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Get ready for a brand new season of TLC’s hit show “Who Do You Think You Are?” with an inspiring celebrity lineup that includes film and TV stars Jessica Biel, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Grey, John Stamos, Liv Tyler, Noah Wyle, Julie Bowen and music icon Smokey Robinson.WDYTYA

The show follows the emotional journey as they trace their lineage and find answers to long-standing questions.

  • Jessica Biel makes two shocking discoveries that shake everything she knows about her heritage to the core.

  • Julie Bowen uncovers the story of two relatives whose moral codes are from opposite ends of the spectrum.

  • Courteney Cox traces her maternal line back seven centuries to the Medieval times to discover royalty in her lineage and an unbelievable tale of family drama.

  • Jennifer Grey uncovers new information about the grandfather she thought she knew, learning how he survived adversity to become a beacon of his community.

  • Smokey Robinson searches for answers behind the mystery of why his grandfather disappeared from his children’s lives and finds a man tangled in a swirl of controversy.

  • John Stamos digs into the mystery of how his grandfather became an orphan, and learns of tensions between families that led to a horrible crime.

  • Liv Tyler learns that her family is tied into the complicated racial narrative of America.

  • Noah Wyle unravels the mystery of his maternal line, uncovering an ancestor who survived one of America’s bloodiest battles. via TLC

Join us for the season premiere Sunday, March 5th at 10/9c on TLC to watch the exciting twists and turns as the celebrities climb their family tree to reveal surprising discoveries.


  1. Robin

    I’m so glad this show will continue unraveling the mysteries of family lineage. A quality show and personally inspiring in my own family search.

  2. Diana

    How do those of us who do not have cable or satellite service get to see this program? Is there an online option?

  3. KES

    Diana–u can generally see the episodes right after they air at, if you have internet.
    A side note: Sooo happy this show is coming back again this season!! Best show on TV, just love it.

  4. Jane

    Wonderful news!! I was just re-watching some of the earlier shows last night! The family stories are so fascinating and I occasionally pick up hints to help my own family research. It would be nice to know if the professional researchers on the show (who help the stars) also offer their services to the general public? Thanks for the good news about WDYTYA’s return!!

  5. Kim

    Nice entertainment, But there is a lot more to genealogical research than what is shown
    here. To me it appears it is basically an infomercial for research services performed by

  6. Mike

    I am so happy this is back now! You see I’ve been doing genealogy since 2000 at and many of the guests shown on the show our relatives in one way or another and some are already in the family tree. I like to start a tree and follow along with the TV show in my family tree and then go research the line myself and see if it does Tyanne anywhere with my own family tree. I will be very interested to learn about Liv Tyler’s line, as there are many Tylers as cousins. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I also want to say that watching the show gives the viewer some theories for hints on how to go about researching relatives and even if you get stopped you have an avenue with which to work with with the information they give you.

  7. Patricia Anne Miller

    I so wish I could be a candidate for this show! There is not one person on the face of this earth that will tell me who I really am genetically. I have been ostracized by everyone I love and have known as my family because of my efforts to find my real identity. DNA Detectives have started out full throttle and friend’s in their efforts to assist me and they always end with “leave it alone”. “Love the ones you are with”. I started because I wanted to gift my family members with books of our Geneology to pass on for generations. After they all disowned me, I decided to just do it for my children. I did a 23 and Me DNA test and found out the man I believed to be my biological father for 28 years, is not my biological father. My adoptive father, David Felzke, is the only one supporting me in seeking truth. He cannot provide me with answers though. The identities I know are not real. I just wish I had Truth. It’s like mourning a death your whole life but not knowing who you’re mourning. That is the best way I can explain what I’ve felt my whole life. I never knew that David Felzke adopted me when he married my Mom until I was twenty. Now I don’t know if the Mom that raised me is my biological Mother. I don’t even know my real birth name, or Mom’s, or her Mom’s… I’ve tried so hard. One family member said I need psychiatric help because this is so important to me. I just need facts. It won’t change who they all are to me; maybe in factual titles, but not in life memories and capacities. Whatever the secret is, nothing would be so horrible that it would change anything. If anything, I’m sure it would explain why I’ve always been the disposable one in what I know as family. It would explain the unknown tension between my Mom and I. We love each other but I knew I wasn’t wanted but she did try. All the DNA matches I’ve contacted have no answers for me. They are seeking answers themselves. I just want to know. God bless those that help people find their historical selves. I may never know; but I will die trying! -Known as, Patricia Anne Hawkins (birth) Felzke (adoptive) Miller(Marital)

  8. Lois

    I enjoy watching this program, and can’t wait until it airs. Maybe one day us commoners will get the same opportunity to be on the show. Here’s hoping!!!

