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Forget the bored tour guide with the memorized lines, and leave those dog-eared guidebooks behind! Are you ready for an epic tour through Ireland with an expert who can answer specific questions about your ancestors and the lives they led?

For 11 days in late October, about 25 lucky travelers will have the opportunity to work their way through Ireland with a professional genealogist who has dedicated his life to understanding the country’s history. Kyle Betit has traveled extensively throughout the Emerald Isle and researched hundreds of families, many of whom immigrated to America. Pick his brain about the lives of your own ancestors as you take in the beauty, culture, and heritage of the country. The only thing Kyle likes better than seeing the sights of Ireland himself is having people ask him about its history and the experiences their ancestors had when they lived there.

Partnering with Go Ahead Tours, other AncestryProGenealogists (ProGen) experts in our Dublin office will join Kyle in discussing history and genealogical research. After departing from historic Dublin, the group will visit Kilkenny, New Ross (County Wexford), County Cork, Cobh, County Kerry, Killarney, Ring of Kerry, Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Galway City, Connemara, Clonmacnoise (County Offaly) and Kilbeggan (County Westmeath).

If your ancestors lived just off that beaten path, ask about customized options to add “ancestral home visits” to your trip, either during the tour or just after it ends. One of the ProGen experts will accompany you to the exact town, parish, or townland in Ireland where your ancestors lived. No guesswork necessary!

IRP-Adelare-0017To answer even more questions, each traveler will receive a complimentary DNA test kit and a brief research outline from a professional genealogist before departing. See your heritage on paper, then bring it to life in person on Irish soil. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get in touch with your ancestors, and you are guaranteed to come home with a richer understanding of the Ireland they once knew.

The tour runs from October 22–November 1, 2017 (The Back To Our Past genealogy conference in Dublin is taking place just prior to the tour from October 20-22). The trip’s cost, starting at $4,499 per person, includes airfare from New York, nine nights in hand-picked hotels, daily breakfast, six 3-course dinners with beer or wine, one whiskey tasting, and entrance fees to select tourist sites. Individual costs are calculated based on the location from which flights originate, and payment plans are available. Relax in a private deluxe motor coach as you take in the Irish countryside.

Interested travelers can register for the trip and learn more itinerary details here. Or, find out more about the trip by calling a Go Ahead Tour representative at 1.800.438.7672.

Taisteal Shona! (Happy travels!)


  1. Alma McCullen Wilson

    Know our DNA is Irish. Do not know the first immigrant who came here, nor birthplace. Came very early to NC. Can I be assured of finding roots??

  2. Carol Bennett

    Did your DNA test and it says I am 29% Irish. I do know it is from my mother’s side but do not know when they came over and where. I know they all ended up in southern Illinois possibly by way of New Jersey. Can the brief research outline be done in this case?

  3. Jennifer Gerring

    Would love to go on this trip, but have something else planned for October. Will you offer another trip to Ireland next year? I have my ancestors coming to N.C/S.C. USA before the Revolutionary War from Ireland. And need some more documentation to verify it. Thanks for offering such a trip.

  4. Mary Ebert

    I would also be interested if this trip is offered again. Six months is short notice for me.

  5. Barbara Grant

    Know our DNA is Irish. Do not know the first immigrant who went route of Spain, Italy, Greece, nor birthplace. Came very early to FL from Cuba. Can I be assured of finding roots? I am not clear whether Irish from mom or dad’s side. Yes, I would love traveling once I find out a city.

  6. Cathy

    I have a three family vacation scheduled for that week. Will you be doing it again? Maybe in a little warmer weather in Ireland??

  7. Laurie Lautoa

    I learned that I am 17% Irish and that my people were among the earliest settlers of the Carolinas. I saw Jennifer’s comment that her ancestors also came to the Carolinas. Was this a destination for many Irish?

  8. Jenise

    Want to join the group, would love to go to Ireland, will have to give it some thought. Don’t know were my Garvin’s lived ?

  9. Helen Turnquist

    My ancestors came from Co. Meath and Louth . I know where the family farm was at and the church where many are buried, married, christened, etc. from an Irish genealogist research. Hope with the e-mail address you keep me informed!

  10. trish

    looking for my grandmother’s history in Ireland..She was from the O’Neill clan..I love her name
    Lillian O’Neill, her family left Ire. when she was 2 years old.



  12. Alicia Gross

    So many of my family lineage has come from Ireland! I would LOVE to visit Ireland!! Would you see the Toward Castle ruins or Clan Lamont Memorial?

  13. June Wilke

    I would love to go to Ireland to see where my great Grandma Mary Amanda Anderson lived and played, and love to see beautiful green Ireland. I would not be able to get together the money for the trip so I can only dream about it. Thanks for the offer.

  14. Barb Bradley

    Wonderful opportunity! Hopefully this will be offered again as I am still trying to find my husband’s Irish ancestors – have reached a wall I’m afraid. I know where my maternal Irish ancestors are from and I think I know where my paternal ones came from but again, still a work in progress. Keep up the great work!

  15. Virginia Huffmaster Farrell

    Would love to have more information on my Father’s Father, etc. I believe they were German of German Background in Germany somewhere in the 18th Century.

  16. Virginia Huffmaster Farrell

    Thank you for the opportunity to search for my ancestors. I know the name has a connection to a master, but not the Huff portion.

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