Posted by Ancestry Team on January 11, 2019 in Holidays, News

Dear Ancestry Community,

As 2018 comes to a close, I want to personally thank you for being a member of the Ancestry community. We appreciate that you’ve chosen us to provide you with the tools to enable your journeys of personal discovery.

All of us at Ancestry are committed to making family history discovery simpler, easier and more valuable for our members. As an avid user of our products, I was honored to join Ancestry in May and have the opportunity to lead this incredible company. During the past six months, many of you have sent me notes with suggestions to improve our services, for which I am enormously grateful. The power of Ancestry has always been in its community and the ability for all of us to partner together to create the best Ancestry experience for as many people as possible.

My goal for the future of Ancestry is to build on our 30 years of family history leadership,  bringing together an obsession for great customer experiences and using technology to unlock more possibilities for our members to create family trees, find and share stories, and make meaningful connections.

We have already started that work. Throughout 2018, we invested to comprehensively upgrade our technology and customer service platforms which underpin our ability to provide a faster stream of improvements. This new capability already has allowed us to significantly increase the number and quality of hints, add over 260 million new records from around the world, and release our next generation of ethnicity estimates for our AncestryDNA offering, making results more precise.

In 2019 we will continue to bring together the strengths of Ancestry with a laser focus on delivering even better experiences to you.  We have listened to your feedback and our ambitious plans for the new year include debuting many features that you have suggested. These include new tools for making discoveries in your family tree, an enhanced experience for connecting with your DNA Matches, innovations harnessing the power of our unmatched digital records collections coupled with our DNA network, and making many new historical records available online.

Thank you again for being a part of our Ancestry community. We look forward to continuing to partner with you in the months and years ahead. Please continue to share your feedback and suggestions.

Wishing you and your families all the best in 2019 and a year filled with personal discoveries!

Margo Georgiadis
CEO, Ancestry
Proud Great Granddaughter of John Swanson


  1. stephanie graham

    I want to thank you for your services. Finding out about my family history is such a pleasure. Every week using your tools helps me find more pieces to the puzzles.

  2. Theresina

    Happy New Year!!! I’ve been using your services for going on 12 years now. I’ve made many discoveries and connected with a few distant relations and one not so distant. I hope to continue my revelations in discovery. I look forward to the proving and ever growing genealogical community that is Ancestry.


  3. Constance I Pentzer

    Instead of new tools, how about fixing the ones that don’t work? The member connect function in Ancestry trees has been broken for at least THREE years. We are told it is being fixed ad nauseam and nothing happens. Everything does NOT revolve around DNA. Building trees and the tools to create them easily and accurately are essential. Go back to your base: the members who subscribed before DNA testing and make sure they are happy with your product. Your current surveys do not ask the questions that will help you determine what is wrong with Ancestry. The questions are stilted and do not allow for enough explanation of the selected answer. The subscription costs are too high. Specials are available to new customers only; an insult to those of us who have supported the company for years.

    • Marilyn

      I have to agree with you as I am still trying to master getting CORRECT family member information. It is difficult at times, and there is so much emphasis on the DNA that I get overwhelmed and off the track of building my Family tree correctly.

    • peggy

      Ditto from me. Problems from years ago are not fixed. How do we contact this new president? She said some people have sent her notes that she’s listening to. I’ve given up sending feedback when nothing happens.

      • Deborah Carlson Gunther

        I agree that more support needs to be given to those of us that have been members for years. I am blind and use a screen reader. I can only use keystrokes to navigate the site and it has become almost impossible. I have tried to find a phone number for technical support but apparently they don’t want to talk to us.

      • Viki

        I want to join & build my family tree & get DNA going to see if i can find any relatives out there but, WHY SHOULD I JOIN When there ARE SO MANY PROBLEMS THAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HAVING 12 YEARS (People That Have SUPPORTED ANCESTRY From the BEGINNING)?

    • Valerie Shahan

      one problem that I repeatedly encounter is when member connect of several screens skips some number with in that set. I have an incident number for this that I occassionally will call in to inquire what if anything has been done to fix this; nothing has yet resolved this. and other members often have information that is useful to me and not accessible if their information is not available due to this malfunction.

