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Last year, we announced the purchase of Family Tree Maker desktop software by Software MacKiev and because we wanted to make the transition to a new owner as smooth as possible, we committed at least a year of customer and product support.  The goal has always been to maintain the capability to share your family tree data between files on your computer with your personal Ancestry online trees. We’ve been hard at work co-developing a new Ancestry gateway with Software MacKiev to use in their Family Tree Maker 2017, which will be available soon.  We believe Software MacKiev continues to deliver the best value to users of Family Tree Maker with their focus and expertise in software solutions.

What you should know:

  • TreeSync will be replaced by Software MacKiev’s FamilySync™. In the new FamilySync, Ancestry’s search, merge, and Ancestry hints will all work as they do now for users who sync with their Ancestry trees and you can also look forward to more exciting new improvements.
  • FamilySync will be available only in Software MacKiev’s Family Tree Maker 2017 edition, which will be released on March 31, 2017.

The upgrade is free for all users who purchased a copy of a MacKiev Family Tree Maker edition since March 1, 2016. Those with previous Ancestry editions, or who got a free copy of Family Tree Maker 2014.1 or Mac 3.1, are eligible for discounted upgrades. The pre-order upgrade is $29.95 for those who sign up for Software MacKiev’s mailing list before March 29 and the upgrade will continue to be a discounted price ($39.95) for a limited time after March 29.

  • Between Wednesday, March 29 and Friday, March 31, there will be a short period where syncing functionality may be interrupted as Software MacKiev rolls out their new syncing technology.
  • As of March 29, 2017, Ancestry will no longer be supporting TreeSync, given the introduction of Software MacKiev’s FamilySync™. Software MacKiev will continue to handle all related customer questions for Family Tree Maker.  Visit Software MacKiev’s Family Tree Maker Support Center at if you have questions.

For additional information, news and discounted upgrade offers for Family Tree Maker, visit


  1. Gary Inglish

    I personally am looking forward to the new technology, however many users will want to know what interface/functionality with will remain for existing versions of Family Tree Maker FTM 2014 and earlier. I understand from you post that Sync and Hinting will be affected. Will existing FTM editions still be able to connect to Ancestry at all? Specifically what (if any thing) will continue to work with Ancestry?

  2. Karen

    You can use earlier versions as a stand alone database program but they will have no interaction with Ancestry

  3. LE

    You wrote: As of March 29, 2017, Ancestry will no longer be supporting TreeSync, given the introduction of Software MacKiev’s FamilySync™.

    Please clarify that statement.
    Will help simply not be provided for TreeSync as of March 29 but TreeSync will still function OR will TreeSync no longer work/function as of March 29?

  4. Pat Palm

    I updated to the 14/1 version and purchased both the cd version and the thumb drive version in mid February. Will I have to pay again for the 2017 version?

  5. Barbara Zehner

    Will we receive an e-mail regarding pre-ordering the Software MacKiev’ upgrade at a reduced price?

  6. Catherine Parker

    I had Family Tree Maker. It was updated several months ago. Now it is gone from my computer. Did this change have anything to do with it? I can reinstall it from backup, but it will probably not be the latest version.

  7. Catherine Christie

    I purchased FTM 2014, from UK company when I visited one of the London Who Do You Think You Are shows. Installed it and still had trouble with it, and was told to remove it as there was a bug in it, and re install it again. I did that and for some reason i ended up with two of the same family trees. Support I got was not that a good from Ancestry, so just ignored it on my system. I do not have a very large tree, but lots of documentation. which I have built on Ancestry.

    Since you are coming out with at the end of March 2017, would it be wise to just uninstall the Family Tree Maker 2014 I have, which I do not use, with all it.s faults. and purchase the
    NewTree Sync system you will be selling? Please confirm it will be able to Sync with Ancestry.
    Thank you.
    Please advise.

  8. RR

    I signed up for the mailing list today, March 20, but I see only the $39.95 upgrade price option. Nowhere does it mention the the pre-order upgrade of $29.95 for those who sign up for Software MacKiev’s mailing list before March 29, as referred to in the above information. How does one get the $29.95 upgrade price?

