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The Family Group Sheet has returned to aid in your research!

If you are unfamiliar with a Family Group Sheet (or Family Group Record), it is a view of parents and children in a family, and is designed to show names, dates, and places of birth, marriages, and deaths in an easy-to-read format. It has been a staple of genealogical research for decades and is a powerful tool when it comes to looking for gaps in research, viewing a nuclear family, and sharing information with others.

For those who previously used the Family Group Sheet on Ancestry, it is back with its core functionality intact, along with styling updates to make it easier to read, some improvements to make it easier to use, and a convenient print option.

You can access the Family Group Sheet by selecting the drop-down menu for the tree you’re viewing in the upper left-hand corner, and then choosing “Family Group Sheet” at the bottom of the list.

When viewing the Family Group Sheet you can see the focus person (in the screenshot below, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin), a spouse, their parents, and their children.

While in the Family Group Sheet view, selecting the Profile button for the focus person or their spouse will take you to that person’s profile page. Selecting Search will initiate a search for that person, and clicking on the name of any children or parents will refocus the family group sheet on that family member.

From this view, you can also add children and spouses, and you can toggle between spouses if there are multiple marriages. In the near future we will be adding the ability to navigate to the Family Group Sheet from the person profile page to make it simpler to move back and forth between views.

We have found that the more ways there are to view your family tree – tree view, family view, person profile, and now Family Group Sheet – the more opportunities there are to make new discoveries. We hope you enjoy this enhancement. And, as always, we welcome your feedback. If you’d like to submit feedback, you can do so by clicking here.

Update: Thanks to everyone who has sent feedback on the Family Group Sheet page. You can now access it from both the tree view and from a person’s the profile page.


    • Rochelle Males

      Hi Lurdes, it took me a few minutes to figure this out. You can utilize the family group sheets while in the “view tree” mode (which shows either the “pedigree view” or the “family view”) but not from an individual’s profile page. Once you’re in “view tree” mode simply follow this article’s instructions on accessing the family group sheet for the person you have highlighted. Hope that helps!

      • Richard Aurand Sherer

        Thanks for explaining this. I was going crazy looking for the link from the family view. Let’s hope it evolves!

  1. Laurie

    I like this feature and have missed it. It would be helpful if the family group sheet could be printed without the huge Ancestry heading and individual photos. I am used to being able to print out family group sheets with 8 children, but only 2 fit on the page as it’s designed. Thanks for bringing it back, and I hope this particular feature gets tweaked a bit more.

    • Gary

      In the Print dialog near the bottom is “more Settings” in that is a Scale option and page size option. Try them.

  2. J

    A step in the right direction i used it a lot previously mainly as reminder or crib sheet. can it be linked to the profile page too please.

  3. Barbara Taylor

    Great news! We used to be able to Edit the children from the Family Group Sheet also. I used that a lot to fix place name errors. Will you be bringing that back also?

  4. margaret

    I want to save and print this helpful article but when I do, the text comes out ‘scrambled
    ‘! Are you able to add a “Print” or “Save” function to these articles? I’m using Chrome on a Mac and those tools wont’ work with this. Thanks!

    • Susan

      Since you are using Chrome on a Mac, go up to the top to “File”, then click “Print”. I tried it just now and it worked fine. Also by going to “File”, then the “Save Page As…” you can rename it if you wish and save it to wherever you wish on your computer. Hope this works for you.

    • Susan

      I apologize! I only printed the first page but later realized the second page of the four did have weird text superimposed on the text. This is something Ancestry should fix.

  5. Brian

    It’s nice to have this back, although as others have noted the functionality could be improved. Linking from the profile page, which is where I do 90% of my work (I don’t know about anyone else) and definitely the ability to edit children. Hopefully these are being considered

  6. Shawna Landers

    I loved using the family group sheets and I am glad to see them come back, however, I am unable to get them to show up on any ancestor except for my 2x Great Grandfather. No matter where I am or who I have highlighted, it only prints the same people. What am I doing wrong?


  7. Joyce

    Fantastic…a great tool…

    I sure wish there was a way to search locations in the list of all people in your tree. I have over 11,000 ppl and remembering where everyone lives is difficult. It would be nice to be able to see all ppl in your tree who live or are born in the same place. Probably doing it by birth location would be best BUT 3 options would be great. Birth Residence and Death.