    • Madeleine

      I totally agree with fixing things that were broken before the advent of DNA.
      You mention surveys. What surveys? I never get any.
      I and my email provider have both asked Ancestry why the emails i have selected to receive are not arriving, you guessed it – it seems there is no real attempt by Ancestry to find out.

      Before DNA came along Ancestry was so much better, it seems they are trying to accomplish too much too fast. I am not interested in DNA and the more I read about people’s disappointment with results the less interested I become.

      I wonder if the new CEO will even read any of the comments we have all made.

    • Jojo


      Be nice if Ms. CEO provided a way to email her office. She would then have a chance to discover the real problems that Ancestry needs to fix. She doesn’t have to actually have the emails go to her. The email address can be handled by her staff y can go to her staff but at least we would have the assurance that they weren’t getting dropped into that black hole called Ancestry Customer Service.

    • Glenda

      Through many years I’m been an off and on Ancestry user and have been on again for several years and I COULDN’T AGREE more with those who have voiced specific complaints such as:
      ““We’re sorry. The page you tried to access is no longer available” “We’re sorry. The page you tried to access is no longer available” message or “will the programming at ever be updated to provide for REMOVING a source one has already added to a tree?” And “Instead of new tools, how about fixing the ones that don’t work?” “The member connect function in Ancestry trees has been broken for at least THREE years.” “We are told it is being fixed ad nauseam and nothing happens.”

      On top of this, trying to reach anyone to speak with at Ancestry’s 800-262-3787 more often then not now means waiting LONG minutes. It’s appearing more and more as though Ancestry’s business and Customer Service model is NOT working nearly as smoothly as it once had. Are you getting to “big-for-your-britches’??

      • Floyd

        Hello All,

        Happy loyal customers need,happy user friendly, affordable, good experience products. Just my 2 cents.
        Please no hate.Peace out

    • Barbara

      So far 10 million others have been able to activate their tests. There is a phone number for troubleshooting and assistance. It’s my experience that the CSRs have always been very helpful. More likely it’s some small error that is preventing you from going forward.

  4. Patricia Mitschelen

    I prefer the previous method of the DNA percentages break down verses the wider scale. I recently had my grandson’s DNA completed and he was hoping to show the Irish percentage to play Lacrosse with the Irish National team in 2022. DNA shows 62%. English, Wales & Northwestern Europe. 26% Germanic Europe. 5% Norway. 4% Sweden. 3% France. When you click on the English, Wales & NW Europe, it stretches into Ireland. I have completed my DNA and his Sister’s DNA and the percentage of the Irish is reflected? Is there anyway to have a current DNA changed back to the former format?

    • Peter Cass

      Dear Ms Mitschelen, the rules around eligibility for national teams of all sorts are based on citizenship, either by birth, naturalisation or descent from a parent or grandparent born in the country in question. This is document-driven. DNA is not a consideration.
      Does your grandson have at least one parent or grandparent born in Ireland? Do you have the birth and marriage certificates to prove it?
      Hope this helps!

  5. Thank you, Ms. Georgiadis, for the thoughtful posting and for your management of the billions of record images Ancestry has created, as well as the genetic tools you offer. I have been a subscriber since the first year that Ancestry went online and was a purchaser of Ancestry books before then. Like most users, I occasionally find fault with an Ancestry practice; but, across the years, there has been only one that you have not yet addressed. If the past is prologue, I suspect I’ll remain a subscriber until I go senile. When that day comes, the work I leave behind will be far richer for having used all that you have to offer.

  6. Cheryl Doenitz

    Thank you for your wonderful comments and service. I like the improvements that have been made. I would love to see some free help to those of us that are stuck and can’t find records. Possibly because there weren’t any. With cost of Ancestry, most of us cannot afford extra cost of Ancestry’s professionals. Thanks

  7. Peggy L Lauritzen

    This is a wonderful message to go into our new year with. Ancestry has been a godsend for me and my family, for I couldn’t begin to have the time or the money to take me to the places Ancestry has taken me. This includes those little green leaves that have given me hints I hadn’t thought of. Thank you to all of the staff at Ancestry. And, happy new year to you all!