  9. Trisha

    CAN . NOT . WAIT! Love this show! I wish I was famous so they’d help me with my maternal gr gr grandmother brick wall!!!

  10. Elizabeth

    I wish I could afford to have my ancestry researched. It would be great to find out the secrets of my family.

  11. I’m so thrilled the show is coming back. I found one of the celeb’s were related to my husband. I like so many, wish this could be done on my father’s family. He’s 83 years old and I’ve been doing this for over 30 years. I have yet to be able to get his grandfather out of NY before 1790. His other grandfather is stuck in OH around 1790’s. My family on both sides have been in the US from the beginning. I just wish I could find these two for my dad. We’ve found awesome information, but have come down to the post of having common names (Taylor, Hodge) that have several people with the same name. I’ve been with ancestry from the being. There isn’t enough information for the 1700’s that can help me. I’ve spend over $1000 on “professionals” to find them giving me the same information I already have or connected me to families that are not mine. So, I’ve quit asking for professional help. I look forward to watching these shows! I’ve even found “Finding your Roots” that you sponsor and enjoy that as much as this show! Please keep them coming!

  12. CLewis

    Attention: Patricia Hawkins, try contacting the show Long Lost Family, see if they can help you. Good luck, don’t give up!

  13. Diane

    I really love the WDYTYA show– it is interesting to have the celebrities’ ancestry covered.
    But what about covering an average person on the show??

  14. Pat

    I look forward to watching WDYTYA every season. I also look forward to watching the English counterpart, WDYTYA. The English have been doing this for 13 or 14 seasons. The stories are very involved and fascinating. Give them a try.

  15. Sharron

    I am THRILLED about watching this season’s series of WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!
    I have been doing Family Genealogy (researching) for over 30 years now. Travel here and there gathering documents as confirmation of our “Family Ties” and helping others find their missing links which is most rewarding of all!
    As Town Historian, I had the pleasure of working with a Good Friend, Don P. researching “The Ancestor” of one of the Star’s on this season’s episode. Together, we gathered pertinent information about this Ancestor! We worked on this for “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE” and this evening confirmation of the identity of that Star is what I received. I am beside myself with excitement now that I know who she and knowing her connection to her Ancestor who were from here, and also knowing there are descendants living here today! I Thank You Don P., and to WDYTYA Chris, Allie, and Tim as well, for the privilege of working on this project that is going to make that Star very happy with the outcome! This is so rewarding!

  16. lisa thomas

    Love this show. I’m so glad they are bringing it back. I think everybody needs to know where they have come from. It’s very interesting how people find out who they are & where they come from. Most everybody is an immigrant or family has come here from another country. That’s why it’s so nice to watch this WDUTYA because you never now where people come from & who they are. Love this show.

  17. Sandra McGuire

    I am so happy to see this show return … I will DVR it so I don’t miss an episode. I have followed the shows from the first … they are always deeply interesting to me … no matter who they are researching. Your subjects are so very very lucky to have access to such professional help in researching the family.

  18. Donna R Norris

    They ALSO have a British version online!! See all about J.K. Rowling, & Patrick Stewart (& much more!) from past seasons!! Fascinating!!

  19. Deb

    I just want ancestry to know that after 3 months, i still have not received the results. For ancestry to be a big well known company then this is ridiculous how
    Long it takes to get results. I will never recommend anyone to use ancestry. Very unhappy with this company.

  20. Connie Peake

    I loved this show in the beginning , but this season is very slow and bordering on boring, just finished Jennifer Grays episode and they never even left Brooklyn…1 hour of talking about one ancestor. This show is supposed to be a tracing of family trees like what was done when your show began….disappointing to say the least..sorry but I love genealogy and want to see more about actual family trees. Thanks for listening.

