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This holiday season, we are honored to share the reunions of 12 Ancestry customers who found long lost family members. We are inspired by the connections, love, and hope from these stories, and we hope you will be too! Check back as we add each story throughout the month.


“I was always told that someone else was my biological father. He was on my birth certificate until my stepfather adopted me when I was 5. Very shortly before my Mother died however, she confessed to me that my biological father was a different man that she had an affair with. He was married with children, and they did not stay together. She told me his name and I packed it away in my heart for over 20 years… not really sure what to do with this new information.

In June of this year I decided to submit my DNA sample after watching TLC’s Long Lost Family and realizing there was a huge hole in my heart! I longed to find my father! I never dreamed that when I received my results that I would match with a first cousin with the same last name as the one my Mother had alluded to all those years ago. I emailed my closest match and one other one that morning. By that afternoon, I had found my father! He was still very much alive at 91 years old. Within that week, I was video chatting with my Father! About three weeks later, I flew to visit him and some of my new found family. He lives about an hour from where I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. We talk to each other at least once a week and we really didn’t realize how much we needed each other! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

~ Deborah P.

“Around December of 2017, I got word from relatives that there were two females that matched with them as “close family.” They showed me their results and I noticed some other names on their matches, but these two names I did not know. During the summer of 2018, I decided to do the DNA testing because I started having suspicions that these two women might be my sisters. I had been in contact through texts and Facebook messenger with them and they knew I was going to take the test. About 28 days later, and it was a long 28 days, we got our results, and we indeed are siblings, yet none of us had ever met or known the other two. We found that we shared the same biological father, the one I grew up with, but Amy and Holly never knew.

I am 47 years old, Amy is 45 and Holly is 40. Amazingly, after talking to each other, we found that Amy and I shared a lot of the same friends and she was even originally from the city I live in. Holly, although 7 years younger than me, was from the same area as my wife, and they knew a lot of the same people as well. It amazed all of us how small this world really is.

On September 22, 2018 we finally got to meet! I don’t get nervous easily or often, but I found myself very anxious waiting on Holly to arrive. After we greeted each other and did our introductions with the people that were there, the three of us sat by ourselves at a table and I showed them pictures of their father/grandparents they never knew. We told told each other more about ourselves and got to know each other better. We get along amazingly well and I believe we have all found something very special. Holly and I only live a few hours from each other and Amy is only about 10 hours away, so we will have many more opportunities to visit one another. Although we perhaps missed out on things, we are all very blessed to have found each other now and I cannot wait to keep learning more about my new found sisters.   

Thank you Ancestry for letting us find each other and bringing us together.”

~ Mike M.

“I found my father on I wasn’t even looking for him! I thought another man was my father my whole life – 36 years. My birth father did his DNA kit about a year before me so once my DNA was in, it matched us and we were both completely shocked. We know a lot of the same people. He messaged me on 07/03/18, and the next day we spoke on the phone. My Dad wanted to know me and I him. We met on 7/15/18. It was extremely emotional. He had balloons, a cake, and “it’s a girl” decorations! I have a stepmom, two more sisters, another brother, three nieces and two nephews. My husband and I felt so comfortable with them, it was so surreal and has been amazing getting to know them all. I grew up with male figures in my life, and never felt like I was missing anything or anyone, but finding out this kind and amazing man is my father is everything I never knew I wanted. It’s a whole new life almost. I want to renew my vows so he can walk me down the aisle and dance with me for the father daughter dance. Things like that. I hope everyone enjoys my story because it’s my favorite one to tell!”

~Patricia F.


  1. Linda Turcotte

    Im so happy for you both! Life is full of surprises…lol looking for a brother and sister from childhood.god bless you both you look ☺

      • Harry Marnell

        What a warm and wonderful story, Patricia! I can feel your joy and excitement right through my computer screen. After tracing my ancestry for over 40 years I don’t anticipate finding any news as surprising as yours… but I have learned to always be ready for the unexpected.

        Thank you so much for sharing your lovely story!