  8. Sherry

    I agree with Constance I Pentzer comments. Work and improve on what you provide already. Give your loyal customers a break on rates. Provide assistance to those requesting. Indexing is far correct on many categories. Improve on what is available now! Happy New Year!

  9. Julie Kelts

    I appreciate many things about Ancestry, and I know you are making improvements over time. But there are a couple of things that seem like they ought to be easy that you just haven’t done. First, go back to showing the total number of pages of DNA matches. You did it in the past–why stop?? Second, learn to count past 1000. I want to know how many fourth cousins I have even if it is more than 1000. You may think this is trivial, but I monitor DNA accounts for many relatives, and it is a big waste of my time to have to figure it out when you should be able to provide it. How hard can it be?

    • Barbara

      I fully agree. I’d like to know number of pages. It’s such an easy fix. 1 of 1000, etc. Also, agree on the number of 4th-6th cousins or more. These are generally the ones I like to know about.

  10. I have been a loyal user of Ancestry since before we had to pay. For the most part, I’ve been very happy, except since December 17, 2018, when Rootsweb went down. Yes, much of it has come back up, but my concern is, with my World Connect tree because it is still online and I can’t make changes. Well, believe me, it needs changes as I’ve spent a year doing a lot of corrections and additions to my tree, so I know the online one is in poor shape. This means that people who find and use my tree are possibly getting wrong information. Is there any way you can delete my tree of over 45,000 people?

  11. Lee Swann

    Your “service” is a JOKE! I am 1/4 Cherokee Native American (as is my 1st cousin), on the maternal side. Your DNA search did not say ANYTHING about my Indian heritage!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I DEMAND a FULL REFUND of the $69 I sent you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mindy

      Hi Lee. I was reading your post and thought I would comment. Even if you’re 1/4 Native American it doesn’t mean that part of the DNA will be passed to you or even your 1st cousin. It could be another 1st cousin that received it, it could be a number of any other people in your line or simply no one at all received that part of the DNA. That’s just the way DNA works. It is NOT ancestry’s fault that your DNA at ancestry doesn’t show NA … all of us lose DNA with every generation. Perhaps you might test with another testing company as the results will be different. If you come from a complex ethnic heritage, DNA may not reveal NA.
      Also NA DNA on indigenous ppl as they refuse to test, that makes it challenging for test to be adequately enough to identify your NA DNA.
      So Lee as you can see there are a lot of reasons why it doesn’t show up. A good site I found is :: www.

      • Viki

        My Great Grandmother on my paternal side, was Native American Indian,.. she belonged to an Indian reservation & ran away to Marry my Great Grandpa! I’m thinking that happened a lot with a person in an ethnic group, that breaks it off with theirs & marries a different one. They are usually banned to come back & no one KNOWS about it in a few lifetimes!

    • Barbara

      Is your heritage documented? (Meaning: not just family stories). Sometimes white settlers lived with native tribes but didn’t intermarry. Also, DNA is passed on in a random way. One thing I do know is that my DNA says 25% (random weighted average of testing 3 siblings and me). Through research, I found that it is related to my paternal grandfather who was probably 100% or closer. Other first cousins have the same percentages or higher.
      One of the most common myths in American genealogy is that there is always an Indian ancestor. People really get upset when their tests don’t confirm it.

      I would suggest that you do the research on your grandparents. If they were here for 3+ generations, many Indian lineages have records. (Keep in mind that family trees are not records or proof).
      Hope this helps

  12. Beverley Zierow

    I’ve tried for years to find out what happened to the DNA my husband and I submitted to SMGF which was bought by While we were informed by SMGF that our DNA would not be destroyed, according to the 3 times I’ve tried to contact about our DNA, I was told it was destroyed. My question — why didn’t contact me about this? I’ve had an for over a decade and the same email for twice that long so what’s their excuse?

  13. Constance Pentzer said it all, so I’m copying her statement. BTW, my questions or concerns are never responded to. “Instead of new tools, how about fixing the ones that don’t work? The member connect function in Ancestry trees has been broken for at least THREE years. We are told it is being fixed ad nauseam and nothing happens. Everything does NOT revolve around DNA. Building trees and the tools to create them easily and accurately are essential. Go back to your base: the members who subscribed before DNA testing and make sure they are happy with your product. Your current surveys do not ask the questions that will help you determine what is wrong with Ancestry. The questions are stilted and do not allow for enough explanation of the selected answer. The subscription costs are too high. Specials are available to new customers only; an insult to those of us who have supported the company for years.”

