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We are excited to announce that AncestryDNA has just reached the 2-million-tested milestone. This is a first for any consumer genetic testing company. It was just a little over 11 months ago that we reached the 1 million mark, so the AncestryDNA database has doubled in just short of one year. We now have 2,000,000 people genotyped (DNA tested) who are connecting to family and making discoveries of their own. 

What does this mean for you? More opportunities for making cousin connections and discovering your own family stories every day. 

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  1. JamesCrowe60

    I believe Ancestry.Com is a scam plain and simple. I get a small report and cannot even open it with my Activation Kit code. I have no way to contact them and I would like my money back. As an attorney I surely plan to not allow this to happen.

  2. Jen

    JamesCrowe60 – it sounds like you may need to contact Ancestry customer service for assistance. Once you activate a kit on the Ancestry website, you have access to both your ethnic estimate (called admixture) and matches who share DNA with you.

  3. Gaye Tannenbaum

    JamesCrowe60 – You have to be a pretty poor excuse for an attorney if you can’t figure out a way to contact a multi million dollar company with a major internet presence.

  4. Mary

    That’s just terrific for corporate Ancestry. However, these millions of tests are burying your customers in thousands of matches because you provide pitifully few tools for sorting or searching within them. How about putting a little effort into that arena?

  5. Lynda

    JamesCrowe60 – Are you sure you tested with AncestryDNA and didn’t make the mistake of using AncestrybyDNA which is a different company producing reports with limited information and no matching?

  6. Sara S Nolan

    I agree completely with Mary. Just allowing us to put matches into folders would help–we could sort out a lot that way.

  7. caith

    James Crowe60: Although Ancestry has its many flaws, it IS NOT a scam! And, DNA does not lie.

    Activation Kit Code? What is that? Here at Ancestry we have a username and a password, and on the toolbar, we access our DNA account. We contact our matches through the message system. I have more than 12,000 matches, surely you will have matches as well.

    As Linda said, are you sure you tested with AncestryDNA.

    Hope you get everything straightened out because working with our ancestral lines here at AncestryDNA is an awesome experience and the wave of the future.

  8. Bonnie

    JamesCrowe60 you definitely need to contact Ancestry for help because this system is very effective and very easy to use. I’ve made so many great discoveries using the DNA and was able to verify my work on 6 brick wall breakthroughs. Totally worth the time and money to DNA test with Ancestry. Also, if you have your test here you can always copy the raw data to other sites to find additional matches. Ancestry makes it easy to do.

  9. Janice

    I think Ancestry has done pretty well for me with DNA matches, overall, and I am happy with it. For folks who think you can’t search your DNA results, you can. You can search by place and by surname and get a list of possibilities. BTW, lots of folks are choosing to upload raw DNA to for more detailed info and comparison purposes and Ancestry provides directions for how to download your raw DNA. And for JamesCrowe60, Ancestry has an 800 number customer service number. Check around the “help” pages at this website.

  10. Joyce

    JamesCrowe60 –if you are reading #’s off the tube rather than the cardboard it is very hard to read and you cannot activate your test without the correct code and you MUST activate it before you mail it or at least before they get your sample–reading instructions helps a lot these days—a simple phone call would go a long way to solving your problems—instead of hunting down a blog to post and threaten with your title…some folks are not impressed by your title–I have met too many worthless attys in my time to be impressed. I am sure you can find a phone # for ancestry but in case you cannot here is ancestry’s phone # I am sure they can help with whatever your issue is–but I would advise sitting on the attitude a bit–THAT won’t get you anywhere–1-800-262-3787. At the prompt push the button for DNA.

  11. Joyce

    BTW JamesCrowe60 what you are describing does not sound ANYTHING like or any other test site I have used. I have subniteed tests under 23andme, FTDNA and also ancestry and had not difficulty with any of them…possibilty exists that thre is some kind of scam out there you fell for as it is not hard to find ancestry phone #’s, or reach customer service—and you certainly do not get a minimal report without a LONG list of DNA matches with ancestry BUT you have to access that info ON THE WEBSITE

  12. Joyce

    Sara S Nolan–I have asked for this type of system several times–I would like 2 file folders–BOTH of which would remain accesible to us–I want to be able to “hide” those without trees and also those I have looked at and don’t care to follow up.

