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Maintaining our customers’ trust is a non-stop, 24/7 job for everyone at Ancestry. That approach is baked into how we build and market our products, how we make decisions as a business and, of course, how we think about, protect and respect the data you share with us. In that spirit, today I am happy to share some news about adjustments to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statements, and additional changes to our Privacy Center, that should make understanding these complex legal documents a little easier.

Importantly, these simplified documents do not introduce any new products or data handling practices that are not currently in place; in other words, the simplified and consolidated documents contain no material changes from the prior versions. What they do accomplish is bringing together what were previously separate Terms and Privacy Statements for and AncestryDNA into single documents that cover both our family history and DNA products.

As our businesses continue to grow, so too do the number of customers using products from both sides of the business, and it made no sense to require customers to navigate four documents to understand the terms that govern our services or the approach we take to privacy. Now, regardless of what product you use, there is one Terms and Conditions document and one Privacy Statement to cover them all.

We also want to acknowledge that, though simplified, these are still complex legal documents. So, to make understanding the most important elements of our approach to privacy more transparent, we’ve also made some substantial changes to our Privacy Center. The design has been simplified, the language made clearer and we’ve made sure that there are understandable answers to some of your most asked questions. Whether you’re new to the service or a long-time customer, we hope you’ll take some time to look through the new Privacy Center and let us know what you think.

We are committed to transparency and making it easier and simpler for you to make decisions about your personal information. We think the changes we’re introducing today are a step in that direction, and hope you agree. Please let us know if you have any questions about these updates.

Eric Heath

Chief Privacy Officer, Ancestry


    • Ania

      The AncestryDNA kit now has 6 to 8 million people who have taken a test, so has a larger gene pool to match with.

    • Sokolee

      The NatGeo test examines the yYDNA or the mtDNA and looks back many, many thousands of years further than Ancestry’s or any of its competitors. They will show you the path your ancestors took as they left Africa and moved into the rest of the world.

    • Born Gloria louise daylong. Jennifer ann Spratt

      I was born in Richmond va and had two sisters tami and megan looking for maiden names minor miner

  1. Born Gloria louise daylong. Jennifer ann Spratt

    Mother had drug and mental health conditions was inpatient for a yr at a facility i know the people who adopted us changed our names whole in stratford county for fear of being recognized

    • Born Gloria louise daylong. Jennifer ann Spratt

      I know i have at least one older sister i haven’t met who resides with the grandmother

  2. Peter Harnik seems to be completely overwhelmed and understaffed. There is no findable mailing address. The telephone number has a waiting time of “more than 30 minutes.” Any of the feedback links on the site are “temporarily disabled” or otherwise not available.

  3. Karen gordon

    Good afternoon. I recently hsve been in contact with some of my ancestors. The Rodman family and my maiden name Thurber family on facebook. A email here on my page as well. What i am asking if ever you have a sale on dna kits i have decided to do mine. Please let me knowcwhen a sale will occur. I love

    • Toni

      subscribe to the newsletter and then you’ll know. No one is going to send one person an email when there is a sale.

  4. Pamela Sutterfield

    Privacy Statements. I am all for privacy and that is why my Tree is private and I am able to choose the ones I want to share it with. When I talk about my Tree it includes the stories, letters, photos that help make it what it is. I pay a yearly fee to use Ancestry for research and I appreciate the fact that I can post my research directly to the Tree. Again, my Tree is private. I have paid for the use of Ancestry. I also appreciate the use of the Sync feature between Family Tree Maker and Ancestry. I uploaded my FTM trees because I could keep them private. I was dismayed to find that my Trees are not actually private. They are the property of Ancestry. My families letters, letters that I put with the Tree for a certain person, are fodder for any new person to Ancestry world. The same for the photos. If I had known they became the property of Ancestry, I would not have posted as many. They were for my Tree, not for any newbie to build their tree on. Even if I take my Tree down, I still do not have control of my media. This is very misleading. There is no such thing as a Private Tree.

  5. Janice Shaw

    I am concerned that the DNA kit I submitted is showing that it has not been received by your company. Please advise as to what I need to do next.

  6. Patricia

    How do I find updates for my Ancestry DNA that I received many months ago. Nat. Geo. sends out notices when new DNA matches are found.

  7. Morgan McGee

    This whole thing is a farce and should be labeled as such. This kit was bought for me, I gave the sample, and got the ‘results’… Honestly thought I would get some real information, but got nothing about any ancestry relatives. Just an ethnicity ‘estimate’. Why don’t you put that on your commercials? Where is the actual information that I don’t have to put in myself, for a fee to join up for more bullsh*t. As you can tell, I’m not impressed with what has come to me. I’m not buying anything more, the original cost was way more should have been for a generalization. I do expect to tell as many people as possible that this is nothing more than a scam to get you to sign up and pay more for a geneological sharing website, not real results on the DNA that was sent to you. Just be upfront about what you are, because your ads certainly lead one to believe that what they are going to get is different than what they actually get.

    • Toni

      You can download your raw data and use that in promethease and other online gene-readers to get the valuable info.

  8. Marge

    Please stop the banner! It is very annoying to not have a way to say I have read it and stop showing the banner.

  9. Sofia Kogkalidou

    There are some days i am trying to order the kit but it cancels my order. I don’t know the reason, all informations are correct. Whats the wrong? Can anyone please fix it.

  10. Tamara Stretch

    I would like to have on each person in my tree either private or not private. Somewhere I could mark it. I have emails I keep from other relatives and I don’t want the world to see them. It is easier to keep all in one place. Now on others I wouldn’t care if they would show up not private. I have over 2,000 people in my tree and to take the death date off every one of them would be too much to make not private. If there was a box I could check on each of my relative, which I wanted private and which I didn’t. I could have a lot more information for many ancestry members researching my relatives. Tammy

    • Pamela

      I don’t believe anything that is private is really private with Ancestry. I was told that if a program is used that they sync to, it could interfere with privacy settings. Still research this idea.

    • Toni

      Ancestry owns everything on the site no matter who put it there. It’s in the fine print. You signed it.

  11. Toni

    The privacy banner is STILL there. Get it off! I’m wearing out my mouse by clicking the x 200 times a day. And that stupid pop up telling me I’ve added something. DUH! I KNOW I added something. I’m the one who added it. I do not like all the distractions on every page. I’m here to work. My work benefits you. In essence, I’m working for you for free. Respect me as one of your unpaid peons.

  12. evelyn butler

    What going on with Ancestry and the inability to access the Links. It has now been a week now and it still says that it is “temporarily unavailable” its very discouraging I can’t do research….


    Last year I was researching one particular name in my DNA links and found 50 people, then there was a change to your system and now I am only finding 4 people for that particular name. Why did I lose a link to the other 46 people?

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Lynda: We’re sorry for any frustration caused by the issues with the DNA surname search. We are aware of these issues and we are working on resolving them. We understand that this is a very important feature for our members but unfortunately we don’t have a time frame for when it will be resolved.

  14. lavane o. mason

    looking for my uncle mr.lavane o. mason us socuity surcaty death beneificate cerificater pagers

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