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In honor of National Sisters’ Day, we teamed up with British Airways to unite two sisters from Texas, for the first time, with their long-lost sister in the UK.

Mandy Shore was born in Britain during World War II and was raised by her adoptive parents. When she began researching her family tree Mandy discovered that her mother was a single woman who had lived near an American air force base but her father continued to remain a mystery for many years. That mystery began to unravel after Mandy took an AncestryDNA test.

To her surprise the AncestryDNA database revealed that she had two half-sisters on her father’s side, who were living in Texas. After connecting over email, Lynn Garner and Ann Burrage were able to complete the puzzle for Mandy. Their father had been an American G.I. and as the war ended he moved to Texas, married, and had two daughters without ever knowing about Mandy.

Understanding the value of family ties, British Airways and Ancestry came together to provide Lynn and Ann with flights to visit their newly discovered sister in Britain, but the surprise came sooner than expected and the wonderful moment in which the three sisters meet for the first time was captured in a video that debuts today. View the video:


Want your Chance to Discover London?

Inspired by the story of these long-lost sisters, British Airways is offering the chance to explore the rich history of the UK with a chance to win one of three round trip tickets for two to London plus hotel accommodations for four nights.

To give other families the chance to have the trip of a lifetime, British Airways and Ancestry have launched a social media sweepstakes where three people will be able to win a pair of roundtrip Club World (business class) tickets on British Airways complete with four nights at the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane Hotel. Enter below for your chance to win.

Note: There are three separate entry periods August 4-August 26, August 27-September 11, and September 12-September 30 with one winner being selected for each entry period. This blog post will be updated with the eligible entry form for each entry period. All U.S. residents are eligible to enter once during each entry period. Official sweepstakes rules can be found here.

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  1. juliemccarthy141

    such a tear jerker! and what a lovely gift from BA and Ancestry. DNA testing is changing our lives more each day!

  2. LesleeK

    What a wonderful story! I’m very happy these sisters were able to reconnect and continue as a bigger family. What a blessing!

  3. Marilyn Virella

    What a WONDERFUL experience for these ladies. British Airways you are the most compassionate airline, bless you.

  4. Jane

    The Sisters’ Story really touched my heart! How wonderful that British Airlines has joined forces w/ Ancestry to bring these sisters together! Have always wanted to visit London, so I entered the Sweepstakes yesterday, but I cannot locate the ‘entry’ link to enter again on a daily basis. The only link is to the ‘rules’…?

  5. Elizabeth

    I have been on this ancestry journey for 18 years and I would love to be able to make the connection with long lost loved ones like you did. So incredibly HAPPY for you all. Ancestry Rocks!

  6. Deb

    I, too, was adopted, but it was by my maternal grandparents. I’ve been searching for my paternal family for the past 30 years. I did learn that I have an older brother, but I’d love to know about my father and his family. I did the Ancestry DNA process, which revealed that the Cherokee heritage I’d long been told I had, is not true, but rather I have possible Scottish/Irish ancestry through my maternal grandmother. Unfortunately, her name was Laura White – which makes it difficult to pursue further. I’ll keep trying, though!

  7. Constance

    I, too, would love to know anything at all about my father’s family. Unfortunately, his name was a common one, Charles Albert Brown. I submitted my DNA to Ancestry a few yrs. ago but the closest family I’ve been notified of are fourth cousins so far. I do know that he had other children, but I know nothing of them. I don’t know if they know of me.

  8. Carol Torres

    My grandmother was married in 1911, had two sons, and they parted in 1920. After my father died at the age of 96 an avid genealogist in our family discovered that our paternal grandfather had changed his name by one letter, moved to California and had ten more children! We dont think our father knew of the extent of this other family. Over time we have have meet several of our half uncles and a half aunt and they are very nice people.

  9. Janet Hickey

    What a wonderful story! My sister and I with my daughter gave been trying to plan a trip to the UK for years. This win would be a lovely surprise for all. We have been wanting to step foot on the land of our ancestors for so long. Thank you for this generous opportunity.

  10. Rebecca Rice

    I have been on ancestry and done our tree and shared. When my side gets to England it gets much harder and my husband who was born in Wales and lived in England well the files from Wales are particularly hard to find. British Airways and Ancestry really provided in this story. We have two new nephews in Ringwood, would love to meet them. Thank you for this opportunity.