    I come from a Pilgrim line, and due to that I have TONS of matches that go to various lines of very early ancestors. Due to endogamy I often see folks who’s common names I recognize from those very early branches and I choose not to follow up on them as I have a gazillion matches that go back to the first days of N America–I don’t want to follow all these lines down to living people or I would soon have a tree of 50,000 ppl.

    Because I come from some of the earliest folks to come to N America I have TONS of matches in those lines, and I would like to be able to file those I have identified somewhere…

    I find myself reviewing the same matches over and over since for some reason, even though I am signed up to be notified of new matches I do not get those emails—

    I NEED to be able to hide those known matches to early ancstors so I can get to others that I cannot ID the matches–BUT I don’t want them gone forever in case those folks ever do complete their lines and I want to see them.

    I want to hide matches with no trees forobvious reasons–THOSE matches don’t do me any good. I wish there was a way to stop those folks from even seeing my match but I can’t.

    I don’t like the fact that now you can load DNA without a tree–folks are getting info from me to help them–but I cannot see any info from them to help ME…I don’t want a way to block folks as they might be adopted looking forclues (as I am doing with my husband who is adopted)

    I also don’t like the new system where people can attach trees BUT you cannot see the lines of the person who did the test…this does me NO good to be able to see a person’s tree but no know where their pedigree line is–whoever thought of this system was just not thinking.

    Does ancstry not advise people that only intials of a living person are shown? I am sure people are doing this trying to protect their identity and it is obvious they do not understand that that is already done by only providing initials to living people.

    These trees that you cannot ID pedigree lines don’t help at all—

    I want to find away to file them away as they are clogging up my results and I find myself looking at the same matches over and over, rather than being able to progress to the tons of other matches I have.

    I really wish they would get ridof this system that prevents us from seeing Pedigree lines—I cannot ID Pedigree lines of others with just a link to their tree…

    My tree has 10,000 ppl—I cannot possibly search every tree where folks have hidden their Pedigree lines so that I cannot even see if we have a common line—

    DNA matches often “hide behind women’s skirts” so it does not help at all to not even be able to figure out the other person’s Pedigree lines.

    Names change a lot over the generations–so we NEED to be able to see the lines of the person who tested–who’s identity IS protected by ancestry only usinginitials–but it seems to me ancestry may NOT be explainging to people when they have their results tied to a specific person we ONLY see their initials…

    I don’t care about THEIR names-but I NEED to see what their Pedigree lines are and this new system of attachinga tree but not giving us any other info does not help those of us with visible trees and visible links to our Pedigree lines.

    I don’t want to see any of those matches BUT I don’t want to lose track of them in the event they ever put up a tree OR align thier results with the person they go to…

    These matches with no trees or hidden trees don’t do me any good…I need to be able to see pedigrees to make any sense of those people’s results.

    Were is NOT for adopted people searching for answers, I would prefer to be able to just block those folks from even seeing MY lines—The way these trees (or lack of trees) are set up now ONLY helps people who are NOT acting in the interest of the reason for DNA and certainly are not in keeping with the genealogy community–who USED to try to help each other…

    THAT philosphy seems to be dying and a LOT of that started with NEW ancestry. I have seen a LOT more people hiding their trees since NEW started—claiming the reason is to jeep ancestry from getting their info LOL –False reasoningto be sure as ancestry HAS their info–it is just the rest of us who cannot find it

  13. Joyce

    sorry for all the typos—without a system on blogs to catch them, and with me being such a poor typist, you will see typos every time I post …SORRY

  14. RCJ

    Yea for Ancestry’s bottom line ! However, the vast majority of people submitting their DNA have NO TREES which is absolutely NO VALUE to those of us with well developed family trees. It is time for a chromosome browser as I am beginning to lose interest with all these useless matches that are a total waste of research time and contribute nothing to DNA Circles or my genealogical database !

  15. Karen

    I just received my DNA results yesterday and am floored! Almost nothing came back what I’d been told my entire life (60+ yrs)! However, I discovered a first cousin’s DNA results on this site and ours do match up so I guess I didn’t screw up my sample. Is there anyone here with Mexican ancestry? I am curious how that shows on the chart.

  16. Donald Farber

    I don’t know how to read but I want to know about the blood work do you have to go have it drawn

  17. caith

    Donald Farber: NO blood work! They mail you a kit and you spit into a cup; then mail it back to them.