  9. Karen

    To get to the pre-order link type this URL into your browser window:

  10. Tammy Dobbs

    I just bought the upgrade to 2014.1 on a flash drive on 2/20/17. And now I will have to pay for ANOTHER upgrade???? Why we’re we not told then there was another update coming? We should at least be credited for the amount we spent. 🙁

  11. Jo Ann

    I am using FTM 2012, I have my tree on my desktop. I do have a membership for
    Do you mean that I will not be able to see leaf hints and click on them to access information about my ancestors? What good will my Ancestry membership be?

  12. Ron Jenkins

    Roots Magic was supposed to be coming out with the ability to sync to Family Tree Maker. Is this still going to happen and when?

  13. toni

    I attempted to install the latest patch/upgrade/something and was told I was not registered. So I registered again but it wouldn’t accept it. After 3 failures my option was to send a picture of my disk. I did that and have heard nothing. If my 2014 won’t work I’m switching to Legacy.

  14. Michelle Watson

    Upgrade info: The upgrade is free for all users who purchased a copy of a MacKiev Family Tree Maker edition since March 1, 2016.

  15. Linda E

    I currently don’t have a family tree maker on my computer. So if I purchase the new version is it going to cost $79.00?

  16. alan

    Up the river without a paddle! I am an FTM 2014 user. Have been very leary of the future viability of FTM ever since got rid of it. Since the final hours of support are upon us, I tried for one last sync between FTM 2014 and Ancestry (had not done one since Nov 2016). Both of my trees would not sync. And so I reluctantly upgraded to FTM 2014.1, did all the conversions, file compaction, etc. Same problem… sync does not work. Tree with 4,300 people got an error regarding “Mappings Handling” and Tree with 17,700 people got an error of “Family Tree Maker 2014.1 has stopped working”. I will not be upgrading to FTM 2017 until I see that it is a viable product and all of the bugs are worked out. Am not willing to waste my time and money. I will be ready to sign up with RootsMagic instead, assuming they will soon have a product that syncs properly with

  17. alan

    Addendum to my recent post. I have now lost access to my Tree that was being synced with FTM 2014.1 when FTM errored out. When I try to access the tree on, I am unable to work on the tree and am told that FTM is “updating the tree”… even though FTM stopped working and I closed it. I clicked on the option in to “Cancel Update”… nothing happens. Hopefully the Tree will become available at some point in time. This is exactly the scenario I was concerned about in this new situation with FTM. I am rapidly losing any willingness to continue with an upgrade to the new FTM 2017. Doesn’t appear to me that the sync issues have been thoroughly tested and resolved.

  18. Jim

    Why are we only hearing about this only from Ancestry while getting nothing from MacKiev about it?

  19. Shirley Farrar

    I understand there was a free upgrade of FTM. I am on 2011 and Windows 10. Unsure who has provided this upgrade.

  20. Carolyn cox

    I bought FTM 2014 in September 2016, I recently was sent a free upgrade to 2014.1 which I loaded and which after some difficulties now works. I have joined the FTM newsletter . Will I get the free upgrade or will I have to buy it?

  21. mlsdavis

    What’s the answer to the RootsMagic question? Is there still going to be a sync option there, and if so, when?

  22. Jim

    Dear Member Services Team. I have been to over and over again, and I CAN FIND NOTHING ABOUT A $29.95 UPGRADE. Are you sure it is there? All I can find is the stand alone price of $79.95 if you have never owned FTM before!

  23. Jerry Smith

    I am not understanding this. Why is it suddenly announced that in 1 week Ancestry will no longer sync with Family Tree Maker unless I immediately upgrade to FTM 2017 and pay more money. The same thing happened on Dec 31, 2016 when I had to drop everything to update from 2014 to 2014.1. At that time I was advised to make a duplicate tree file on Ancestry. I took me 2 months to get most of the bugs out of that.
    Why can’t there be a grace period where both programs are functional and able to sync? So that we who paid both for FTM and Ancestry can have time to be able to do an orderly transition with having to stop our research to recheck and debug our existing work.