  14. M Kathleen Felsted

    I love Ancestry and am a paid customer, although I do not have to be… I would like to see these items changed: 1. A way to copy the data so I can put it into my personal tree data notes. For example, on Find A Grave, one can click SAVE, then save to clipboard. That way I can save the entire Memorial EASILY and save it to the personal tree on my computer. If it can be done with Find A Grave it should be able to be done with ALL your records – birth records, marriage records, military records, etc. If I try to just highlight and paste, it comes into my tree as a chart, which I do not like. 2) Can we just be politically incorrect with genealogy? Why can’t a man be a man or a husband be a man when we are matching records? Why do your records force one to go back and take another step and edit him to make him a man? (same with women)… 3) I would like to see it easier to match our DNA cousins… Thanks for your product!

    • Barbara

      The reason that many records (including FAG) don’t indicate male or female is because the ORIGINAL RECORD does not indicate it. Ancestry is providing access to the original records which still belong to other entities. So, if for example, you find a marriage record and it doesn’t indicate sex, then yes, you will have to fix it. Ancestry can’t go into the records belonging to another entity and change them. They allow you to see the information but it’s up to you to decide what’s correct. You’ll also find that census takers are occasionally incorrect or that sex is incorrectly listed and that you have to fix that too.

      Hope that makes sense.

  15. Lynne

    Please FIX the message boards and RootsWeb. We have been waiting a very, very long time for this. The message boards haven’t been indexed in over a year and there are a myriad of problems, especially with admin functions. There is no customer support for the message boards and users can’t even reach board administrators because the board information pages are messed up. RootsWeb mailing lists are finally running (although not for the last few days), but there are ongoing problems.

  16. I have been a World Ancestry subscriber along with newspaper and Fold3 subscriptions for quiet some time, and I likely will continue all the subscriptions. I would second the comments about tending to fixing issues first and add new functionality as appropriate. I find results from the queries to be problematic far too often. I try to keep the search parameters somewhat broad to take variability of data into account, but all too often I have had to almost give the exact answer to get any results to display. In doing census searches the edit and update on the search parameters does not work most of the time. I back out and come in to census searches afresh. Too often I select a link to a record and the not found page pops up. I come back to it later and it works. I get e-mails weekly with “Possible record matches in” my tree. This week I selected the names in the list of possible matches and get a page that says “We’re sorry. The page you tried to access is no longer available.” This is the same day that I received the e-mail. Why send me the e-mail if I can not connect to the record hints?
    The majority of these issues started when the technology was upgraded, and they persist to this day.

    • Barbara

      I share your frustration regarding searching for census records. I’ve done a few things to make my life easier. One important thing is that I’ve bookmarked each census year into a folder. When I can’t easily find something by searching from the profile, I go directly to the census year. Then I can use variations of names and places without the burdens of what’s already in the profile. It gives me a clean slate.

      I’ve done the same for a whole bunch of marriage indexes.

  17. Bob DeViney

    I’ve haven’t been able to update my WorldConnect records for the past year. It’s been over two months [10-25-2018] since new records were added to the US collection. Despite years of subscribing, I’m dropping Ancestry when this six month term ends. Judging by all the Ancestry emails I’ve been getting, DNA collection is your focus now rather than indexing records for researchers.

  18. Lynne Stengel

    I have been a member of Ancestry for 30 years. I purchased several of the cd’s that had my tree on them. It was very early in the existence of online genealogy. My cd numbers were #’s 5 and several others. I have always enjoyed the professional service and expertise of Ancestry. Thank you for your continued support.

  19. Judy Mckechney

    Have you ever copied Catholic church parish records? If you have, how can I access them? If you haven’t, are there any plans to do so in the future?

  20. Susan M Guy

    I would appreciate a way to print out a nice family tree from my ancestry site. Like the old Family Tree Maker. Now that all of the family tree software is defunct, it would be great to print out our information from our tree.

