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aa-juneAncestry Academy has added something new this month: Short Courses!  This new offering will give you quick tips on one topic in 5 minutes or less.  This month we start with some of the basics on the U.S. Federal Census:

These short courses and dozens of other classes are free to watch, although you may be required to create a new login if this is your first time viewing Ancestry Academy classes.

Do you have ancestors from Illinois, Vermont, Massachusetts or Michigan? Then we have must-see premium classes for you:

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  1. Howard Fink

    Sounds interesting, but none of those links work. They all result in a web that says:
    An unexpected error seems to have occurred. 400

    Please contact us if you continue to see this message.”

    Not only that, but when I click on the “Contact Us” link it brings up the same message, so we cannot even report the problem!

  2. Linna Miller

    At 5:00 PM EST, I am getting the “”oops” message. Havint the same problems as Howard Fink.

  3. Miriam Taylor

    I have try calling your # to cancel my account you have a free trial period and before time you bill my account then you bill again on the 31st d Addy of the month and made 2 $$for having insuffient funds. I demand you reinstate my $$you have not given me any information other than what I have revealed.Please be so kind as to cancel any further charges to my account. I gave my act # with the option of the free trial period now you charge my act and assume I want to join.I did not have the choice of being asked if I wanted to st as Y a member.Cancel me as soon as possible Thank you.

  4. netterone

    All of the links go to an “oops” message, as well as the “contact us” if you continue to get the oops message. I even tried going directly to the academy website, but got the oops message there, too. I have the academy app, but these new short courses aren’t listed. I guess I’ll have to wait until you fix the glitch before I can watch them.

  5. Cheri Tomlinson

    Cannot access census information for any censuses I’ve connected to individual in my trees. The date is 11 June 2016, the time is beginning at 3:00 p.m. and the problems continues as it is now 3:19 p.m. Very annoying.

  6. Jessica Fortner

    I got an email yesterday that my DNA results were in. I went to my page and get the “oops” message. I see my matches but can not see the map and the % of what I am on the left. I have tried three browsers as well as clearing cookies and history and all that. Please help.

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