    I don’t know how many times I remember where someone was from, but don’t remember their name—or visa versa.

    It seems to me that some other great search functions could be incorporated on the list of all people in your tree page.


    • Barb

      I agree. My tree is now over 50,000 with no way to do a deep dive in the tree and DNA results without software. And even FTM cannot be used as full-on database search for keywords or places.

  8. Alma Peterson

    You are correct, Vera, on the example, the husband and wife are mixed-up. But the tool worked perfectly for me when I applied it to anyone on my tree. I think I’m going to love it.

  9. Joyce Eileen Patterson

    I found it with no problem. So I am looking at one of my Cavett an McNitt lines I need parents for and I had to do some comparing and found the Ancestry family group sheet to be copied from my Oregon Marks and Leasy Family tree!! It appears this FGS is from my tree!! Which I don’t appreciate I want to see the Original Family Group Sheet from LDS Family Search. I am so tired of all the different ways Ancestry tries to subflueg you from doing your own real time research and also all the time outs making you come back later.
    I should get a year free subscription for all the problems going on.

    • Joyce

      If you want to see familysearch than use familysearch. This is ancestry and showing what YOUR tree there says…the genealogies on familysearch often have problems. LDS pushes people to make entries. I spend a lot of my time when I look at their genealogies correcting the stuff ppl have done.

      I surely don’t want to see that mess showing up on ancestry. Bad enough they are leading folks astray on FS site.

  10. Lindsey

    In the description of “Ancestry Product Update: Family Group Sheets are Back!” it’s written:

    “We have found that the more ways there are to view your family tree – tree view, family view, person profile, and now Family Group Sheet”

    I’m familiar with the Tree View , Person Provide and now the Family Group sheet (which I like and which is very similar to the MyHeritage). However, I dont know what you mean by “family view”. Do mean the third column on the RHS of the Profile page that includes parents, children and a drop down list for siblings?

  11. Patricia Morrison

    I love that the Family Group Sheet feature is back! Thank you! But what about all the sources? Will that be added?

  12. Wanda

    I had not used Family Group Sheets before but am finding them useful for several of my projects. My suggestion is to reduce the font size in order to get more info on a single page than is currently possible.

  13. Lena Taylor

    Technology has passed me by somewhat. I don’t know what website to enter?
    My mother was adopted so her maiden name was listed on my birth cert.. Then HER mother, Nola Deal Horton-Davis was listed on Mom’s birth cert. but the name “Rowell” was listed as her maiden name. This was due to her previous marriage. Complicates my searches.

  14. Judy Donnohue Bettes. (Kinsey-Norman

    Joseph M C Norman-my great great grandfather & Mary Patterson had a daughter Susan (Sude) m Mitchell c Blackburn -daughter Sentha m Marcus Lawson Kinsey. Son Calvin m Viola P Noakes; daughter Judy jean – me. I do not see Susan Norman listed among Joseph’s 28 children listed.

  15. Judy Donnohue Bettes. (Kinsey-Norman

    John Blackburn born 1756 arrived in MD on criminal ship; went to Alabama through North Carolina. His brother James was a Revolutionary veteran buried in Perry county, Alabama. His son or grandson is a gap. John M Blackburn born in North Carolina in 1814 & buried in 1900 in Arkansas. John b 1756 is said to have a son also John & here is the mystery. 1756 Eng John’s grandfather was Cornelius -Lord High Admiral m a Stuart princess. There is the other gap. Cornelius had to have a son &wife’s name. Any help is appreciated

  16. Judy Donnohue Bettes. (Kinsey-Norman) & Blackburn

    Maternal ancestor John Allison co-caption of HMS Speedway, sister ship to the Mayflower. My maternal & paternal ancestry is a big story; there are a few gaps I would like to fill in.

  17. Angela Ann Proctor

    So easy to find. Family generation’s of our geneology background. Found out how to build. Family ancestors tree also using the group sheet. Order. There was help for every person on my list as well in discovering new relatives That were never even birth records placed new history with great resreach circles back to these times of this year2018and on this day 21st and this month of July.and still creating other ways in ongoing the ancestery report form in to helping lead. Correct connection thru history timelines.

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