    • Madeleine

      FTM is not defunct it is alive and well and now available from McKiev, you should have been able to find that out in the Support section of Ancestry. However, here is the link to it
      I use FTM 2017 which syncs with Ancestry, it’s great.

  21. Carol Hodges

    The “We’re sorry. The page you tried to access is no longer available.” message is very frustrating. Last night it came up at least 75% of the time after I added information to my tree and I would have to use the “go back” arrow to get to the profile that the information was added to. Sometimes that would bring up the dreaded “We’re sorry. The page you tried to access is no longer available.” again. Another thing that is slowing me down and frustrating me happens when I click a name in the list of people in the person’s profile (parents, siblings, and children) and the edit page comes up instead of the profile for that person. I am not clicking on the edit button and this did not happen in the past. It does not matter whether I single click or double click. Sometimes it takes 5 or more tries to get to the profile that I need to see. If I click outside the edit button, I want it to go to the profile for that person, not to the edit page. I would like to mark and sort my DNA matches without using Blaine Bettinger’s add on. You should have offered this feature years ago. And yes, we still need a chromosome browser. Overall, I am happy with my ancestry subscription and thank you for the many records that are available.

  22. Patti Kirk

    Thank you for your introduction. May I say, “welcome abroad” I have been with ancestry since the beginning, it was mentioned time many years ago I was the 25th person to sign in. As a teacher of ‘how to do’ genealogy I have a strong data base here in southern Florida. I
    actually did my family research with out a computer and learned quickly tracing things down by telephones and letter writing. All of us see each item in a different light so keeping that in line, my serious complaint is the Card Catalog. It is not friendly with the lay out.
    I suggest to place each set of records into categories. Such as anything to do with immigration should be placed with Ships List; Ports and history of; actual Passenger’s Lists;
    referrals of groups to assist such as IGS; naturalization first papers; final certificate of the
    naruraliztion last step; Charts of % of ethnic groups how many migrations did each group have and a time frame. Very few members use the card catalog because it is difficult to use
    and spread all over the place. You have a great thing here but not usable with confidence to
    members. Thank you for listening, and I anticipate a project designed to make it a benefit
    for members so their success would be a success for Ancestry as well

  23. Shauna

    When are you going to restore the “Recent Member Connect Activity” on the Home page? It disappeared last May and is still not up. I really miss that.

    • Madeleine

      I think you might find that there hasn’t been any activity on any of the records you have used. Mine periodically disappears and comes back. There seems to have been a change in how long Ancestry stores the advices because it used to keep all of them, then one day they all disappeared and new ones appeared as and when they were activated.

      • Marilyn

        Member Connect has not worked for me in years. It did suddenly re-appear around last May, I think, and then disappeared again. As far as not having any messages on Member Connect, because nobody else is searching them, I am searching a list of 100 names for a historical project. How can it be that there are no more distant relatives searching my family names as there once was, or searching any of the 100 additional names?

  24. peggy

    TWO problem I’d liked corrected: 1. I get (daily) emails: “New content has been added to your family tree” and “See what’s new in your tree” and “View all new people” and “Check out all the new updates or add your own memories.” I click on the ‘bait’ and am taken to a page showing every name in my tree! HOW do I simply go to the NEW people, records or items as the email offers me!?! If you CAN’T do this, why send the tantalizing emails?!? 2. I get notices of NEW HINTS, only to click on them to find they are MY OWN records/info/photos with someone else’s name as ‘originally submitted by’ attribution. It can take a great deal of time to go individually through these ‘hints’ to get rid of them. Can your program not recognize when data is already IN my tree? Can you not keep the correct attribution of who first submitted the info? Are you planning on fixing these items? I’ve written in multiple times over the past years with no changes. Thank you. (World member for 12 years.)

    • Madeleine

      Lucky you Peggy, I never get emails about my Hints even though my box is ticked.
      I look at the View People with Hints link in my Home page.
      I have thousands of them and am finding more and more inaccurate ones. It really annoys me to find many Hints for one person when I already have the birth, marriage and death. It also annoys me when I get a Hint that is for a different name entirely. Then there are those such as for somebody who was born in the 1800’s and i am given a Hint for a death in the 1700’s.
      It would be nice to have the old view of Hints, because you could see at a glance who has hints and how many. It seems unnecessary to me to display every hint in the current manner.
      I’ve been using Ancestry for about 12 years and seem to have become persona non gratis since I changed email address except when it comes to asking me to pay for my sub.
      Oh, I do get the emails about the latest blog otherwise I wouldn’t be typing this now.