  11. Regina

    My dad was over in England during World War II and he sired a son and I would love to find him. I guess I will have to do the DNA matching, hoping that maybe that he’s done it too…

  12. Charlotte McClanahan

    With Ancestry DNA and a lot of research, I have been able to confirm my mother’s paternal family.
    She never knew who her father was, Grandma took that secret with her. My eldest aunt had an idea, but no evidence. Following up on my Aunt’s idea, several years ago, I created a family tree looking for clues, but no luck. Then I took the DNA test and got a first cousin match with the mystery family! Subsequent research has revealed many more paternal family DNA matches.
    My mother passed away 5 years ago, so I can’t share the discovery with her. And I won’t contact her father’s family out of respect and to avoid upsetting anyone. But what an amazing find.

  13. Stephanie Haskell

    This would be a great thing for my sister and I as we grew up with different fathers and only knew our moms side growing up till pur twenties. Even though she met her dad’s side I never knew anyone other than a few people that I found out later on in life. I think it would be good to see where we come from, it will also being us closer.

  14. Penny Malone

    What a wonderful gift to win & what a beautiful story. Thanks Ancestry & British Airways.

  15. Margaret Knox

    Lovely really enjoyed watching this. I also have a dad in England did try & find
    Him some yrs ago hubby & I got real close though we had a wonderful time. Just not meant to be!!

  16. Ethan Levine

    Ancestry changed my mom’s life. She was orphaned at a young age and grew up thinking she really didn’t have family. Just this year thanks to Ancestry she was reunited with her very large family who live all over the world. Mom is 87 and this is a gift of a lifetime long overdue. Thank you ancestry. I would love to take mom to Europe to meet her family

  17. Angela Smith

    Amazing story. I love to hear how emerging science changes lives. All of the DNA evidence shows how we all have much in common but are unique in our own ways.

  18. Kimberly Flickinger

    This is a wonderful story. I wish I had the chance to trace my British ancestry and also visit my good friend Jillian who lives in Britain.

  19. Susan Piaggio OKeefe

    My ancestors all came from Italy but we have a sister from another mista who lives in London and we would love to go see her again. Thanks, BA!

  20. Ruth Simmons

    My grandfather’s family is from Scotland. His name was William Edward Alexander and he came to Peru but passed away in Cuba. He is burried in Scotland and I have been trying to find the family.

  21. Lisa Borden

    I’ve been using for a couple of years now and love it! I traced my roots back to the 1300’s, and found my ancestors came from a village in Kent England which is actually named after our family. I’d love to have the opportunity to visit with my sisters and see the village which our descendants came from.

  22. Sukdeo R.

    What a great thing to do British Airways and Ancestry, changing their lives forever. Touching story.

  23. Ernest Sandona

    I am an Italian immigrant to the USA and would love to return to Europe for a visit with my Uncles

  24. Elaine Norrick

    Love to fly to Great Britain and see the sights. I have never been on a vacation and this would be a real treat. Thanks for the sweeps

  25. John Stockman

    Always thought of as a way off connecting with your past – nice to see it used in this way too.

  26. Daniel Maldonado

    I love this story well done. I have a sister I haven’t seen in over 20 years . I would love to meet her again but she took off and never let anyone know where she is at.

  27. aimee st. clair

    I’ve completed my ancestry and found that I have some close relatives I never knew about – at least according to However, we can’t piece the relationship together after talking and comparing family trees. Lots of confusion. But, most of the family I do know is in Europe and I’d love a chance to meet them.

  28. Robert Hodson

    My father passed away when I was only one and a half. I have found out so much about his life through that I never knew. Being able to access so many different records for him, I learned that he volunteered for the merchant marines when he was only 17 years old. I learned he was on both a Victory and a Liberty ship during WW2 in the Pacific and had gone to Japan. What amazing discoveries I’ve learned through Ancestry about my father! I love that I now have some history about his life, and that I’ve been able to share these discoveries with my own children.

  29. Carol Foster

    would love to win and take my daughter have never been out of the USA so this would be a lifetime vacation on my bucket list

  30. Betsy Ickes

    What a great way to find family, especially if you don’t know what your ancestry is. Hooray for Ancestry DNA!!!