  24. RR

    First of all, why can you not answer the questions posed here? Several of us have asked about the $29.95 pre-order upgrade those who sign up for Software MacKiev’s mailing list before March 29. I signed up & received the e-mail, but nowhere was an option for the $29.95 price. Clearly I’m not the only one with this issue. Could you please tell us how to get this upgrade price!

    And I agree with the post by Jerry Smith. Why are we being told about this at the very last minute? My trees contain very detailed sources and media. If my trees crash, this will not be just an annoyance–it will be catastrophic and decades of research and thousands of hours of work will be lost. I know there are countless others who will be in the same boat. Telling us about this change at the very last minute is not the least bit reassuring that this will go smoothly!

  25. KC

    My trees haven’t been in sync since 2015 although I was a Ancestry world subscriber – every time I hit a glitch and requested help, I was told Ancestry was in charge while MacKiev prepared to do a good job when they took over. When I went to sync in Dec 2016 – Ancestry would only tell me to unsync trees – they would not help further. This past week I had to unload Windows 10 and reinstall. My disc was FTM1400 – it wasn’t the upgrade FTM1401 that an tech handled. I did not install either of the FTM 2014 or FTM2014-1 software thinking that it would be a cleaner install to just install the fresh new product. Am I right or should I be installing the FTM2014-1?

  26. MDubuc

    ALL: As you go in to this…just think back and remember how messed up the ‘New’ Ancestry rollout was. I suggest you have everything backed up, and a large bottle of aspirin.

  27. Glen

    I purchased Family Tree maker deluxe a few years ago which still works. However I also purchased an upgrade in 2012 which had glitches and which has now gone off my computer. As a result I lost many files and those backs up and saved not being able to be accessed or read due to corrupted files.

    Since obtaining a new laptop a year ago I reinstalled the old family tree maker deluxe which works to a point although will not allow me to link to one of my trees saying it is linked? Can someone from Mc Kiev advise me please whether I can purchase an upgrade, or need to purchase your new product wnich was available prior to this new upgrade? Is there a number one can call Mc Kiev on? The deluxe version is for Windows XP and Vista. THe 2012 upgrade which didn’t work at all for Windows XO, Vista or 7. Am now running Windows 8.1. Thanks

  28. Peter

    Here we go again. A weeks notice that the 12 month support after the last fiasco stops at the end of March. NEVER ONCE (unless cleverly concealed) did you admit that you would cease TREESYNC functionality at that time, only that you had sold off the software. Now, obviously as a sweetner to the deal with mackiev to reduce the costs of redevelopment, it appears you are just pulling the plug. You really are a shady pack of bastards.

  29. Steve Colburn

    I followed the update instructions and the 2014.1 update installer still says I do not have FTM 2014 installed. I do!

  30. Linda Folk

    Will I be able to sync my Family Tree Maker with McKiev? I haven’t been able to sync FTM with Ancestry for a long time and have worked directly on Ancestry instead, so I now have almost a year of work to replace somehow on the Family tree Maker or just give that up and buy McKiev? Will McKiev sync directly with my working tree on Ancestry so I can just start fresh with McKiev? The reason FTM wouldn’t sink with Ancestry anymore was, as it was explained to me by Ancestry customer support, because I have over 50,000 people along with their data in my huge family tree. How can I make my family tree work with the Software McKiev? Is there a way for me to split the tree first for easier sync? Will McKiev be contacting those of us currently using both Ancestry and FTM before the end of March? How can I make the best possible transition?

  31. Jerry Smith

    So what it looks like they are saying is that if we purchase the FTM 2014.1 that we already received free 3 months ago within the next week then we can get FTM 2017 for 29.95.