  25. Marsha Hosfeld

    It would save me so much time if the details box was available EVERY time you were adding a record, rather than ONLY if details were indexed. When I look at the actual record, there is almost always some additional information I would like to include. I can do it by going and editing after the record is attached, but those extra clicks add up. Please just include it all of the time! It’s such a simple change! Thank you.

  26. Rita V. Rain

    April 2017 I verified my Dad’s Identity after wanting to do so for over 6 decades!!!! So grateful to Ancestry DNA, I finally felt WHOLE!!!!!!

  27. Karen Pape

    Yes agree with many. I have had it for some time. At times now things are doubling and I did a DNA but had to registor under a different e-mail and never got results and when I try to find out where it is I get no where. Things are getting harder to do then easier.

  28. J Holmes

    Have been able to correct wrong information that was passed down by family. The best information is not only Census thru Ancestry, but State Archive Library. It takes travel and time to get correct paperwork. Since there are unmarried people in our families having children, there should to be a category that is other than spouse.

    • Jojo

      I think that too high prices is a major reason why a lot of people let their Ancestry subscription lapse. Unless someone is doing regular research, most people are not going to pay $200-400/year to maintain a tree. Lower the cost and you’ll retain more members and increase your company revenues!

      In the same vein, the Ancestry customer Support people who take renewals are the most stubborn, inflexible renewable group I have ever had to deal with. They have zero flexibility to offer discounts, unlike when you talk to say Comcast, MyHeritage and others. You can speak to a supervisor and you’ll get the same stubbornness. It’s really, really, really annoying!

  29. W Fowler

    Please provide the capability to export our DNA matches lists and associated info to a spreadsheet so we can more easily: find and compare matches, prioritize our searches, indicate which are confirmed matches, etc. Thanks

      • Thanks, Madeleine – just to add for the benefit of new members that there is a link to the Masterclass in the latest (December 25) issue, and there will also be one in the next issue when it is published later this week.

  30. Donald Krueger

    We have had World Wide subs. since that membership started. Now have just regular membership. Can one pay for a month to review in World Wide and than return to regular rate? Its a case of $400.00 or $200.00 per year. Thank You – don

  31. LostCousins isn’t a class, it’s a website that connects people who share the same ancestors; free membership includes a newsletter with all sorts of tips. You can get to the site by clicking my name, or with a Google search.

  32. Mike Daigle

    I have seen great improvement in the website this year. Thank you for all the new additions. I do realize there is more to be done, but this customer is most appreciative that we are being given an excellent opportunity to research our beginnings, and therefore, to understand more about why we are the way we are. Thank you. Mike

  33. Marilyn

    Why won’t you bring back the Member Message Boards we used to have before you shut them down in favor of the Ancestry Facebook page. There were several boards, each for a specific topic, so members could ask questions and be more likely get answers/help/advice from other members than from Ancestry.

  34. Sandra

    Stop adding new features until the existing ones work properly ALL the time. 2 main issues are “page unavailable” occurring repeatedly, and searches failing. I regularly find that a search doesn’t find a record I know to exist and then a few minutes later the same search parameters bring up the expected results. Ancestry used to be my first choice site but I spend much more time on Find My Past as I find it more reliable. Also, shouldn’t your long standing users get some sort of reward for loyalty such as a discount? You have us “over a barrel” as some records are only availble with yourselves and you are abusing this monopoly – high prices and worsening service!

  35. Me

    I am still trying to get someone’s attention to remove a record from your “search”sites. It is a tourist visa which mentions my name, my birth date, my birth place, has a picture of me, has the names of both my parents and the the location where I lived when I obtained that tourist visa to a South American country. How and where that record surfaced I do not know. I most certainly never provided it. What more would ANY identity thief need to bleed me dry?? I am still very much alive and do not like the idea that this data can be obtained on It is nobody’s business what countries I visited. Police officers have told me that is a place where identity thieves do research. I thought you had rules that protect the living.