    Not, but on another site found cousins (first cousin once removed) was still alive and living in Germany plus numerous distant cousins. I must admit the connections did not make me feel like there was a family connection.

  32. Mary Calhoon

    We visited Scotland in July and visited Loch Lomand, where my husband’s ancestors are from. It was interesting standing in the very village he had heard about so many times from his great grandmother.

  33. George A Ray

    My family has used Ancestry almost from day one. We love and we learn new things about our history every month.

  34. Luann

    Such a touching story! I had my DNA tested expecting to see Native American in my history as I heard stories my whole life about our Cherokee roots. Turns out, those were just stories-I have no Cherokee connection to my past. The most amazing finding though was having my mother test and she is 40% Irish! We had no idea there was any Irish in our past. A new story for our family and a proud one!

  35. Nora Gallagher

    We found our British war baby sister about 16 years ago! Now our family is complete. There are so many more war babies looking for their birth relatives. Congrats to this family! I wish this contest was open to Canada also.

  36. Rajee Pandi

    I’ve always wanted a big sister and now I wish Followed you on twitter as momsfocus, Followed you on facebook as momsfcous

  37. crystal mengel

    Oh my..that brought tears to my eyes! What a touching story. My dream has been to go to England. I have met, through Facebook, many amazing people there. What an opportunity it would to be able to put a real person with all our good conversation. Amazing contest! Good luck to all who enter, and to ME!

  38. Cynthia crumpton

    my mother is originally from England and more than 20 years ago I had the great fortune of going to England to meet my Great Great Aunt. It was truly an amazing journey. Would love to go back to trace my family tree.

  39. Marcus R. Anderson-Yeager

    Doing the research I found that part of my family was from Scotland and the other Germany. Amazing what you can find in the records of churches and public groups.

  40. Megan Oberneder

    What a beautiful and touching story to see these women reunited!
    My dream has always been to see London one day! 🙂

  41. Paula Basquez

    I would love to go to London as my DNA from said I am part British it would be so exciting

  42. Karen Jaras

    My mom is 72 and wanting to travel but my dad will not go with her. I would love to go with her but am disabled due to a bad accident. I would love the opportunity to go with her on a vacation when things are better. I would deal with the pain to give her the opportunity!

  43. Cheryl

    Loved the sisters’ story! It would be wonderful to win and enjoy the benefit of travel and visit where my grandparents once lived!

  44. Javier Alonzo Jr

    That is a good story. I’ve been wanting to get on to see my roots. Maybe I’ll have a great story like the sisters did.

  45. Mary Stanton-Anderson

    All of my maternal heritage is from Ireland and Devonshire, England. I would love to find any relatives there!

  46. I don’t see an entry form, but here’s my story:

    Traced my family back to England in the 1500s with the help of my Mom. My mom is a history teacher from Appalachia (she got a history scholarship to college as one of 6 rural kids raised just by her mother!). My Mom has never been abroad in her life! She’s a young stroke survivor, too, so it would be an amazing adventure — London is her DREAM! 🙂

  47. Jennifer Rydell

    I think I am a reasonably intelligent and observant person but how are you supposed to enter the sweepstakes? Any of the links in the blog posting are links to businesses. The official rules tell you to go to the blog?? The blog post says enter below-but where??

  48. KateJ

    Hiking in the land of my Cumbrian ancestors has been a dream of mine since beginning the search for my roots in the British Isles. Arriving in London, I’d love to pack in four days of pubs, theatre, the V&A, Harrods, and the National Portrait Gallery.

  49. Louise Truman

    What a charming story! Visiting London is always a treat and I look forward eagerly to returning soon!

  50. Alexander Mark

    Like a rain whispering at night,
    your heart melts with sorrow.
    Many generations past away,
    but warms of blood will see tomorrow!

  51. Nancy Moran

    Where is the entry form? I don’t see it on this page and haven’t previously submitted an entry.

  52. Kathy Meza

    This is a wonderful story!! These sisters would never have found each had it not been for AncestoryDNA. I did the AncestoryDNA, I’m Hispanic, but was quite surprised (and delighted) to find out about the other ethnicity’s that I had.

  53. Sandra Hewlett

    This sweepstakes is a wonderful idea, but neglected to add a link for the form. I have tried to find it from several different directions on the website, so it’s well-hidden.