  21. Jill P.

    I have enjoyed watching this show in the past, but I am getting pretty tired of all of the political commentary needlessly inserted into the episodes. I watch this kind of thing as a little escape from the negativity of the current cultural issues, and to benefit from the history lessons of the various families. Frankly, I will not continue to watch if the negative comments persist. Let us have our entertainment sans the politics. Just wanted to let you know; I know I am not alone in my views, and you might find your viewership falling off . Thanks for your time.

  22. Randy D

    Good show. I like the discovery of family links and the twists and turns it takes. I don’t like shows like the one with Bowen where they already knew the genealogy and just focused on making current political statements and personal validation and loosely related that to an ancestor’s supposed behavior. Didn’t feel good about that show at all.

  23. Deborah May

    Its on to late. I cant keep my open long enough to enjoy the stories and history in each story.
    Pleas put on a little earlier for us old floks

  24. Deborah May

    I love this show.
    Its AMERICA people ,we all are free to give opinions .
    Don’t screw it up

  25. Trudy R

    I love this show and lost it when we eliminated cable for an exterior satellite, but the TLC website featured Courtney Cox’s session which was phenomenal. I agree with a few of the other comments that any political posturing should be minimized.

  26. Ingrid Kartchner

    When the questions you
    had are answered, you are left with more! The more you know the there is to learn. Try to be satisfied .

  27. Torrian Frazier

    I wonder how long it took them to get their dna test results back? Mine have been stuck at “arrived” since February 15th.

  28. Larry Ridgley

    Enjoyed the 1st episode with Courtney Cox. Discovered that I, too, am related to Thomas de Berkely (19th Great Grandfather), so that means I’m related to Courtney! I’d love to know how to contact her and find out exactly how we’re related.

  29. Chris

    I have tried to watch 2 episodes (Noah Wyle and Jennifer Grey), both of which stopped part way through and would not continue when trying to view online through Spectrum. This is very frustrating. Either I can or cannot watch whole episodes on my computer. So far, it is proving that trying to view through my computer is just a tease. Furthermore, I cannot even find out when it actually comes on on my TV. I really like this show, but now I know why I lost touch with it…I never know when I can see it.

  30. Jan K

    Just watching Jennifer Biel and see where Ancestry may have misled her. Ms. Biel always thought she was German; however, in the 1910 Census, she finds that her relatives are listed as being Austro-Hungarian and speaking Hungarian. Thus, she was ‘shocked’ to find out she was Hungarian and not German. What the Ancestry ‘specialist’ didn’t tell her was that in the 1700s, many Saxon Germans emigrated to what was known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the Hapsburg’s urging. German was naturally the spoken language; however, in the 19th Century, the Hungarian nationalist political movement sought to assimilate German-speaking citizens and their economic power into Hungarian culture. One of the results of this movement was the forced replacement of the German language in ethnic German schools with the Hungarian language. Thus, Ms. Biel’s ancestors were probably German but, depending on the region they were from, they spoke Hungarian (Magyar). (Most of the Germans that retained their language were in the Transylvanian region of Hungary.) I know because I have done extensive research on my family’s heritage within that region. My GGrandma was from the Transylvanian (Siebenbürgen) region but was quick to point out they were NOT Hungarian — they were German. That said, my GGrandfather served in the Hungarian Army, spoke both German and Hungarian and was listed on Census records as being from Austro-Hungary. The fact the Ancestry ‘expert’ didn’t point this German/Hungarian history to Ms. Biel was rather surprising.

  31. T_Storm

    Smokey Robinson. I was disappointed how his research was projected by the “experts”. 1910 census showed that his grandmother was married twice (never mentioned). Dewey (this first child listed in the 1910 census) could have been a son of the first marriage of Smokey’s grandmother (he was born 1900 and Smokey’s grandfather was not divorced from his first wife until 1912 – Smokey’s aunt was born in 1916 which would have fit with the second marriage of the grandparents). Because of your overlooking of this information, your “experts” made Smokey believe that his grandmother was “fooling around” prior to the marriage. He mentioned a couple of times that it didn’t fit his memories of his grandmother. Please work on your research for correctness before the program. Also tell people where you got your documentation besides I’m getting tired of someone having the guest out in the middle of the goldfield or at a church and whip out a document that they just happen to have on their person.

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