    • Me

      Since I have repeated this message several times and get no response, I will just have to add it to each new blog that comes out until I get a response from In the meantime I will see whether I can get LIFELOCK interested in doing something about this.

  36. John

    I have been an ancestryDNA user since 2012. I believe you now have this ethnicity thing nailed down, so can you now please give us a DNA tool we can use? Please add a chromosome browser. FTDNA, 23andme, MyHeritage, etc. all have one, but ancestry has chosen not to give their members access to matching segment DNA. This is making your members who are serious DNA researchers furious! Give us this tool!

  37. Brenda Saunders

    My degree is in anthropology, so that informs my query. The backs of my hands are hairless. I have no middle phalangeal hair. Otherwise I am quite hairy. My DNA results showed no American indian ancestry, nor Asian. I have Irish/English ancestry for the most part. Could there be an error?

  38. sara danison

    Re: Yearly Evaluation. Ancestry was hired as an administrative assistant several years ago for the purpose of being “boots on the ground” for document retrieval of data collection. This has saved much time,money,and aggravation. I am fortunate in being an avid reader and have collected a library which provided history,geography, and biography. I spent early years with grandparents and extended and blended families. Ancestry has not only been accurate with records and DNA, it has provided a basic organization that aided me in extending my own. My family lines extend from the Atlantic Ocean to Oklahoma,(so far), and from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The family lines intercept many times. They affected events and were affected by events. I sometimes think of Ancestry as as someone in the family whose activities are very beneficial and sometimes not in a project, however, still always works and very interesting.I search, read, and write all day ,every day. I am close to 84. Looking to the 1950 Census.

  39. Judith Knight

    I have been a subscriber to the US databases pretty much since the beginning offering. I appreciate the ease of of adding new data to the several databases I have at I have a lot of problems with the sync process between the website and my desktop files but do not even have time to get into that. My question — will the programming at ever be updated to provide for REMOVING a source one has already added to a tree? For example – I check the overview for a tree and note there are “x” number of NEW records for individuals in the tree. Selecting that function I normally view the records provided in chronological order and see if any one of them is one I would like to attach to my tree — all very straightforward, right? I click on the record, look at it and, using the save button I select adding the record to the specific person in the specific tree only to go there and find the record ALREADY exists for this person. It is the same record…this probably occurs about 85% of the time. So I use my time and effort only to find I have already performed the evaluation/attachment of the same record. I can go offline, returning within the hour or many days later only to find the same record being offered as a possible one for the same person in the same tree. I live in a rural area and only have DSL so this is really frustrating to have to keep repeating the same actions over and over. If I use the “Search” function for a specific person I get an initial list of already attached sources to that person and the suggested ones are not duplicated. So, the programming “knows” what is attached to an individual with the “search” strategy but not with the suggested sources in the new records. Can this not be fixed? I am not a programmer but I am a librarian with years of online experience and I know there is a programming problem.

  40. Richard W Youatt

    Being able to upload raw autosomal DNA files from other companies is top of my wish list !
    It would be very meaningful to be able to use the power of Ancestry Circles and the size of the database for such comparisons.

  41. Utilizing the tools within tree builder in conjunction with DNA has helped us uncover undocumented biological ancestors in the 1800’s from my Dad’s maternal side.

    The find has led to discoveries of connections to King Robert de Bruce, Presidents, Samuel Clemons aka Mark Twain, MP’s, Britain Royals as cousins, and other significant finds.

    One major find is the Stone of Destiny lineage roots which has documentation to biblical times through major authors of the 1500’s (George Buchanon), Irish Author of 1892 ( John O’Hart), Biblical Scholars, and Rev. FRA Glover and A.B. Grimaldi.

    We encourage you to look at attached copyrighted website as it leads to the origin of time and found many DNA profiles with Britain, Scottish, Irish, along with Jewish or other Middle eastern origins probably trace to the “Stone of Destiny” path. HRH Queen Elizabeth II coronation was with the “Stone of Destiny”. Additionally, the Royal families hold firm belief of the path of “Stone of Destiny” is from Jacob of the Bible.

