we find any, you will be able to view them here.”

    Also, why is the count number of “shared ancestor hints” on the Insights page different from the number of “common ancestors” on the DNA Matches page

  95. Shanewatson

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