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We caught up with Debbie Mieszala, CG℠ at Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) Conference 2016 to ask her why Midwestern family history research is so exciting.

Midwestern Libraries to visit,
Newberry Library (Chicago, IL)
Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, WI)

Connect with Debbie on her blog and enjoy more short videos from genealogy experts in our Family History Expert Series playlist on YouTube.


  1. Tammy Patton-Porter

    I had my DNA done by a swab in my mouth. I see now a different type of DNA done by Ancestry will it provide the same information or more detail. I am 43% Irish, my father always said we were ” Black Irish”. I went to Ireland they stated there was no such thing. Most of my family I find in Missouri, VA, coming from who knows, a few I have been able to trace to Ireland however I do not know what country they were from. I think by grandmother was from well close to Russia. Can you help me

  2. Harriet Guilford Hurlburt

    My Mother always said that We were related to Lady Jane Grey or (GRAY DON’t know which spelling is correct)

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