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Can you recognize our U.S. Congress members from their high school yearbook photos?

Explore our U.S., School Yearbooks collection for throwback photos of your ancestors with over 372 million records spanning the years 1880 to 2012. The U.S. Yearbook Collection includes millions of images from thousands of U.S. high schools, junior highs, academies, colleges, and universities.



  1. J Clinton

    Perpetuating error – can not attach sources to ancestor in tree. This has been a standing issue greatly reducing the value offers its user community. As this persistent problem greatly diminishes the functional capability of we shuld receive some form of compensation for not receiving the services for which we have paid in the form of a rebate or discount on renewal (if we renew subscription) or monetary payment if we do not.

  2. For over a week “hints” will not attach persons in my tree. If this is a problem with updating and/or fixing glitches with the program, I would appreciate knowing when this problem might be fixed. I, like J Clinton, feel that a reduction in my membership subscription should be applied when I renew my subscription

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      Hi @Carole, apologies for the delay in responding to you. We believe the error with saving hints to your tree should be resolved at this point, if you’re still having trouble with this please clear the cache on your browser and then log back into your Ancestry account and you should then be able to do that. We hope that helps.

  3. Pam Hamlet Graham

    I am just trying to find ab LP

    I just want to know about my dad side of his family on Father’s side and mothers side.

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