  32. Sue Carran- Stout

    I was given a free 14.1 upgrade but bought the CD when MacKiev took over from Ancestry, I wasn’t impressed as it still had many of the same glitches that were in the old Ancestry version, plus several new ones. In February this year, I was given another upgrade to 14.1 and it has been a nightmare. Whole families duplicated, relationships altered, trees that were perfect on Ancestry were a mess once synced to FTM. I am spending hours trying to sort out the mess and am now too frightened to sync any of my five trees. So what will FTM2017 do for me?

  33. Darryl Klinge

    Once I’ve heard of the hassle that Ancestry discontinued Family Tree Maker and later, sold it of to MacKiev I’ve started to look for alternatives – FTM on the Mac has always been troublesome. I’ve compared several genealogy apps for mac and finally bought Macfamilytree 8, never regretted my decision. Finally a working sync across my devices and they also got an impressive mobile app for my Iphone. Their site is:

  34. Vivien Winterburn

    You have informed me that I can obtain the new MacKiev version at a discounted price as I own the Ancestry 2014 version of FTM – but not let me know how I can order it before 29 March and also what price in UK currency it costs – no use quoting dollars to me as I live in UK!

  35. Tina

    Hello Can someone please tell me where are my DNA results that were submitted in January 2017? They showed delivered a lot earlier than what you all recorded and it has now been over 8 weeks. I have purchased a total of 7 tests. I would think I would be given a little more consideration that what is being given especially since one that is pending is my own test. Please advise! thank you

  36. Barbara Mills

    I can’t believe how many people are panicking over this and don’t read the published information – People, please go to the MacKiev Family Treemaker Website – there are 2 really well written articles about this change over to the new FTM2017 release and links in the articles to order the new version. If you have already purchased a version of the MacKiev FTM product you are eligible for free or reduced price upgrade to the new 2017 FTM and the site will help you determine which one you are eligible for. I ordered my upgrade lastnight – I know that I was not eligible for the free version so I ordered a payfor upgrade and it was a very easy process to get the upgrade advance ordered.

    As far as those of you who are having trouble syncing your Tree with Ancestry – you should be contacting the people at MacKiev to have a chat with them to have them help you with your trees and your version of FTM – I had problems with my FTM 2014.01 version that wouldn’t allow me to sync after Jan 27 and the people at FTM were very helpful once the problem was identified and a fix was figured out. But you can’t just complain about your problem and not work with them to expect them to help you get a fix. Please use the live chat for best results in getting your problems worked on and identified and then fixed. I found that the MacKiev technicians were very helpful but know that the people at Ancestry are not who you need to be talking to about the bulk of the problems anylonger so it does’t really do any good to talk to them about your software issues and they will likely refer you to the techs at MacKiev to help you get your problems resolved. MacKiev does not have a phone number you can pick up and call – you need to go thru the website to report the issues and then get on the live chat for best results – the technicians are very helpful – believe me, I know – if someone doesn’t seem to know what you are dealing with ask for another technician who may be more knowledgeable – as in everything – they will have newer people working on the chatlines and more experienced people available too that can be brought in too if your situation warrants it.

    So to summarize – Please go to the MacKiev site and you should be able to get most of your problems and quesstions answered for both the upgrade and syncing issues. I’m so looking forward to the new upgrade and can’t wait to see how quickly the new Sync works – I have a tree with nearly 50 K people on it so speed is important to me!

  37. L A Freeland

    Is MacKiev a Russian company? I am done with FTM and looking to switch to some other program. Does anyone have experience with another program that equates to FTM?

  38. LE

    for Matt from MacKiev — An issue others may be dealing with
    You seem to be a voice for the company.
    A cousin of mine made a purchase very recently (not knowing of the changes coming) because of an Ancestry Support suggestion to fix a problem. I think it was last week because the USB drive she bought is not shipping though the explanation was not clear to her as to why. (I explained what I think is the issue the impending release.) She also bought some of the other software options but later discovered some will not work on her computer. She wanted to cancel that part of the purchase but no one has responded by email and the sales office phone number that her bank got for her finally took a message but has not responded either.