  18. Ed

    Congratulations on reaching the 2million mark. Please read and act on the comments regarding actively encouraging people to attach a family tree (every body wins!) and better tools to enable me to search, organise, and view my matches for effectively.

  19. caith

    Donald Farber: If you do not know how to read, please go to your local library, school or church. Someone will be happy to teach you.

  20. calyx

    Who cares? I can’t get a decent answer over the phone about support/site issues. FAQ’s do NOT cut it. I could not care LESS about DNA or mobile apps. I just want the darn site to function as it should. And get an answer from someone who knows what the —- they are talking about.

  21. Mike

    Karen—Currently, Mexican ancestry shows up as Native American. If you are Mexican, and your results showed up as Native American, you also likely had ancestry Iberian Peninsula (Spain/Portugal), as Mexicans are primarily Spaniards intermixed with the Native Americans from the Mexican region. I hope this helps.

  22. judyd

    There is a way to get the “no-tree”, “locked-tree” folks out of the way without losing them. Click on the trash can icon. They will remain in your “removed list”. To see the “trash” contents, click the link at left bottom of each page: View removed matches. You’ll see the list and there’s an option to restore them to the master list.

  23. Jacob

    Ancestrydna changed my life. I found so many new cousin matches! Also, I thought I was only 1/16 Irish, but I’m actually 24% (14-35%). That was so interesting. Also, I thought I was mostly English but I was only 5%!!!

  24. Andy

    My brother and I just had our DNA tested and it showed around 40% Irish for both of us. We have no known Irish ancestry but we do have Welsh on my mother’s side. Could the Irish DNA actually be Welsh?

  25. Douglas Saathoff

    I just sent in my DNA sample yesterday. I was adopted at birth and have no knowledge of my biological parents. The family tree I’very been building is for my adopted family, so I didn’t link it to my DNA submittal. If my DNA report finds names of my biological relatives, I will start to build a new tree and link that to my DNA report.

  26. Jude

    Andy, you should upload your test to, which is free and has a lot of different ethnicity tests that you can try. Every company uses a different algorithm to figure it out, and Ancestry’s algorithm is a little wonky. It likes to lump people into broad categories. At any rate, it’s all an estimate.

  27. Martin

    The biggest with Ancestry DNA is the difficulty in making contact with people.

    My matches show a Second Cousin (who I know) the two with Extremely High Confidence.

    One of these only has a handful of names in their tree so no clues as to how they might be connected so I sent a message to them. No reply and not logged on for nearly a year. I added a note to their page (this generates a message from Ancestry) but still no reply and not logged on.

    The other does appear to log on regularly and has a large tree but I cannot see an obvious link. Again I sent a message but no reply then added a note to their Ancestry DNA page but still no reply even though they have logged on a couple of times.

    There seems to be too much emphasis on the very unreliable Ethnicity. Ancestry should warn people that they might get messages from possible matches and perhaps make the message notification more obvious, perhaps do like other sites and have a ‘sticky’ very obvious message that appears and stays until the message is read.

  28. Martin

    I have also complained about the ‘Irish’ Ethnicity group, it is causing a lot of confusion and many people are very unhappy about it.

    According to Ancestry I am 64% Irish – I am 50% Welsh (and proud of it!). I know that Ancestry ‘Irish’ includes Scottish, Welsh and also much of England so why not use a more general name for the group. There are complications about calling them all ‘Celtic’ but people have a good idea about what it means even if not strictly speaking accurate.

  29. Vicki

    I am in total agreement with everyone on the folder to put matches in. Get rid of the locked trees, don’t allow just trees with 6 names. Good gosh, this shouldn’t be so hard!

  30. allen

    No use in complaining about Ancestry’s crappy sorting and functioning of their DNA match list, they will never fix it or improve it. More than TWO YEARS ago their function to separate the 4th cousin matches from the list of thousands in your list stopped functioning. I called immediately to advise them. Nothing happened to fix it. Then a survey, and I identified it again, and then Ancestry gave out an email address for “suggested improvements” and I again identified this NOT WORKING function. SO, STILL I cannot separate out my 442 4th cousins form my list of 15,000 total cousins. Ancestry is in this for profit, not helping us!!!!!

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