    Hope you find this interesting.
    Dr. Celine Zhong

  42. Lannie Hardesty Hartman

    Ancestry…..once a useful
    ‘must have’ tool for genealogy research.
    Now a broken tool that keeps charging subscribers.
    Shame on you, Ancestry.

  43. Melissa Gavetti

    My first question is why do I have to put my name for everyone to read, just to post a comment???? I am still living!!!! This site has much to be desired……(I say this in the most negative tone possible!) I have spent countless hours on this site since receiving my DNA results trying to find my biological father. Every path lead me to a dead end (private!!!) Most relative that I reached out to did not respond. It took over six months of research before I got any response from anyone. I even had him listed as my father on my tree and my tree was public. I did NOT get any hints on him after he passed away, it wasn’t until I discovered his death on another family tree and I updated his birth and death date on my tree that I was able to view anything about him. This is really disturbing…. I have just about had a stroke, nervous breakdown, heart attack, panic attack, divorce and wanted to commit murder and suicide trying to find my father. When I did finally find his NAME in a tree it was 2 months to late, he has passed away!!!! Talk about pissed off, heart broken, disappointed, lost and finally a failure!!!!! I am sooooo pissed off at this site for NOT having easy access for people like me. So when someone get unexpected results there is a phone # for questions, guidance, compassion and just plain explanation. You have no idea what happens to a person that gets results that are life changing. They should have counselors for people to talk with, to explain the emotions that will follow….. are they normal??? How do you deal with these emotions???? What to expect if you do find your new family?? I could go on with this for days!!!!!! I am disappointed with Ancestry. I feel like that got my money and continue getting it monthly, they gave me my results, throw me a leaf now and then or thousands of the same thing and shit on the rest!!!!! Well shame on you Ancestry!!!! You did give me my results with unexpected devastating news and no help to handle these results. It should never be allowed that anyone be listed as PRIVATE……..and there should be more than one form of contact. You made it possible that I know who my biological father was and you made it possible that I could not find him, contact him or speak with him prior to his death, therefore he never knew that I existed. Hope that makes it clear about your site!!! It sucks in sooo many ways!!!!!!! Have compassion and show it!!!!!!!
    Broken Hearted,
    Melissa Gavetti ( Never PRIVATE )

  44. Ruth

    My origin country is SA im suffering in kenya,having no one to take me to my ancestral homeland,but i ope one day one time ill reunite with mbatha family

  45. Karen

    Quit with all the ancestry blogs for recipes!!!! I didn’t join ancestry many years ago and don’t want recipes on ancestry. Also fix the problem with sign in. Everytime I go into ancestry it wants me to sign up again or sign up for the free one. I’ve been a member for years!!! I called support for 3 problems and they told me to empty the cache which I did, they sent me directions from support pertaining to my other 2 problems and they did not fix the problems!!!! Also since you can offer reduced prices for new members and for DNA – why can’t you offer something for those of us that have had ancestry for a number of years. One thing you could offer would be fixing the existing errors!!! Its getting very disgusting.

  46. marypryde

    Long-term user here. In regards to the DNA matches, my frustration is that you are providing us with tremendous amounts of data but only primitive tools with which to manipulate that data. I manage several and have access to many of my relatives’ DNA match accounts. There are so many queries I’d like to perform. You haven’t even yet given us folders with which to sort our family branches. Four folders would help; eight would be wonderful.

  47. Stella Shoff

    Wow! “Laser focus” what a powerful sales tool -your words. Are you HUNGRY? For what do you hunger? More $? More customers? Customer loyalty?
    Why do you keep adding the ala carte fee service? If you are the best with the most complete service and your sales say people are throwing their money away when they can streamline authentic discovery of origins through dna triangulation at a fraction of the cost using free and affordably priced tools available-tools that get you here quicker and eliminate guess work.

  48. Lori

    I purchased ancestry kits for several family members and I was the first to send my dna sample. For some unknown reason everyone else has received their results except me. They all got the results weeks ago and I am still waiting with no explantion as to why. My results were supposed to be ready by Jan 3 and I have no idea whats taking so long. Can someone please look into this?

  49. susan miller

    for the last two days i can not get on my family tree and the little “chat” button on the side says no one available. What is going on?

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