  54. Lynna Kay Shuffield

    … What a wonderful story … Hope I can win to travel to connect to my British ancestors …

  55. Kathy Tomlinson

    Having researched my ancestry for years, I’ve discovered my family is from England. This would truly be a wonderful trip!!!

  56. Randy Fong

    Are my parents my real parents, or was I delivered on their doorstep in a basket wrapped in anonymous swaddling cloth?

  57. Valerie Eldridge

    I want to thank Ancestry for the help in finding my “birth family” – as an adopted baby during WW2 I knew nothing about them. After the passing of my parents I began searching for my birth mother. We thanks also to my cousin Jan and her sister Judy and my daughter in-law Sabrina and Ancestry we were able to find my two sisters and a brother. I am eternally grateful.

  58. Brian Witt

    We traveled to London several years ago to trace our family. We have a relative that is in Westminster Abbey and the staff there was wonderful in helping us find them and printing out a sheet for us from the archives.

  59. Joan Parker

    My older sister gave up her baby for adoption in 1946 at the age of 19 or so. Just before the August 6th IAJGS conference in Seattle I received in the DNA message box that I was number one on a DNA hit. I checked and he was number one on mine. The young man is the grandson of my sister!!!! Not only that but his Dad, my nephew, at age 70, has been trying to find out what he could over the years. I was able to fill him on so much including who his mother was as well as the young man who was most likely his dad. I even had pictures of his father who was a Lt as a pilot in the US air force and they are twins…. I met my grand nephew and his family including a newborn of about six weeks in Seattle and G-d willing will fly to SLC in a few weeks to meet my sister’s son. So now my tree has grown with a new nephew, a grand nephew and a great grand nephew, and his tree has grown with a new Aunt and many cousins. Thank you Ancestry DNA!

  60. Deborah Phillips

    After wanting to go to England, I finally was able to go last summer and met 4 of my many cousins in and around London. Really want to make a second or third trip sooner than later to hopefully meet my other cousins.

  61. John Davis

    Just learned my family came from central England some three centuries ago. Remarkable. Thanks,! John W. Davis

  62. Margaret Pederson aka PEG

    enjoyed this film very much. I especially enjoy visiting England and creating relationships with lovely friends. think my Grandmother had English family way back.

  63. Kate R.

    I have a nephew , who found my brother (his father) about five years ago. Since then, he has become true family. My brother and my parents have met him and his real – adoptive parents, his wife and their three children. It has been a beautiful story – a happy ending for all and a new beginning to the birth family. I have not met my nephew yet and would love the opportunity.

  64. Linda E.

    This really hit home! I have “met” relatives I didn’t know I had since joining Together, we are trying to gather up missing pieces from each of our lives. And in putting our trees together, we found we had quiet a British history!

  65. Sarah Nerguizian

    I’m 43 and never knew my biological father. His sister just recently found me on Facebook. I have not met him yet, but he is from England and I’m from the US. Hope to meet him one day.

  66. Darla Reynolds

    I am a regular Ancestry user and now that I know my DNA ethnicity I need a trip back to visit these places!

  67. Jane

    I thought there were 3 entry periods for this Sweepstakes? Last one was advertised as September 12-30, but now your page says the contest has ended??

  68. Richard Mattheis

    I recently learned I have more English ancestry than I knew. It would be great to see the various English locations where they were from.

  69. Carolyn

    What a Blessing to be found and accepted… I’m still full of emotions.. I know that knowing is fulfilling…. That proves a point, we never know what Life has in store for us, nor which way it will take us.

  70. Rita Shustitzky

    Watching this was exciting. I could feel the joy these sisters were feeling. I’m very happy for them. I would love to go to the UK myself. After doing my DNA earlier this year I discovered that most of my DNA is from the UK. That was such a surprise. I always thought I was just Swiss/German. I would have an opportunity to find out where this part of me came from.

  71. Beverly Franklin

    Wonderful story! I have found cousins from my father’s side of the family but are still trying to find cousins on my mother’s side who are from Marizion in Cornwall.

  72. Sylvia

    OK, I cried! It was such a sweet surprise for these two ladies and made everyone sooooo happy! I know they all appreciated that you all took such an interest in this situation!
    I am truly happy for them! I did my DNA earlier this year and got some complete shocks myself. Other members of my family are eager to do theirs when the test is on sale. This is a good thing. Also, love London and would love to return.

