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Glamor belongs to Hollywood’s Golden Age. But we all had our awkward phase, right? We’ll let you be the judge with this sampler of pre-fame photos from the Ancestry U.S., School Yearbooks, 1880-2012 collection.

Eldred Peck



Gregory Peck spent only a year at San Diego State before moving on the Berkeley, where he developed a taste and talent for acting. He was still going by his first name, Eldred, back then, too.



James Stewart

A few years earlier, on the opposite coast, James Maitland Stewart was hitting the books at Princeton. With a little track, glee club, dramatics, and “declamation” on the side.




Liz Taylor junior prom

What do you want to bet everybody who attended remembers this prom held on the Paramount sound stage—especially Bob Precht, who snagged a dance with Elizabeth Taylor?




Gene Kelly

Speaking of dance partners, you could have done worse at the University of Pittsburgh than taking a turn with student Gene Kelly. (In fact, you probably couldn’t have done much better.)



Betty Bacal

“May your dreams of an actress overflow to the brim.” We wish we had whoever wrote that about Betty Bacal picking stocks for our 401ks.



Norma Baker


She was neither blonde nor Marilyn when Norma Baker appeared as a sophomore in the University High School yearbook in 1942.



Marrion Morrison

Marion Morrison was a double threat as a junior at Glendale High School in 1923: a class vice president and athlete.


Hepburn bren mawr





No pants yet for Katherine Hepburn in 1928. Maybe they were against the dress code at Bryn Mawr.


  1. Nancy Cole

    Betty Bacall went to Julia Richmond High School, around the corner from me..My 2 nd cousin was in her class… in New York City …graduated in 1941, I believe…..said she was a smart gal….

  2. Denise

    Thanks for showing us these famous Hollywood stars! I love looking at the yearbooks to find my relatives -the ones I know & some I don’t. Please continue to add to this great collection.

  3. Charles O'Carroll Watson

    What are the total # of DNA tests so far?
    How many records are in Ancestry?
    Why don’t my 4th Great Grandfather & his Brothers show up? Charles Carroll signed the Declaration of Independence. His Brothers John & William were 1st Bishop of Maryland, Also the 1st Governor

  4. Molly Bartscher

    James Arness, his brother Peter Graves and Arlene Dahl all graduated from Washburn High School in Minneapolis MN about the same time as my father, Morgan James O’Brien, class of 1941.

  5. mercy

    My brother was a champion in atletics, from the late 80’s.Robert Thwala from Porterville College.He hold a cross country records, but now we never here anything about him for the last 20 yrs.he never come back home in South Africa until now.We don’t know whether he still alive.Anyone know where he is please email

  6. Paula

    That photo of Norma Baker is wonderful. How many girls look and feel awkward at that age, only to blossom a year or two (or ten!) later?

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