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We are proud to announce We Remember, the newest product from Ancestry. At Ancestry our goal is to help everyone discover, preserve, and share their family story. We realized one area we could do this better was around celebrating the life of those you knew and loved. That’s where We Remember comes in.

With We Remember, you can quickly and easily create a free public memorial page for a loved one. Rather than being a research page, the We Remember page is designed to gather and showcase memories about your loved one. You can celebrate their life by bringing together those who knew them and collecting stories, and photos, to paint a rich picture of who they were.

There are three main sections of a We Remember page:

  • Tribute – Shows their name, photo, and a headline about them and/or their obituary
  • Guestbook – Lists all of their loved ones who have signed the page, including how they are connected – family, friends, coworkers, schoolmates
  • Memories – Shows all the memories people have added. At launch this includes photos as well as stories, with or without photos. You can even post questions for the group.

And We Remember is designed to work beautifully on any device. The page looks great and is easy to use on a phone, tablet, or computer. There is no app to download, just go to or click the link to a specific We Remember page that has been shared with you.

The heart of We Remember is memories. They can be simple or lengthy, and they can come from anyone who knew the person. At launch, guests can add photos (individually or as a group) and can write stories (with or without photos included). Audio and video options will come later. Here are some examples (as viewed on a mobile phone):

We Remember pages are intended for sharing and collaborating, gathering everyone’s memories together. There are multiple options for sharing on the site: email, Facebook, or just copying the link and sharing it directly with friends and family.

You can also post questions on the page for other guests to answer, helping prompt memories from them. And each memory includes a comments feature that allows friends and family to reminisce about the memories added, and even add additional photos in the comments to add to the story.

As the owner of the page, there are also multiple privacy options you can choose from to decide who can add and view memories; and you can always block any memories or guests if you need to.

We hope that you can take advantage of We Remember and make a free page to celebrate the life of a loved one. With the holidays coming up, it is a great time to gather with family and friends and reminisce about loved ones, in person or virtually, by sharing a We Remember page. Take advantage of the chance to remember, together.

Learn more or create a free page at


  1. Marsha Hosfeld

    The ‘We Remember’ page seems like a great idea. I plan to try it. I’m sure many people will put a lot of effort into it, so I hope it doesn’t disappear like your ‘MyFamily’ service did.

  2. Sharon Ruby

    I think this is a wonderful idea. My siblings and I are currently writing our memories about our family and this will be something that others can see and hopefully enjoy too. It would be great if you could add a link from the Life Story page on the profile page in Ancestry to the we remember page, if it is about that person. Do you think that would be possible?

  3. Mary

    Don’t you already have a site for this? Seems like this will funnel resources from Find A Grave, which is also an Ancestry site.

  4. Lee

    I like it when a company comes up with new stuff. It’s like fast food joints that continually tweak the menu. I wonder if We Remember will last longer than McRib.

  5. Emily

    I share Marsha’s concern. People were able to save photos from MyFamly, but not text. Ancestry provides many great services, but it is giving itself a reputation for destroying information from MyFamily, older message boards , y-dna samples, etc. I would not trust Ancestry to preserve information for future generations.

  6. Pamela

    Thank you for the memorial page. Great idea. I plan to use it as a memorial to my sister. She deserves to be remembered. Thanks Ancestry for this.

  7. Deborah Hall

    This “Remember” memorial page is a great idea. Looking forward to it. There will be an index of the memorials?


    The only issue i see is, is that if you create a memorial will you actually get other family members to participate. Afraid we will run into the same issue as when you invite people to your tree and that is they dont want to sign up for account alas. And if that ends up being the case then its not going to be as useful alas.

    • Jojo

      Agreed. There is much to be fixed. And Ancestry also slyly takes functionality away w/o announcing so in a blog post.

      For instance, I recently discovered that Ancestry (unlike say MyHeritage) no longer provides the ability to get and give a URL for your tree that you can share with others directly. These were URL’s like this:

      Instead, if you want someone to look at your tree, you have to go through the standard tree sharing functionality. This requires that you give Ancestry their email address and then they will be sent a link that requires them to create an Ancestry account before they are allowed to see the tree.

      Or you can take and send screen prints to the person you want to share with. Whew.

      • Eve

        Thank u for sharing ur experience. That’s what has kept me away from joining. It’s all these hidden fees and having to give so much of ur personal info. even after you already put so much research into ur family tree. Now if a family member wants to see the info. they have to give so much of their own info. Why can’t you give whoever wants to see ur family history a link and a simple password? Thank you for sharing what u have learned. So someone like myself can make an informed decision. Again thank u for ur honesty.

  9. Shelby Watkins

    As more dna circles on my new found father’s side appeared the two from my mother disappeared. Why?

  10. Jeff Jahn

    It looks like you can only create memorials for current people. Bye that i mean year 2000+ any year entered before that defaults to 20 start.

  11. Thanks for your questions and feedback about We Remember. We are excited about this free new product and hope you have a meaningful experience using it. Hopefully this follow-up answers some of your questions.