  73. Nigel Sims

    I found my half brother 3 years ago and speak often, however we still haven’t met in person.
    This video tugged at my heart. I want to meet him and his family before its to late, he’s older than me and you never know..

  74. Ruth Stewart

    Love, Love their story. I have learned of English ancestry dating back to 1790. I hope to learn more. British Airlines you are wonderful.

  75. Ellen Bell

    My husband, Jim, and I made our 1st ever overseas trip in 2015 after 48 years of marriage. The people in England are warm and wonderful in helping visitors.

  76. Jill Roberts-Wilson

    My father’s family hails from Liverpool (he claims his ancestors to be dockworkers and thieves!)and I would love to visit with my sister as both our parents have passed. I would also like to see if we are related to John Roberts (Blackbeard) who also claims Liverpool as his hometown.

  77. Jessica Bravo

    I too found a half sister that I never knew about and reconnected with my biological father through Ancestry’s DNA kit. I am so grateful for this!

  78. Alison

    I was raised by my paternal grandmother in Britain. I had not seen my mother since I was 4 and have no real memory of her. When I searched for her I was informed that she had committed suicide three years earlier. On the bright side, she had another daughter whom I have never met. She was living in Zimbabwe but may be back in England now. Would love to meet her.

  79. martha

    Thanks to Ancestry and BA for uniting these sisters! I finally found my sister 12 years ago after looking for decades. Even though DNA didn’t help us, I know it has become a gift to many others who are searching. Great Work!

  80. Joseph Romeo

    Would love to go back to London. Haven’t been there in years and would love to see some old friends again!

  81. Rebecca Noga

    Ancestry found my sisters June 2015. We confirmed our DNA using I was given up for adoption in 1956. I finally met my middle Sister in Las Vegas August of this year, we caught the re-union on video (We get along fabulous and have so much in common, we love each other dearly)… 2nd older Sister is angry with me and wishes I had never made contact.

  82. Tamara Matlock

    What a beautiful long lost reunion for these sisters. I am so happy for them that they have connected. I cried happy tears, as I have just found out that I have a half-sister in Sweden!

  83. Christie

    Would love to take my sister to London. I use to work there in the Guildhall 50 years ago. How much fun would that be to share all the sights with my sister! She now lives in Arizona, and I lie in Washington.

  84. Lisa

    What a wonderful story, I found my Grandmother’s family using Ancestry DNA. Enjoying getting to know my new relative’s.

  85. Phyllis Johns

    That is a lovely and touching story! My mother is from Peterborough, and met my father during WWII at a tea dance, I’m told. He was a navigator in the US Army Air Corps, and they were married at the village church before the war ended. I was born 2yrs after
    Mother gained passage to the US, and my sister several yrs later.

  86. Zilla Lutchman Hosein

    This story makes me so happy, I am happy that we have to test our DNA. Ancestry allowed me to meet on FB some relatives in CA. and in England. I was elated to say the least. God bless all of you and hope you find your lost loved ones.

  87. Charles Wade

    Been a member of Ancestry. Com for several years. Know my family came from England, but came early to North Carolina and Virginia. Great story about half sisters. I lived during WWII and had an uncle in France. No close relatives that I know of at this time.

  88. Janet

    I am so happy for these sisters. I just learned a few months ago that I have a half sister in England. My dad was stationed there with the Army Air Corp during WWII. I would love to go there to meet her.

  89. Charlie

    What a wonderful true story – and the happy ending was fantastic!! It brought tears to my eyes and I am so thankful to see how their reunion was orchestrated.

  90. Kay Raypholtz

    My first cousin once removed and I found each other through Ancestry DNA. He was given up for adoption at birth by one of my cousins (I don’t know which one), and now I am helping him put together the pieces to find his birth mother. I was just trying to find out more about my roots, but this was a bonus! I have loved building my family tree and found out that I am a descendant of British (and French and Castilian) royalty through the Plantagenets! Such fun stuff.

  91. This video is an absolute delight! I’m personally hooked on DNA genealogical research and continue to hope that it helps me one day solve the mystery of my maternal grandfather’s lineage.

