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The memories of our veterans paint a more vivid picture than any history book. But with each year, as veterans pass on, their stories are lost, too. Ancestry is working to preserve the stories of WWII, as told by the ones who were there.

If you know any veterans who served in the war, add their memories to our collection and help us celebrate the people whose heroism made history. Help us record the story of WWII, as told by the people who lived it.

Send us a video, documenting their experiences of the war and preserve this history before it slips away. Thank you to those who have shared memories of their WWII veterans like Jim’s video below.

Jim comes from a line of military service members. He served our country as an Air Force Colonel with tours across three continents. He recognizes the importance of preserving our country’s rich military history and notably, the stories of our WWII service men and women which are becoming harder to find. Jim’s Uncle Emil served on the U.S.S. Skipjack and U.S.S. Flying Fish where he was involved in the Battle of Midway, which occurred in June 1942. Emil miraculously survived and later served on the submarine that entered Tokyo Bay at end of World War II.

If you’d like help recording the oral histories of your family’s veterans – or any others who have a story to tell – AncestryProGenealogists has a team of experienced interviewers who can meet with them and preserve those precious family memories. More information is available at


  1. David

    Your blog inspires me every time when I read it. I love reading blogs. I don’t excite always by reading blog posts. But in your blog I find something that implies in blogging. Anyway, you’re unquestionably a great blogger and you have a skill to make your reader to keep reading your blog again and again. Keep up the magnificent work. Continue moving the people!

  2. Dale Holley

    Remembering Vets this way is a great idea, but you had a way to commemorate them?
    the Miltary Wall you took off the site which no longer is availabile to members and for the ones who do have it, can’t edit no more the feature is lock out. Not Long after that was done some complained thay lost all due to a cliche that caused them to lose the page entirely?

    So why Not bring that back ? to include this new feature? would it not be the best thing?
    as a veteran who served i’d appreciate it and families would too

  3. PM Uhlig

    If you would return the format to being able to view all stories and attached photo and other media to an individual in one window, you would see that many of us have already made significant contributions to WWII history. I spent many hours working on my father’s service in WWII. It was a HUGE disappointment when Ancestry change the layout of an individual’s profile so someone can’t go to “Military”, for example, and see all the relevant stories, photos, etc. Trying to view an individual’s events has become extremely frustrating and nonsensical. This is one big reason why – after spending many, may hours on creating interesting profiles for members of my tree, since Ancestry made these changes I have done little to nothing and have made my tree private. Previously I LOVED sharing new and unique facts about my family that others would be able to see and enjoy. It seems to me that the current promotional blast to sell DNA testing (which adds very little to the complete story of an individual) has been pulling in plenty of cash and Ancestry now pays mostly lip service to displaying a family history in a reader-friendly, logical and visually arresting manner.

    • Dale Holley

      Thank you PM Uhlig,
      Pass this article on to all you Know, who are affected by this and those who aren’t , so Ancestry
      Knows how we feel about our family veterans and their accomplishments too they deserve this and More as a veteran myself i thank you for your comments

  4. Ann

    I helped my father-in-law publish his memoirs; sadly he has passed so I would like to be able to submit one of his stories as I do not have a video of him telling his stories.

    • Dale Holley

      Hello Ann,
      Thank you for your comments and time and efforts , like you i have veterans in my family and am a veteran also. Your father-in-law must of been a wonderful man , Sorry for your Loss having those stories to pass on is a blessing to all to read and see. Tell your friends and neighbors about this Man in your family and this article in Ancestry, if enough of us say
      something maybe they’ll git the message

    • Beenda

      Do you know where I would find a list of Purple Heart recipients of World War II ? My father was a resident of Oklahoma and served on a PGM 30 with the Navy in World War II e. He was also a pow in a Japanese war Camp. I’d like to find out where to get the information of his internment thank you for your help

  5. Linda sue Parsons LeFave

    I would like to know more about my family. My father’s name was Robert Parsons and his father was Fred Parsons.

  6. sara danison

    All my veterans have now found peace,including my Persian Gulf son. My battle flag is my country’s flag. It is the first thing I pack and the first thing I unpack.

  7. Judy Gurley

    My father in law was in WW11. He was over 5 landing craft that took the men to shore. His name was Edward Gurley and he didn’t talk much about the war. He told one story of they were suppose to have cleared the land minds out off the shore when he looked down and saw several below him. If it hadn’t been for high tide he would have been blown up.

  8. Connie. Davis

    My email i use now is davisconnie4312@ nowbut davisconnie4312@ yahoo is the older one on an older computer. But my dad hosie davis fought in wars he received metal of honor he never said. What for and my uncle charliewesttexas charlie conner granddad went to west texas every year his son charlie conner jr was in war and x husband billy lott was in war also they never seem to talk of war dad. And. Uncle deceased. And other army family. Members loved country dearly. Connie. DAvis

  9. Mark Udell

    I agree with many others that Ancestry once had a way to remember our family members who served their country; that is the Military page that was linked to a persons profile fro the sole purpose of documenting their military service. I only had time to begin a page for my uncle who served in posts around the world including Viet Nam. Before I could complete the page, Ancestry decided to discontinue that feature. The link from my uncle’s profile page still exists, but the page can no longer be edited or updated.

    I have requested several times that Ancestry bring back the Military page and received answers from “maybe” to “people probably weren’t interested in that feature. In fact, several customer service agents I have spoken with didn’t know that the Military page ever existed.

    I consider it a great disservice to those who served and their families to have removed this feature, therefore I am requesting once again that it be brought back.

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