Sharing Genealogy Costs with Family Members Helps Spread the Wealth

Maybe you have thought about hiring a professional genealogist to help tackle a nagging research question or build out your family tree, but the cost has kept you from moving forward. You’re not alone. Just like hiring an expert in any field, accessing the experience and knowledge of a trained genealogist can be expensive.

If you know you can’t swing the cost yourself, consider enlisting other family members in the project and sharing costs with them. It seems anything can be crowdfunded these days (just check your favorite social media platform!), and genealogy is no different. The advantage with genealogy, however, is that rather than asking for a straight-up donation, the other financial contributors get to share in the family discoveries that come from the research, too.

Here are a few ideas about how to proceed:







Families who share the costs of these genealogical journeys can achieve a long-held dream of knowing who they are and where they came from, but the added benefit of sharing the costs and returns of a project is that living family members grow closer in the process—without anyone having to foot the bill alone.