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The story was not a new one for Dale Frye. He had grown up knowing about a half-sister who was conceived in California, 20 years before he was born, following a short stay there by his father.

Dale took an AncestryDNA test with the hopes of finding some clues on his sister. With no immediate close connections, he started to lose hope. A year later, he received a message from a woman named Terry, who was located in California, and curious how they could be so closely related.

As Terry and Dale’s wife Polly started to put the pieces together, they quickly realized this was going to be quite the surprise for Gloria Molner, Terry’s mother. Gloria was an only child, raised by her mother and a man she thought was her biological father.

When we heard their story, we decided to fly Dale and his wife Polly out to meet Gloria and her children, Terry and Wayne. It was an emotional reunion for all.

“We’ve got a big family now … we’ve got to stick together” ~ Gloria Molner

I feel honored to have been part of Dale and Gloria’s reunion, and am thrilled to see the immediate bond that formed between them and the rest of the family. They are already making arrangements for Gloria to visit her other siblings in the Midwest.



  1. Bonnie Szydlowski

    Similar thing just happened to my older half sister (shared mother). She just was contacted through Ancestry by her younger half sister. They share a father. Her new sibling grew up believing that the man who raised her was her biological father. Ancestry showed the extremely close relationship of my sister to this new sibling.

  2. Kristie Wells

    @Bonnie: Thank you for sharing your sister’s story. I hope her new sibling and she end up with a similar result as Dale and Gloria – embracing the extended family and showing love for all.

  3. Barbara Brigham Cox

    I don’t mean to offend anyone but I wanted information on my family.I would lobe to have my own story.

  4. Carrie

    Tear-jerker! Got my mom a DNA kit for Mother’s Day 2016. Got an extremely close hit. Found out my mom (who is 76 and an only child) has a half-sister. After much emailing back and forth trying to match up military dates, residence, etc., we did a conference call. We are all so thrilled. My mom’s new sister said she always knew deep down that her father wasn’t her biological father, but had nothing to go on. Then she and another sister she had grown up with all her life took a DNA test and those results indicated they were half not whole sisters. Then she knew she had to keep looking. She had given up over the past few years trying to find out who her biological father was. Her 60-year quest finally paid off. My mom and her new sister have just scratched the surface. They have so much to learn about each other and my mom can share stories about their father (my grandfather). Thank you Ancestry for making this happen. What a blessing.

  5. Jane Moore

    Love their story! And yes, the story is happening more and more because of I have found 4 families with DNA testing. 1 was adopted at birth and her aunt submitted 2 months after my friend. They are meeting for the first time this week. So excited for them both and the Half sister resulting from the find.

  6. Dawn Green

    I have so many questions, know my father had one maybe two daughters but even on his death bed would not tell where or who they were.Took DNA test am anxiously awaiting results!

  7. Barbara

    What a wonderful story. Because of family “drama” I never knew any cousins with my maiden surname. Through ancestry I was able to meet with a 2nd cousin with the same surname for the first time. We share a family resemblance to each other!

  8. Susan Denim

    I think it is a grand thing you enabling all these people to be together. I would love that. But I have looked . No one name there. But I just want to state you doing marvellous thing. Please is this still all through the police service or who is it? Not being funny I thought the police were not very friendly. Albeit two had to call a few weeks ago. One was very friendly . He played with my dog. The other one looked moody. But maybe he just thought what are we doing here? I don’t know. I think I prefer the police service as it was years ago we would wait each night at the gates for a policeman to come along we all knew him. And he would ask us all had we all been good. Or he have to have a word with our Parents. He was a great person. Wish I still saw policemen walking around at certain times. Could do with them now. But we don’t . Children will never know how happy I got when I see him coming and we all be waiting for him. I hope he okay.

  9. Janet E Steppick

    I have DNA results. Can you explain Europe East 43% and Europe West 13%. What countries are included in each??? These were the highest percentage rates. Thanks, Janet

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Janet: Hi, we have a number of helpful articles available from the DNA results page. These can be accessed by clicking on the question mark icon located in the top right of either of your results pages. There are 8 great articles here (on the ethnicity page) and we hope you will find these helpful.

  10. Thia

    I have an extremely close DNA match as a possible 1st cousin but no one in either chart matches fir that link.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  11. Mary fleischman

    If I did join,or want to find out somethg what is it you can tell me.why should I?I’m 63and actually limited monthly.that’s why I ask.please confirm back what this would help me with to join or can u find out something within my family I should know?if money,I’m still waiting to strike it better.thanks mary

  12. Barbara Ann Johnson

    Hello Kristie,This is an inspiring story and video. Thanks to Ancestry and the DNA test. my mother who is 90 found her half sister who’s 87 and was given up for adoption in 1929 in San Francisco. Little did they know that they were growing up just across the Oakland Bay Bridge from each other.When my Grandmother was very sick in 1971 she told my mother that she had a baby girl and gave her away not having the means to take care of two young children.She made my mother promise to never tell anyone.Two years ago my mother told me and I knew I had to search for her.After getting both our DNA done a match came up and I wrote to the woman and she said both her Grandparents were adopted in the San Francisco Area.I really felt I may had found my mom’s sister.The woman said her Grandmother was still alive and sent me a picture of her.She looked just like my Grandmother and my Great Grandmother.I was thrilled but still had no proof. A year went by and I kept searching and finally the woman’s GM got her DNA test results.She was a match with my mother and i and also all of my GM maternal side on Ancestry.We have communicated with the new found sister and plan to meet in October 2016.Luckily she only lives 4 hrs away from us. We are truly thankful for this connection and want to Thank

    • Kristie Wells

      Barbara, thank you so much for sharing your mother’s story with us. Incredible they have finally connected, and I am thrilled to hear you have made plans to meet next month! If they are both open to doing so, we would love to see a photo of their reunion that we could then share on this blog too. Please send to us at as I am sure our members would be just as happy to help celebrate in your own success!

  13. Jim Kelleher

    I found a 46 y/o son Brian, that I never knew I had through an ancestry DNA test. His mother put him up for adoption through Catholic Charities after his birth in 1970. Brian spent 32 years looking for his birth parents and found me in May of 2016. In turn I found his mother and since then we have both reunited with him. Next week his is going to NYC to meet his “new siblings” by his mother and then flying to Chicago to meet his other “new siblings.” He refers to this as “The Great Sibling Tour of 2016.” You are doing great work for adoptees.

  14. Margaret Garrison

    I am 78 and have never known a thing for certain about my birth family. I received a DNA kit for Mothers Day this year. In the past few weeks I have found the family of a brother, talked to a sister and a half brother. I have gotten messages from by Mother’s brothers family. So much information when such a short time ago I knew nothing. I could never know about my birth family without Ancestry. Thank you.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      It is currently $99 for the kit and then $9.95 for standard shipping, which takes 7-10 business days, or $24.95 for expedited shipping, which takes 2-3 business days.

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