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We are the largest consumer genetic testing company! It took us 11 months to go from 1 million to 2 million customers and just seven months later, we’ve surpassed 3 million customers in our AncestryDNA database.

Hear some of the powerful discoveries customers have made with the help of AncestryDNA,

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With now more than 3,000,000 people genotyped (DNA tested) who are connecting to family and making discoveries of their own, what are you waiting for? Learn how to discover your family history with AncestryDNA.


  1. Monika

    I am repeating a comment here that I made on another ACOM blog this morning. I just had one very negative and one VERY positive experience calling ACOM’s customer service. I contacted customer service via e-mail yesterday because of the following issue: I have a DNA test result page for myself and then I also administer a DNA test result page for my husband. I noticed that ancestry has erroneously placed several DNA test results on my DNA page that should be on my husband’s page and I asked them yesterday afternoon via e-mail to transfer these results from my page onto his page. This morning, my DNA test results page was completely blank but I was able to access my husband’s DNA test results without any difficulties. They were all there. This was the case both on my desktop computer and my laptop computer. (Two totally different computers with two different browsers.) I was able to access both pages (my test results page and my husband’s test results page) until midnight last night. So I decided to call customer service. The first person I talked to immediately said “It has to be your browser”. (That’s the lazy answer that some ACOM customer service representatives use as a Mantra.) Oh, yeah, my browsers (two different browsers on two different computers) will not let me see MY DNA test results page but will let me see my husband’s DNA test results page–hours after I had just written them an e-mail to transfer some data from my page to my husband’s page, where it belongs! Do I have “stupid” written on my forehead??? So I hung up and called again. This time I had the good fortune of having an intelligent and friendly customer service representative who stated that “Oh, yes, it will not load on my computer either! Let me try something!”…and “whoops” my page was back and visible on both my laptop and my desktop. This “It’s your browser!” Mantra is really getting old. Thank goodness for the few good customer service representatives at ACOM and my having had the luck to come across one of them today!

  2. Sue

    I would like to ask if the newest results can be placed first in any list of matches as it takes ages to go through all of the pages. On that point I feel that most people don’t look at their distant matches because it takes so long to get to, say, page 50. To my mind there should be the option to look at page 1-9, 10-19 and so on to get the furthest pages much more quickly. As it is I feel most matches are totally wasted.

  3. Janice

    For Sue. You can click on button to see just new matches. You can also search matches by surname or location.

  4. Mardi

    Congratulations on reaching over three million! I was able to find my mother’s parental family on AncestrryDNA (she was adopted), and for that I am grateful. The only item missing is a chromosome browser, and then AncestryDNA would be more complete, as it is now, even though there’s a large database and the best family tree network (wish more customers would include their family tress, however) still not having a chromosome browser is a big handicap for genitic genealogists. Hope AncestryDNA will add this important feature soon.

  5. Sandy

    I too wish for a chromosome browser. Many testers don’t reply to messages. If I’m going to solve my brick walls without their help seeing where the match is on the chromosome would be incredibly helpful!!!

  6. Rick szanyi

    I would like to share my story with if you could email me I would appreciate it and I can email my success story. In brief after 37 years My daughter who is in Guam has found me here i NJ using Ancestry DNA….RIchard Szanyi MSgt USAF Ret.

  7. Alan Doyne

    What we still need on Ancestry DNA is a filter that allows us to restrict oru matches to trees with more than 100 ( or whatever you might choose) people or to exclude private trees, I they see a confirmed common ancestor they can contact us. Dealing with 50 pages of ‘New Matches’ gets tiresome when most of them are useless.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      Hi @Alan, thanks for posting today, we will certainly note your suggestion about filter options within the DNA matches section to see if a feature such as that could be added going forward. Apologies for any frustration that is being caused as you work through your matches.

  8. Katie Rowland

    Yay! It’s so cool that more and more people are doing this. I finally got a test and I’m so excited but unfortunately it appears to be lost in the mail not moving. Waiting the amount of time to call but I hope it gets moving!! Ready to find some family!!

  9. Nina

    Congratulations on this milestone. Is it possible to break down where your 3 million customers live? As the first person in my family to live in the United States, I wonder what the odds are that someone in my family tree has taken the DNA test as well thus increasing the chance of having matches.

  10. Monika

    @Nina. I, too, am the only person in my immediate family to ever have moved to the United States. But, like everyone else, I have e.g., 5th great-grandfathers and they had brothers and sisters, who had children. I am surprised to find that descendants from these brothers and sisters, at one point in their lives, immigrated to the United States and show up in my DNA test results. I am sure that some of my ancestors sisters also came to the U.S., but it is a bit more difficult to connect the dots there, unless our “DNA matches” have researched their lines as far back as you have. If they have, sooner or later the common surnames show up and you can make the connection.

  11. David Bonham

    Did John Quincy Henderson daughter marry Ellen Henderson marry obed Bonham of the Cherokee nation

  12. David Bonham

    I need a DNA I was told I was a direct descendent of John Quincy Henderson of the Henderson roll of the Cherokee nation

  13. ginny

    I have DNA kits for my daughter, grandson and me. We all have colds. Will that effect our DNA? Should we wait until we are cold-free?

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @ginny While a cold would have no effect on your results, for your own comfort sake it would do no harm to hold off until you’re back to 100%.

  14. Rosanne frongillo

    Thanks to dna ancestry i helped my mom finally find her biological family. Got the test results took 10 minutes to research and with the help of google and facebook 10 minutes thats all after looking for almost 70 years alot more to the story. Thanks dna ancestry

  15. caith

    My past experience with Ancestry is that I call 3 different times, and talk to 3 different reps and get 3 DIFFERENT answers. Usually I am then lucky enough to get someone who is not a new-hire.

  16. pmh

    How do I get in the DNA circle (I have been tested a year or so ago) And I am sure my tree is public. How can I verify this and get into the DNA circle

  17. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I
    clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr…
    well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

  18. Wendy

    I was just curious, how long does the DNA kit usually stay in the “Arrived” stage? My kid arrived to AncestryDNA on Feb 3, 2017 and I just thought it would be in “Lab Processing” by now. Is the longest wait between these 2 stages?

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Wendy, due to high demand at the moment, results may take longer than our usual 6-8 weeks to be processed. We sent an email out to customers who would be affected to advise them about the delay. If you didn’t receive this email, try checking your email’s Inbox settings or rules to make sure it wasn’t redirected or accidentally deleted. Let us know if we can help in any other way.

  19. Gretchen Leisen

    I have written several emails to DNA matches via the ancestry contact link. I am curious as to how your email system works. Do you forward an email to the person being contacted – or do you send them a message which includes a link directly to the email? Or a third option – do they discover the email when they just happen to randomly open up their DNA results report?

  20. Arland Kunz

    I ordered a dna kit in November and sent it in and have yet to receive the results. Where do we let them know or find out when I will get the results?

  21. Shelley

    Hi Ancestry — The more results in the database, the more critical it is that users have the tools to mark and analyse their matches.

    It’s very disappointing that a gold Star is the only current option. (I have three very close clusters I’d like to study for links back; I’ve starred people in one and it would be great to have another icon to use for the other two. And no, the simple surname sort doesn’t help for this, as it brings in coincidental names, and misses some in the clusters.)

    What about introducing a range of colour-coded stars?

    That, plus a chromosome browser, would be extremely helpful!

  22. Celeste Ancar

    These DNA companies say you can not use the results in any court or for financial assistance for ethic minority, so why are they selling this to the public? It’s a game to make money?Just switch the saliva sample with an African American and a Caucasian, than send it in. Will the Caucasian have results that include African heritage? Play the game.

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