    Having a sales customer service staff (that exists and is responsive) to address these types of issues is important, or at the very least clear information on the website as to how to contact someone regarding a sales issue. If it is Live Chat than say so and what times it is available but realize that many people are uneasy about such things or just don’t know how to use it. At present time all one can find is tech support options. Nothing mentions what to do about sales issues/problems and that frankly makes a lot of people uneasy about a company.

    My suggestion is the Software MacKiev make it clearer and easier for customers to contact the company in regards to sales issues.

    I personally have not have any problems with 2014.1 (or the earlier versions) or the software option plugin that I bought last year.

  39. Karen

    LAFreeland the bio information for the company says it is headquartered in Boston and the main workshop is in Kiev, Ukraine.

  40. Matt from MacKiev

    LE – we are currently out of stock on FTM 2014.1 DVDs and USBs, but no need to worry – for those who are waiting on their order, we will be shipping them the FTM 2017 version when it is released, and they should have received a download link for FTM 2014.1 in the meantime.

    Regarding the other question, the best way to get faster support is indeed to use our Live Chat – a link to speak with someone via chat, as well as hours of operation, can be found by searching for “live chat” on

  41. veronica sanchez jones

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  42. Linda E.

    I didn’t know Ancestry was sold. I hope this doesn’t change things for the worst. I have noticed some slowdowns and items not posting and then I forget to go back and repost. I do have an earlier version of FTM which I never installed due to problems with two different computers. Maybe it is a good thing that I do all my research online with Ancestry. I am sure the problems will be worked out.

  43. Pat

    Matt from MacKiev when are people on your mailing list going to be notified of the sync change-over and pre-order of 2017. The only reason I know is because someone on FB told me – no email newsletter as promised on the 20th. Many users are not on FB or blogs and are relying on an email from you. Will they find out for the first time when syncing stops working?

  44. Jon S

    MacKiev’s support is poor. No call-in, only chat. Chat doesn’t run all the time, just right now with the upgrade. Bottom line is they don’t have enough support people.

    There’s a known bug with 2014.1 and Ancestry sync that causes you to lose your source information.

    Hopefully RootsMagic will get their sync working soon with Ancestry – bigger company, better support, and we can all switch to them. I just don’t see a workable solution with MacKiev – too small.

  45. emam

    I received an email with regards to the new 2017 FTM. The price is $29.95, but in the email the price to purchase in the UK is still £29.95. Why are we being charged the same price in £ as you are paying in $. Today’s conversion from dollars to pounds is £23.81. That is quite a difference.

  46. Paul

    I would like to list a few things I have learned since we were informed by MacKiev of the new FTM 2017 version.

    1. As of 31 March 2017 all previous versions of FTM will not have search, merge, or tips functionality with This includes MacKiev’s own previous version, FTM 2014.1.

    2. If, you are like me and usually wait to install updates or new versions of any software until some of the bugs are worked out, you are out of luck. Upgrade or else on 31 March your software will not work. It will function as a standalone desktop app, but with no connectivity.

    3. The EULA agreement for FTM (including MacKiev’s FTM 2014.1) states the following: “USE IN CONNECTION WITH INTERNET SITES OR SERVICES. This Software allows you, if you have Internet service, to connect and interact with Internet sites owned and operated by and with services operated by third parties (the “Sites”).” It is my opinion that this is a violation of the EULA and constitutes a breach of contract between MacKiev and the customer. The EULA clearly states that FTM 2014.1 functions with online services operated by Ancestry.

  47. Deane Belden

    I ordered the $29.95 update to FTM. Is the update a full program? That is, does the update have to go on the same computer as FTM 2014.1? I’d like to keep the old one intact, just in case of a software glitch.

  48. Dave

    @Deane: According to MacKiev website FTM 2017 will be a separate program. They recommend that you uninstall FTM 2014.1 after installing the new one to avoid running it by mistake but they don’t say you have to do it.

    I don’t remember exactly where I saw this but suspect it might have been part of the pre-order process.

  49. John

    FTM 2017 is scheduled for release tomorrow and I have not seen one screen shot of the program. Very unusual… I guess we will see what it looks like when we buy it.

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