  2. Jessie Fuger

    I guess I’m lucky, my family’s written genealogy goes back to 1818 and it has been kept UTD by people who care about where they came from but I don’t think that will continue. I have been trying for almost 20 years to find someone who would promise to keep it up to date after I’m gone and the younger generation, at least in my family, could care less and I think that is so sad. Maybe some day after I’m dust, somebody will find it and wonder…

  3. Tina Fox

    I am new to this and has sent my DNA off to be tested.
    I was told I had a brother and sister in flordia.if they have done this test and our DNA matches how will I know where to look?

    • Lin

      If you find them, there are online search sites( many not free) such as truthfinder. I’m using that to find people for a high school reunion. There are others as well z . If you join one, call them for help getting started and for suggestions.

  4. Jenny Little

    I discovered 2 half siblings but sadly both had passed 2 yrs earlier. Sent the information I had researched on our mutual father dating back to India from 1800 so they would have the background they were missing. They were pleased with same however we are only in limited contact. Am with Jessie Fuger above ….. the younger generation do not seem to care a hoot about keeping up the family history although mine will probably keep a copy of my findings if I present it in a simple way. Good chance that my work could be lost though as my lot are constantly on the move – often leaving ‘stuff’ behind! As it is I have just been delivered of all their personal memoriabilia to ‘keep safe’ …. Just when I’d thought I’d handed it over to them to take care of! ……. What to do? The thought of all that work being for nothing is very disappointing & saddens me greatly.

    • Kelly Naramore

      I too thought after 39 years I had wasted my time….until one day…I noticed a little blue eyed girl sitting mesmerized by a story my grandmother (and her great) shared with me when I was her age. I knew… I am trying to get my work in an order someone can understand besides me. I intend to give it to her soon…

    • Lin

      Perhaps put your family tree online on a site such as and give relatives the username and password so whoever decides it’s interesting or important Or wants to keep it up can do so even if the paper is lost. I also have no one who seems interested to carry on. Maybe when the younger generations get older someone will decide its interesting or important

  5. Rosalee

    I found family when I wasn’t even looking. Ancestry DNA notified me of a “1st cousin” match that I didn’t think was correct. After contacting the other person, I found that the match was 16 year old boy looking for his father’s family. (His mother was managing it for him.) He didn’t want anything to do with his father (and I can’t blame him) but he wanted to know about his father’s family. Turns out he is my sister’s grandson and my great nephew. We are in contact now and he really is a GREAT kid. Looking forward to getting together in the spring.

  6. Amy A

    I was adopted in NC in 1971 and long ago gave up any hope of finding my birth parents. I had a DNA test with 23 and me a few years ago and in August on a whim took advantage of a sale with Ancestry mostly to confirm ethnic heritage. I always laughed at the commercials where someone learns they are from a different background then they thought. I was absolutely and completely shocked in September when the results came back and an immediate DNA match…to my biological father. We connected via the site, then by email. Both bios were still alive AND I have two full brothers and two nephews. My bio mom flew to California to meet me and her grandson two weeks later, my father a few weeks after that to celebrate his (new) grandson’s 10th birthday. Sorta of a whirlwind but such an amazing gift this year. So glad I took the test and looking forward to meeting all sorts of family I never knew about.

  7. Michael M

    I never new who my father was. My mothers step father, who raised her was killed in an auto accident in January 1973 and sent her into depression and drinking. She went for a time where she didn’t know what she did and didn’t know who my father was. She was always ashamed and never told me the truth about that and I always believed he just didn’t want anything to do with me. I took the ancestry DNA a few years ago and almost 4 years ago I got a hit on someone who was listed as close relative- 1st cousin. We connected and always thought we were cousins. I did believe he was on my fathers side as he wasn’t related anywhere on my mothers side. Earlier this year on Facebook I saw his father in an old pic and knew at that point that we were brothers. The pic looked like an old pic of me. My brother and I began talking and believed the same thing. At this point my mother came out and told me the truth about how things happened and she still doesn’t ever remember my father and her ever being together but she doesn’t remember much from that time. It was the early 1970’s and neither my mother or father remember anything as they both were drinking a lot. Since then I have met my father, 2 brothers and a sister I never knew I had. I did the DNA specifically to find him, even though at the time I believed he didn’t want anything to do with me. As I got older I wanted to know medical history which is why I was looking. I am so glad I found him and learned what I believed for so long was so far from the truth. We only live about a 3 hour drive apart so am looking forward to making up for lost time.

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