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Ancestry has surpassed 4 million customers in our DNA database!

We’re proud to remain the largest consumer genetic testing company.

Here are some fun facts about AncestryDNA:

  • From January to April 2017, AncestryDNA genotyped 1 million people. So, on average about two people took a DNA test every time there was a marriage in the United States.
  • With 4 million members, the AncestryDNA network would be the 2nd largest city in the United States based on population just after NYC.
  • The AncestryDNA database grew from 3 to 4 million in the last three months. That’s about as fast as babies are born in the United States.

Hear some of the powerful discoveries customers have made with the help of AncestryDNA,

Your discoveries await with AncestryDNA.

Have you made any meaningful connections with AncestryDNA? Share your story with us in the comments below.


  1. pamela sullivan

    I may have to sue you for invasion of privacy .A girl that has been danger to me appeared in the belz mall-in 1996 and in cannon c middle school -the police were called they didn’t show up. or so causing insane things to the private lifes of single moms-with thier kids-

  2. Connie Andrews

    I sent in my DNA in January…have not got the results yer..(4-28.2017) how long does it take..?

  3. Shannon

    Well, you’re not “just behind” NYC since NYC has more than double the people who’ve done a DNA test via Ancestry. And you’re barely ahead of the 2014 numbers for LA. Hype. Just hype.

  4. Rosemary LeFlore

    I sent my dna sample in about a month ago and haven’t heard anything. Do you know when that will be processed? I also changed my email from to my present email address. Could my old email address have been confused with my new one? I’m looking forward to the results!
    Rosemary LeFlore

  5. Rosemary LeFlore

    I just sent a comment. Was it rejected? I need to know when my dna sample will be processed.

  6. Janice

    There is a mechanism on this page to contact customer service – which is what some of the commenters should use to ask questions or register concerns. I have made one amazing discovery of a close cousin thanks to Ancestry’s DNA testing service and I’ve made many more contacts with lots of nice folks who are related to me.

  7. Tom

    I have made many fascinating discoveries and connection using my DNA records. I just learned from a cousin she had discovered her birth father as a result of some information I provided her. Have also made many contacts with cousins, current and past, who I had never heard of and identified many more persons for my family tree.

  8. Christine Charbonneau

    Ancestry DNA has given me a way to document one entire side of my family. My mother never knew her grandparents, and were not sure of their given names. My mother is Swiss and traditional genealogical research is difficult there due to privacy laws. With a bit of information from the Swiss authorities, and DNA tests for my mother and her sisters, I have been able to reconstruct much of her family after discovering 3rd and 4th Cousins who emigrated 100 years before she did. Having this tool assisted me in searching for records to back up my DNA findings. This has fascinated my family, on both Continents. Thanks Ancestry!

  9. Marty

    Having so much fun connecting with cousins. The one I knew about , but she moved and we lost contact. We are making plans to meet. Connected with another cousin that I did know existed. We also plan to meet. We will be excited to get my husband’s results and see what we can find.

  10. Heiko Burbach

    I’ve read/scanned through much of the Privacy Policy and how personal information is protected but I haven’t found anything that outlines exactly what Ancestry does with the original DNA sample once the test is complete. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Anthony Willis

    I have 6 “sons” with doubtful paternity. None of them have taken DNA tests, but the children of one of them have. If I took a DNA test, would it provide proof that at least one of my alledged sons is really mine ?

  12. Steve

    What AncestryDNA doesn’t tell you is that they require you to keep paying for a site membership in order to access your matches and full functionality. Otherwise, all you are getting is a basic ethnicity breakdown (which isn’t that useful for genealogy unless you know nothing about your past), and a hope that someone else with a membership contacts you.

    Luckily, you can transfer your DNA results for free into FTDNA and GEDMatch where you will have many more tools to do actual research. It would be so nice though to have the same with Ancestry’s database without a recurring cost! AncestryDNA is the only one of the companies to require this – you pay $100 and can’t even get full access to the matches!

  13. Robert

    I took a DNA test on another site 10 years ago. The account is still active. The problem is it hasn’t produced anyone that I can say is directly related to me. They may have been 12 generations ago but that doesn’t do much for me now. I’ve only come up with one person that even has my last name.(?)
    I have hit the wall with my Great Grandfather who emigrated from Ireland in 1860 to Baltimore.
    My question: What can Ancestry DNA do for me that his DNA test didn’t do for me or would I be wasting another $100?

  14. Leslie Rigsby

    Anthony Willis yes it will! Your biological children get 50% of their DNA from you. Children who aren’t yours don’t get any! My children match me. They are my closest matches (other than my siblings). Pamela Sullivan, your comment makes no sense. Ancestry does not release personal information, and even if your tree is public, living people and their information is kept private. Could you be a troll?