    We totally understand that, as a product designed to help you gather memories about a loved one, you want to make sure these memories will remain freely available to you and that you won’t lose them. We are passionate about gathering memories and our hope is that We Remember helps do just that. For this reason, we have created it as a free product to capture and preserve memories. (If that ever changed – which we don’t expect at this point – any pages created before a change would stay free.) We also hope to create features in the future to allow you to save content from a We Remember memorial page to your computer, such as in a file that you could view or print.

    As far as the question about how the We Remember page could integrate with a family tree on, we haven’t built any features around that yet but have received suggestions to link between We Remember pages and profile pages of ancestors in your tree and that is something we’re actively looking at and considering.

    In terms of how We Remember relates to Find A Grave, the Find A Grave site is focused more on cemetery and factual information of those who have passed away while We Remember pages are a little bit more like group pages, where those who knew the person can gather to share memories.

    As for the ability to search for memorial pages on We Remember, that is something that we have planned but haven’t built yet.

    Finally, while We Remember is designed to create pages for people you knew in life and gather your memories about them, there is not a limit requiring recent death years. If anyone has troubles creating a page for someone, please contact us at with more information.

    We hope you enjoy using We Remember.

  12. Jeff Jahn

    Since its free are we going to see ads on the pages? Right now there isnt any but am wonder if so how it will look and if it will distract from the memorial.

    • Great question, Jeff. We understand the concern about keeping the memorial pages focused on your loved one. For this reason, We Remember purposefully does not have ads on it, and we have no plans to include ads in the future. There may be additional options for Ancestry features incorporated in the future, such as linking with an Ancestry family tree as suggested previously, but we will work to make sure that these options don’t distract from the page.

      • Jeff Jahn

        That sounds good. What i found though with a recent death is that when you share on facebook that most would rather post there then sign up and write or post memories on it. Hopefully others are experiencing something different.

        • John White

          I think this is a great idea and provides a format for remembering and appreciating the deceased loved one’s insight into the loved-one’s personality and activities.

        • Debra

          Some of us wont use FB; it’s too invasive and crazy!!! But I understood this will link with FB? Is that incorrect?

  13. Euda Warren

    I think my DNA went through my mother’s side. How do I go through my father’s side? I know I have living relatives on his side but don’t have contact with those left.

    • Tamara

      Has your mother or someone related to her (but not to your father) taken a test? If so, you can look at your DNA matches and click on the “shared matches” tab. If you don’t see relationship to your mother or mother’s family member there, then they are related to your father.

  14. RA

    I am looking forward to using this new site. My grandmother passed away a few years ago and due to some other’s errors, her obituary was never published in the paper. We have been looking and thinking of a way to publish an online obituary for her and this will be a perfect solution. Thank you!

  15. Jane Killeen

    The WE REMEMBER feature sounds very interesting! I immediately thought of my Uncle (last remaining member of his generation), as this might be a creative way to showcase his WW2 service/experiences. I always find the Q&A interesting ~ and I do learn from others’ & Ancestry’s experience/knowledge ~ so thanks, Everyone!

  16. Carol Collins

    I just want a place to put obituaries for people with no known final disposition. This is such a great research tool for people looking for family. I understand why you don’t want them on Find A Grave, but I think there should be place for them that people could easily access.

    • Debra

      I may be coming into the conversation late, but……you do know you can put “virtual” graves on findagrave? I have several, as most of my family does cremation…

  17. Debra

    I think the site was far better. After all the work scores of family members did, you just shut it down. People participated on that—a LOT—but wont get on the tree.

    That said, I spent most of yesterday setting up a memorial to my recently deceased daughter. Then I ran into some big trouble!!!
    1–the program copies comments (photo captions) to other photos, overwriting what’s already there. Now they dont match.
    2–So I tried deleting the “bad” comments. Tried deleting the photos. Tried deleting the entire “memory”. Finally wrote “this one needs to be deleted” and started over. Much the same thing
    3–refreshed pages, logged out and in. cleaned my cache (this is a new browser, so not much there), checked browser compatibility, logged in and out, rebooted computer, tried another supported browser, etc etc. No dice. All I can get from it is “error deleting” or “error uploading”, that when I’m trying to DELETE or overwrite.
    4–As the Weremember page has no contact info, I called support. Was told that Weremember is not a supported product: it belongs to another company, even tho it says “by ancestry” on the headliner. They do not support it. They do not have any contact info for their “parent company”, i.e. Ancestry. Frustrating. So I tried googling it and ended up here. Is this ancestry or I’m confused.

    The site looks nice, but it’s dysfunctional!!! And I cant get rid of it, it just sits there for all to see, all messed up. WTF???? Anyone know where to get support?

  18. Debra

    Your link “contact customer service” goes here:

    This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Debra: Thanks for reporting this, we will pass this on and we’re sorry for any frustration caused. If you have any issues with the Ancestry website we’d be happy to help or if you’d prefer to call us you can reach us at 1-800-ANCESTRY (1-800-262-3787) between the hours of 9am to 11pm EST, seven days a week. If you have issues with this product, then please contact directly.

  19. Bill

    I logged on for the first time the concept seems simple enough but there’s no search box to look for memorials. This could be an awesome site where family could get together and remember people, There is always the block feature for unwanted guests and privacy options for people browsing. Some families like mine are large and people don’t hear someone died for awhile.

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