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Ian McKellen, an Oscar nominated actor known for his roles in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit franchise, portrays Cogsworth in Disney’s new live-action film Beauty and the Beast. Similar to his time-keeping character, McKellen’s grand-uncle, Samuel Dunseith McKellen was a watch manufacturer. Samuel McKellen started his own watch manufacturing business in 1861. According to the 1861 England Census, McKellen employed one man. Two years after going into business he began submitting patents for his own watches and clocks.

Samuel McKellen in the household of Margaret McKellen in the 1861 England Census. (Photo: Courtesy of Ancestry)

According to the 1871 England Census, McKellen was still in the manufacturing business.

Samuel McKellen in the household of John Jones in the 1871 England Census. (Photo: Courtesy of Ancestry)

In the 1881 England Census, McKellen had expanded his business to include jewelry and watch manufacturing, and had increased his payroll to two employees.

Samuel McKellen in the 1881 England Census. (Photo: Courtesy of Ancestry)

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