  15. Steve Edwards

    Everyone who has used you in the last 3 months is complaining because you have not delivered. How can you continue to advertsie when you are backed up over 4 months? Shame on you. I would never recommend you to anyone 23and me!

  16. Donald n hawk sr

    My last name is hawk that is not Irish or German all my people are from tellico plains Tennessee. They are all from choctah and Cherokee tribes these are American Indians not european.

  17. Monika

    Vice President Dick Cheney is a cousin of my husband. I just integrated him into my husband’s tree only to get “hints” from findagrave that show his grave. Not too sure whom to trust anymore. Findagrave or DNA.

  18. We sent our $99.00 to you in in Nov. finally got the DNA kit in Jan and sent it back immediately and have not received the results yet. I guess I will have to ask all my friends on Facebook if they have had the same results. Do you reply to the blogs on this site? I tried to call several times and just get put on hold for an hour sometimes. You have had my money for 6 months please supply results or send my money back. This would also be a good story for one of the Network TV Channels to run. I see I am not the only one not getting results.

  19. April

    My DNA matched people on my father’s side and mother’s side. I also found a new half sister, which has now been verified. My husband’s DNA also matched people on his mother’s side and father’s side. I was not too surprised by results, almost 100% European because both my parents families came from Europe, Ireland, Scotland. Quite pleased to know the history of these areas.

  20. willie michael chester jr

    I was fascinated by my tracr regions and I had no idea what part of africa I was origin.

  21. willie michael chester jr

    I was fascinated by my trace regions and I had no idea what part of africa I was origin.

  22. GW

    This DNA System you’ve designed, you’ll have to excuse me, I design industrial grade engineering, design, and commerce systems, so I know an evil design with my eye closed. But this DNA System you’ve established is questionable. You’ve removed validated, proof-of-validation.

    1. Anyone can send you anyone’s DNA.
    2. Anyone’s DNA can be counterfeited.

    A better system would be having the DNA donors physically present for sampling and rendering of results.

    Yes, it is that important, this is a huge information security risk, that the Great Coproations like yourself aren’t equipped to handle the liabilities.

  23. Member Services Social Support Team

    @Cheryl: We’re very sorry to hear that and it sounds very odd that you would not have received the results yet. What is the status of your DNA test if you log in to your account and click on the DNA tab? If you still cannot see the results there, would it be possible that you would have more then one account under the same email address?

  24. Member Services Social Support Team

    @Steve: We apologize for the delay in getting back to you. You can still access all of your DNA matches and contact them even if you don’t have an active subscription. However, you would not be able to view public member trees without a subscription or access some additional DNA features. Please see this article for more information: We will of course pass on your feedback in relation to this and we’re sorry for any frustration caused.

  25. Member Services Social Support Team

    @Heiko: The sample is stored in a secure facility and is this is anonymous. If you decide that you want your data deleted from the database, you can visit the Manage Test Settings section of the AncestryDNA website and follow the simple directions. And If a person no longer wants us to store his or her DNA sample, that person can contact customer service and we will destroy the sample upon their request. We hope this helps!

  26. Member Services Social Support Team

    @Christine: We’re really happy to hear that and thank you for sharing this with us. We wish you the best of luck with your further research! 🙂

  27. Member Services Social Support Team

    @Tom: That is great to hear and that’s amazing that you were able to help her with this! We hope you will make many more discoveries 🙂

  28. Member Services Social Support Team

    @Janice: We’re glad to hear that you were able to make these connections and we hope there will be many more!

  29. Member Services Social Support Team

    @Rosemary: We apologize for the delay in our response. Did you change your email address on your Ancestry account as well? Are you able to log in to your account and check the status of the DNA test by clicking on the DNA tab?

  30. Member Services Social Support Team

    @Connie: We’re sorry for the delay. What is the status of your test if you log in and click on the DNA tab?

  31. walter hayes

    I consider my ancestry from my records to be about 20 percent German. My Western Europe Ethnicity Estimate was 1 percent. I have two friends who think they have significant German ancestry but also had very low Western Europe percents. Are most people with ancestors from the region currently Germany getting Ethnicity Estimates lower than expected for Germany?

  32. CM

    I took the DNA test to answer one particular question. Through my family tree research, I found out my great-grandmother and my grandfather had lived with a Swedish immigrant for 15 years. My grandfather told his children that he was an orphan. He had an Irish surname. Through the DNA test, I found out I don’t have any Scandinavian DNA. Also, some of my DNA matches have my grandfather’s Irish surname, which is not a common name. Another surprise is that I found I out I was a Mayflower descendant. I saw many DNA matches with Plymouth, MA roots. I wondered why. This prompted me to investigate. I found that several of my NH and Maine ancestors came from the Plymouth area. I’ve been working on my family tree for 18 years (I took a few breaks at times). The DNA test has helped me jump a few hurdles. I’m hoping for more hurdles in the future.