  92. Janet Bright-Edwards

    What a wonderful discovery! I have reason to believe I have a half brother who was probably born in Germany. This would have been a result of a union between a local woman and my Dad during WWII. My Dad never knew he sired a son as my grandmother hid the letters from him. My older sisters were snooping in Grandma’s room and found the letters. They were severely punished and told never to speak of them to anyone. I hope one day to find my brother. I don’t know him…..but I know I love him.


    I’ve been contacted by 5 people who were adopted. Still trying figure out where 3 of them fit. One is in Sweden.

  94. Lee Steel

    This is a wonderful story. and Ancestry DNA made it possible for me to find my sister who was put up for adoption the day after she was born. I have known for all these years (I’m 59) that I had an older sibling out there somewhere but everywhere I looked, I ran into a dead end. I took the DNA test earl this year and luckily enough, my SISTER received an Ancestry DNA kit as a birthday present in August. Ancestry put us together immediately. It’s truly a blessing.

  95. Clare Rannigan

    After research (thanks!) revealed that two of my ancestors died in the Tower of London I am keen to see where they lived, walk the very streets and breathe the air they breathed.

  96. Mary

    My story is also of adoption. Fourth cousins are important! When I started this journey over 2 years ago my family and I had limited info. So, the first thing I did was the DNA for me and my mother. It was a fourth cousin that opened the doors for us. In fact, we knew each other but had no idea we were related. Through his brother’s ancestry tree I was able to explore the possible relationships we had. Then my mother and I discovered the names of our biological family. I arrange a meeting for my mother’s paternal siblings to meet and our lives have been blessed ever since. We used the Ancestry DNA testing to confirm our DNA relationship. Although this would not had been necessary is was a good feeling to know that all the efforts that were put into finding our roots were well worth the search and it open more DNA doors. So, 4th cousins are important to research. Good luck with those that are searching for their roots.

  97. Vivica A. Duffield

    I have a distant Swedish relative who moved to England that I would like to find, and my husband has English heritage.

  98. Marianne Stovall

    My husband and I use all the time and we are relying on DNA results so we can one day search further into our ancestral heritage beyond the Atlantic. It just so happens we both have English and Scottish ties. A trip to England is on our “wish list”! I know just where we would like to go! Thank you for this opportunity whether we win or not!

  99. Karen Zegar Freeman

    I couldn’t see the last few minutes of the video due to the tears in my eyes !! Fantastic story.

  100. April

    I’m in Canada (British Columbia!) and am an Ancestry subscriber. This was a great story…very happy for these three. I wish the contest was open to Canadians…I have so much to search in the UK and have so many old connections!

  101. Ronald Stovall

    Thank you, British Airways and Ancestry. What a delightful opportunity for six deserving individuals searching for their family ties in the British Isles. It certainly will be appreciated by me and my wife! I would like to visit Albury in Surrey and my wife has always wanted to visit Ashwell in Hertford, Bampton in Devon, and the Inverness in Scotland, all homes of our ancestors!

  102. Ellen Newman

    I have just traced my grandfather’s family from England to the time of Elizabeth I. Would be great to walk in their steps.

  103. Margaret McDurmon

    What an inspiration. My roommates family is from England and she just recently joined Ancestry and both she and I submitted our DNA. We are eagerly awaiting the findings and new family members throughout England, Scotland, France and other European countries.

  104. Leora Jean Cooper

    The story was amazing and most of all they found each other now the can enjoy their God-given family

  105. Scott A. Root

    Yes i am wondering about how to get info about your DNA testing and how much it would be, been intreseted in it since the first comercial…thank you

  106. Nalubega Lilian Kagugube

    Good for those sisters. DNA Tasting is also becoming very important here in Uganda especialy on BBS Terefayina Programme named ‘Sitima y’amaka’ Where last weak, a Fourty year Old Lady was Denied being a Daughter to her long lived father and presently searching for her true Father. DNA tasting is Good!

  107. Pamela Mayfield

    Y’all made me cry! So happy for these sisters. My mom’s maiden name is Salisbury. That sounds British to me! Would love to visit the current and ancient locations of Salisbury, England .

  108. Aliesa Boley

    What amazing discoveries I’ve learned through Ancestry about my family! I enjoy discovering family history and to share this information with other family members and friends.

  109. Lisa Desciscio

    This story truly touched my heart. I love famil uh stories like this one. They are such beautiful people and find their story.

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