  33. Louis

    I took the DNA test and I have showing one Italian genetic community. However, I have 20% from Eastern Europe, which Ancestry has shown to be mapped as another region, but it shows nothing on my account. Just shaded areas. Why can I see nothing in this other genetic community? Thank you.

  34. Luther Leach

    I have been waiting for over three months for the results of my dna. I recieved a message that my sample was not testable and that you will send me a new kit. So I am guaranteed another three to 6 month wait. This is beginning to feel like a con.

  35. I also found a new half sister, which has now been verified. My husband’s DNA also matched people on his mother’s side and father’s side. I was not too surprised by results, almost 100% European because both my parents families came from Europe, Ireland, Scotland. Quite pleased to know the history of these areas.

  36. Ruth

    My test was marked “received” on April 10, 2017 (30 days ago). How long once it goes into processing? Does the 6-8 weeks start after that or has it already started? My husband did 23&me this year and got his results back within 2 weeks or so of spitting. 🙂 We are trying to compare the two services to see if beneficial for him to order one from ancestry and vice versa. So far, comparison wise, 23&me is blowing ancestry out of the water with processing time.

  37. Faye

    My DNA test has been in the lab being processed for two full weeks. My son, his wife, daughter, and my husband were in and out. Anyone with any information as to whether it was lost or not good? I am waiting to hear something as they have had theirs for over a week and nothing on mine. If there is a problem or I need to retake, let me know. Thanks.

  38. Barbara

    I am very happy with the DNA results. I had mine done nearly 2 years ago. I have found so many matches that confirm what I already knew. Many people don’t want to use the subscription which is a disappointment. You could join for 6 or 12 months to do your tree. Yes, there are other free services with access to trees. But I will let you all know, trees are helpful but they are not facts. People have all kinds of crazy stuff like children born to parents after the parents died or grandmothers who were 100 when the children were born. Or they just add stuff that looks like it matches. If you really want to know about grandparents and other relatives, with ancestry you can use the census records along with a host of other records kept on the site. I’m very happy.

  39. Melody

    I sent in my husband’s DNA in February, why haven’t I been contacted yet? Has it been processed at all? This time is more than enough time to process this DNA. So either process it or send me a new kit at your expense so I can have another one done on him please!

  40. B

    Please can you clarify – when you say:
    “If you take the DNA test it will match you with anyone that has also taken the test and that you share DNA with” AND the results will give you “a list of DNA matches (other people who have taken the AncestryDNA test and who may be related to you)”
    How exactly please?
    Presumably, you do not give peoples personal details in results to a 3rd party.
    Is it just something along the lines of “we have found x number of people with the same DNA as you” and then I would go onto my Ancestry Tree and link my DNA results to my tree and then see “hints” that would link me to these people?
    Thank you

  41. John

    @Ruth, Barbara, Faye – My Uncle’s DNA sample was received by the lab April 3rd, (over 5 weeks ago) and the status as viewed on my DNA homepage states that it hasn’t made it into the lab for processing. Ancestry has added 1 million users already this year to their DNA database, which is good news for us, since we will have more DNA matches, but bad news for people with DNA results pending, because processing times will be lengthy. We have no choice but to exercise some patience. The Ancestry Team should respond to your posts and give us a better indication of the delay time for the time period between the sample reaching the lab and actual processing of the DNA sample.

  42. Renee

    For those having problems:
    If you followed the instructions on the kit and registered/activated the kit as instructed, you would have noticed that it CLEARLY states processing time usually takes 6 to 8 weeks, BUT MAY TAKE LONGER!!!! Therefore, April 3 to May 3rd is roughly 4 wks. So you still clearly have at LEAST another 2 to 4 weeks to go, depending on the high volume of kits received, which could cause further delays. So kick back and chill out! It would be logical to assume that they received a massive number of responses since they recently lowered the price in April for a $79 Promo that ended on April 26th.

    Lastly, if you followed the instructions you were asked to link your kit to an individual and/or create your tree prior to sending it off. If you had done that, you would have noticed that the system generates a message telling you how that individual will be displayed to other members matching your/their DNA results!

    In closing…learn to read all the instructions, follow those instructions carefully, and give the appropriate alloted time for processing before making a complaint or whining about something. It would really stop you from looking like an idiot or immature child.
    Sorry not sorry for the harshness, but that’s just the truth of the matter at hand!

  43. Renee

    …And John, the April 3rd date was not directed at you. It was just used in general. I guess it stood out because coincidentally it’s my brother’s birthday, and I just sent in his DNA kit and our Dad’s last week.

  44. Renee

    Also emails are sent out updating you when the kit is received, and as it processes through on the AncestryDNA site.

  45. John

    @Renee No offense taken. The ancestry blog isn’t the place for those who wear their feelings on their sleeve. Like you Renee, I was trying to reassure those with DNA Results pending that we are all in the same boat and all us are experiencing lengthy delays. Unlike you, I did it without insulting them. I have ordered over ten ancestry DNA test over the past four years. That same message, allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing, has been there since the beginning. However, when I took my DNA test four years ago, I got my test results back in 3 weeks. Now, ancestry is offering their DNA test in over twenty five countries around the world and those DNA samples are being shipped back to their lab in the good ole US of A for processing. Is it too much to ask that ancestry update their little delay message????

  46. Shari

    Is anyone else having issues getting the DNA areas to load? I get only a blank page continually. Very frustrating.

  47. Member Services Social Support Team

    @Shari: We’re sorry to hear that you’re having issues with this. Can you please advise if this is happening from all web browsers and can you please follow these steps to see if it helps?

  48. Member Services Social Support Team

    @Melody: We’re very sorry for the delay. Did you activate his kit on your account? Can you see the status of the kit if you log in and click on the DNA tab?

  49. Member Services Social Support Team

    @Faye: The normal processing time is 6-8 weeks but it’s usually quicker then this. If it is in lab processing it has not been lost so you don’t need to worry about that. Sometimes they may need to extract a sample a few times before they get a viable hit on one where as they may only need to do it once or twice on the other.

  50. Member Services Social Support Team

    @Ruth: We’re sorry for the delay. This is a very busy time at the lab, so unfortunately there are some delays with processing. We are however working on reducing wait times and we have opened an additional lab to expand our capacity to process DNA samples. At this time, we don’t know exactly when the sample will begin testing, but we hope it will be soon and we thank you for your patience! You will be notified via email once it starts processing and via the status bar on the DNA page. The normal processing times are up to 6-8 weeks but it’s usually much quicker then this.

  51. Member Services Social Support Team

    @Gary: Thank you for sharing this with us, we’re really happy to hear that you were able to find your half sister and we wish you the best of luck with everything!

  52. Per

    Hello, have ordered and received the Ancestry DNA kit and prepared the saliva tube. When I was to register my DNA number I got stuck at the Research step. Don’t want to participate in the proposed research project and hence pressed that button. However on the summary page, it still says that I’m willing to participate. Tried several times with Safari and Chrome web browsers. Same result. Reported it to a couple of days ago. Was recommended to proceed with the registration and afterwards write to AncestryDNA and cancel my participation in the research project, which I did not accept. Have not heared from them since then. In the meantime have put the saliva tube in the fridge. Unless you correct this shortly I want my money back.

  53. Linda Smith

    I finally rec’d my results. DISAPPOINTED. Nothing about native American great grandmother. I have some genealogy work already, NO references to Ireland….Report I rec’d from ancestry: Short, no details to use, incorrect. WASTE OF MY MONEY . My daughter used 23andme. Totally different, very informative, many new leads, accurate! Ancestry is BOGUS.

  54. Anne Reeves

    Can someone tell me why it isn’t possible for me, in the US, to pay with my credit card for my sister to take the DNA test in England? (She doesn’t have a credit card because doesn’t like them.) I went to the Ancestry UK website but that only takes credit cards from the British Isles. And I cannot organize her getting the test set from here… That doesn’t make any sense to me. I can order on Amazon UK/Amazon FR etc and have presents sent to my siblings in Yorkshire while paying from here; so clearly not an impossibility, not even rocket science.

    Surely making it as easy as possible for people to have their DNA tested in order to increase the genetic-ethnic base is Ancestry’s aim?

    Please get this sorted, Ancestry.

  55. Maitiú

    Sitting waiting on my test to finish the lab processing. Its 14 days processing today and I have seen on the message boards and other forums people whose samples started processing after mine but they have their results already. Hope this doesn’t mean bad news for me

  56. casubo24

    Will the new FTM2017 interact with our DNA test results. I noticed Mackiev had a question asking would I like to see my DNA results through the new FTM2017. When I clicked on the learn more about this tab, it took me to their Family Tree Maker overview site in which didn’t have the the answer or results to the question. In my own opinion, that would be amazing. Thank You for offering the AncestryDNA here, as it has helped me prove family ancestors that were questionable by other folks, the proof is in the DNA! Love this!!! And again, thank you for offering this great test to help us fill in the gaps so to speak.

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